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  1. What he said above..... if you already have it (how you came about it is irrelevant right now, sounds like you shouldnt have been sold a RIF but could have been gifted it from someone able to purchase, exactly how I came about my first gun) then you need not do anything to it, just keep it safe and secure and not wave it around in the garden or local tesco car park Two toneing and it being relistic or otherwise only apply to BUYING, if you already own it then happy playing!! BUT To answer your question, No... tape is not two toning as its removable. But for your purposes it shouldn't matter... keep it black!
  2. Hell most people on here can back that up
  3. Thats no foregrip thats a bump in the rail
  4. To be fair I would take stab that you have answered your own question. From what I know (and im still learning) I would say save up and get a Combat Raider. Its not that much more and surely its better than what you suggested? This is not a cheap hobby.... But if Rogers said the Cyma will do you, them look into that one more, maybe even speak to your retailer. They should give you an honest appraisal of both, BUT I recall hearing gripes about cheap cyma M4s.
  5. If you buy the krytac you wont need to change anything. Longer/shorter makes no real odds other than the look, only reason I went for a short Raider when I started is I played a lot of cqb at the time. Have a Krytac SPR for outdoors and its amazing! For batteries and chargers a lot of us on here use component shop (online) reasonable and usually have good stock levels.
  6. Theres three blood pages of threads about it.... anyway, as mentioned Stitch Me up is the one we used for all of ours...
  7. Cant remember any companies but put "custom patches" in the search bar (top right) and find the answers you seek will you.
  8. Yeah I cant really be arsed trying the LAM upgrade... And I get you about the basement of the Mall, its where I come into my own, but often a rush of people or team kills get me, actually its normally someone on my team blundering in with their torch on full beam and either shooting me, or giving away my position.
  9. Krytacs have been discussed to death on here, searching will bring up more threads than you will want to read. There are no guns unsuitable for a newbie as long as you know how to maintain your gun, the shop should help otherwise a million youtube videos almost certainly exists showing you how to clean and even use the gun. Accessories and batteries are universal, again a million makes and models for each thing you could want to bolt on. This will come with experience, there cannot physically be a guide or any reasonable help on accessories as options are vast. Personally if I had your budget I would get the krytac.
  10. The more I look at these guns the more I like.....
  11. Looks cool but gets in the way and is not half as bright or cool as my pistol torch...
  12. Also depends on the play style, it may be those players best gun, but for creeping through corridors as I like too its pretty useless. If the M14 is the type of gun your after then as above a well maintained stock M!4 is great, but it wont be the best gun if you want a full auto smg for example ( a lot of people go on about buying the wrong sort of gun, just checking you know what you want )
  13. If the holster has two leg straps, remove the top most strap and feed your belt through that one and just use the bottom leg strap. Keeps it higher on your thigh and 100% less flapping around as the bottom strap goes around your leg still keeping it nice and secure. Not all holsters are able to do this though, so if looking at yours this post makes no sense it snot me its your gear
  14. Ah never saw it on patrolbase just on hadrons website. Cool, like you say for something so cheap its worth a shot (pun not intended ) I think all in all, when I have finished I would have spent more on this bloody pistol than on any of my other primary's
  15. Forget colour scheme go full on merc and mix it up. If your going for the PMC look, then jeans or khaki hiking/outdoor wear trousers, checked shirt with a tan vest, just dont forget the tacticool beard. Long and busy to hide grenade in please