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      Nice TM PSG-1 at War and Peace Show...but the seller wanted £495!!!
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      We've all seen the floors made out of pennies, but I'm going to be the first to make a floor covered in BBs! 
      Even better! Tracer BBs!
      Glow in the dark floors!
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      Beauty is in eye of beholder but a tan SCAR is still ugly!
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      When that new gun arrives! 
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      Anyone wanna help me out finishing some university work? It requires a little listening to some music made for my project by a music student, Also you can win a £20 amazon voucher im giving away to a randomly selected applicant. (30 people are filling this out max i would take those odds)
      Part 1

      Part 2
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    • So I've given in and settled with the 300fps for now, it's skirmishable anyway for the time being. I have no idea why but with both springs I'm getting 300fps without the bearing and 270 with the bearing! My only explanation for it (more of a guess as I have little knowledge of this) is that the springs are both the same so either the original is a m110 or the nuprol m110 I brought is less than that and also because the gun is over volumed, with the bearing on the piston the bb gets pushed out sooner than without with.   I could be completely wrong but if I have to strip it again I'll loose my mind!   On the plus side I can now completely strip a m4 aeg and reassemble it in less the 20mins lol
    • Jeez, @AshOnSnow, you are taking my job! OP, all Safariland mounts, holsters, and pouches utilize the same 5 hole pattern (well, it's a set of 3 and a set of 2, but I digress), so one of the Safariland UBLs will work on the GLSs (source, me. I work with Safariland). Just FYI, only TMs and VFCs fit in ALS models as far as we know. 
    • I've got two mk23 holsters from them as well. In fact that iks the only holster I ise that isn't a Safariland. Joe was also able to get me a prototype tan holster for me when I was last in the UK, and he sent along a bottom rail (which is slightly loose, but not so much that it is a problem (guess we have different batches @Albiscuit?). I have also sent him a Safariland QLS mount so that he can make a new mount that will enable more mounting options. 
    • DO NOT BUY A SAFARILAND for your gun, unless you are willing to use a heatgun to modify it slightly. WE Glock frames are approximately 1/2-1mm taller than the RS one, and the Safariland ALS holsters are built to such a tight specification that they won't fit without modification. It is simple to do, however, and I would be happy to walk you through it if you went with the Safariland. An alternative would be the Safariland GLS holster. It uses a similar locking system to the ALS, but it is released by your middle finger instead of your thumb. The two GLS holsters fit a combined total of around 200 RS guns and 500 Airsoft guns. I have personally tested and confirmed that WE, TM, WA, EF, and VFC guns all work for sure, and I've tested a few KWA and KJW models, but not enough to confirm that ALL work from those two brands. I would again be happy to talk you through the order process or the different models if you want, I happen to work with Safariland. Hope this gets to you in time. If you do decide to get an ALS then order from, that's the website of Rogers Holster Company, the part of Safariland that makes te holsters. They will almost certainly have them in stock, and if not I'll have one made for you haha. FYI, the only brands that work in ALS holsters and don't need modification that I have tested are TM and VFC. I personally use TM guns for my kit, and Safariland uses VFC guns for display and show purposes.    Also, the UMPs (Universal Magazine Pouches) work well for Glock or any double stacked mags. Single stack mags are often loose. I would not recommend using them on your legs, but a PC or on your waistline works fine. 
    • ^^^, dark, but possible I guess... I haven't heard anything recently, my MP7 mag is still going strong. Hope you get your mag sorted...
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