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Hi there lads,

greetings from Greece!


The name is Constantine(Konstantinos in Greek) and i found this forum with no effort at all via google search. Spend the first seven years of my life in London and living in Greece since 1997 someone could say that it was only natural for me to wish to gain XP in an UK field.

I am 18 Years old and i purchased my first GBB as soon as i become 18(9 moths ago) as law here does not allow for people that are underage to obtain anything that propels something with the use of O2 CO2 and(or) any other gas..

Spend a year in paintball and after i found Airsoft i just could not go back!!

I am going to disappoint you although as i hurt my heels before my draft in the Greek Special Forces! Done a surgery and spend the last three months of this life in bed and now trying to learn how to walk again and i hope that in a two month period i will be back in a hobby-sport that i have loved and gives me excitement that I can't simply find somewhere else.

My arrival must be excepted in 6 or 7 months from now because of my injuries and some other business i have to attend to with the Army.

You must know that here in Greece Airsoft is not as developed as it is in the UK and we think fo your airsofting as an example;from the preperation of the games the Milsim Dress Code and your videos on the Tube!


Here we play with the following FPS limits using 0.20 grammars plastic BB and Zeroed HOP UP

350 all for CQB

400 for all guns except snipers and Machine Guns 450 for Machine Guns,500 Sniper AEGs( KA CA RS ) 550 for Bolt Action Sniper Rifles in Woodland

400 for all guns , 450 for all the rest in Urban Games

in any case if a gun wishes to enter a building it must be 350 FPS or lower


I know that it might bring problems with these limits in introducing an AA ( Airsoft Association) but we are working on it as i write


I know that the limits for you are measured in energy which must not be higher than 1 Joule with any kind of BB weight starting from 0.2 grammars consisted of plastic only (not that here we are playing with metal...)


Prefering tha Greek Lizard Camo as the most of the fields here have a woodland part and Black Camo for CQB

I am a Great fan of M4 M16 series and tha Colt.1911 .45cal series in sidearms/pistols

In Cqb it is not unlikely from me to use a Shotgun or an Mp7


Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading

here are some Greek Forums (includes English section) (includes an international section)



Hope to see you as soon as i can in the fields and dont forget to make your weekly BB shower as it gives a man the reason to live for another week! :P


Truly Yours

Constantine Kanakis



P.S. If referring to another forum is a forum violation please have it erased.

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First of all welcome :)


I know that the limits for you are measured in energy which must not be higher than 1 Joule with any kind of BB weight


And just for the heads up we work in FPS as well ;)


Mmm and them FPS limits are a little higher then i am use to seeing <_< (not having a go BTW :) )


My site is a Woodland site and the limit for anything capilble of fully auto is 350 and anything semi ONLY is 400


Ah Well :D


Hope you get well soon so you can back into the sport we all love so much :)



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Important Questions


1)in order for me to purchase an AEG or GBB from a UK Store and being shipped to me is it necessary to be a member of UKARA?

i have found some deals that I fancy a lot and it is a waste not being able to make one

for example i found a KA SVD DRAGUNOV for 350 pounds ( 385 euro) and here it costs 600 euro(!) (542 pounds)


2)What is a 2tone Airsoft gun?

because i have red your posts and it seems that they are highly regarded by you 18+ players and they are restricted for purchase by minors


3)If i wish to carry my equipment via airplane what happens (it has a red tip ) ? do i have to contact the British Embassy here in Athens and give me a permit or something?


4) and please give me a pdf site regarding the UK law on airsoft if it is easy for you to do so



i know that FPS limits dont make much of a difference because i have seen an AK74 with 260 FPS throwing the pellet at 70 meters ( <=>260 feet) before starting to slow down and start falling


*5)I have found some pretty hot deals here on the Classified Section and i want to know how am I going to do some due to the distance ...

having red the important topics of the section still makes no sense to me (banking sucks!!!)


*it is my money after all and I don't want them to put on waste .Of course i am going to contact my bank first thing in the morning to get details concerning international transactions and the main question remains.."How am i going to get my money back if things screw up? "



Thanks in Advance and every little advice is welcome

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