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  1. I run a hi cap mag on my rifles. My battle belt has 3 bfg pouches left, waist pack on rear with holster & pistol mag pouches on my right. Much lighter these days compared to a few years ago. My plate carrier is setup for milsims so I don't use that unless I fancy it
  2. Bwahahahaha trust you to pick up on it Dom
  3. Advice given alot is find a local shop that has it & go along to have a play with it Peoples opinions will always differ & it's only you that decides if it's good enough
  4. I keep mine in a locked pyro box at home but in a small bag in my waist pouch out in the field
  5. If your not willing to travel that little bit further then it does limit you somewhat. I've known players who travel upto 2 hours to go to some sites As above, Google is your friend & sites are opening & closing so that'll be your best bet. I looked at the map when I started & there's 3 or 4 sites that have opened since then
  6. I've got a G&G L85 & love it. I've seen the ICS version & the users had pretty much the same problem with the trigger unit where it wouldn't work properly. The G&G one is a pain to strip the gear box with all the added bits on it but the quick change spring system is great
  7. Ahhh ok. I must've tasked you at some point during the Saturday then. You going to the February weekender ??
  8. I was at op nutcracker as the MDF OC. Which side were you fighting on ??
  9. Been in my current job for 8 months only to find out late August that 2 of my work mates go airsofting & we've got 2 other work mates into it. Doing airsoft for is the best thing I've done for one reason. I got reunited with my eldest brother that I never met at my 2nd game day, he runs the onsite shop at the site I started with
  10. There's a site in Exeter aswell, huge woodland site
  11. You did your OC proud bright candle Sod it, rumours were true then :/ & there goes playing there
  12. Cheers guys for the input And I thought the wing had already closed down ?? I was there earlier this year & there was about 2-3 weeks left before it closed
  13. Well yeah that's true lol but I do hope it doesn't close down as I sooooooo want to go there
  14. I've heard a rumour that the sandpit could be closing ?? Can anyone confirm or deny this rumour ??
  15. I use the basic gate nano ssr mosfets in all my rifles. Yes there cheap & basic but does what it needs to so I'm happy with them