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  1. Ah... Mine looks like the above.. I figured it was one piece and I would need to cap it. I shall attempt to remove it tomo afternoon I was just trying to get ahead and get prepared Cheers!
  2. Are firehawks not those small LOUD things? makes me chuckle if so to think of one with a mock suppressor
  3. Best thing would be to try it out.. Worst case is it doesnt hold up, in which case you have a template ans technique in place once you find a suitable material. Id say give it ago n see what happens! I love seeing custom gear on the battlefield
  4. I have a drawer, a crappy holdal bag n an old kids wardrobe in the garage full of my kit, its a mess yours looks great, good job
  5. Its the softer gas strong gas references which confuse my little mind!! But thanks.. Another one!! Is THIS an end cap if I remove the foldable stock? Pretty sure it is but im not finding google much help tonight n theres little info in the description as usual with airsoft parts.
  6. Dont believe any advise anyone in screwfix gives you!!! they just work from a catalogue, they have as much knowledge in the building trade as old Doris does in Argos with Mac books!! But interesting read.. Glad the OP learnt from mistakes! Makes a change from posts saying its my first game tomorrow "what do I need to take/buy".. Its nice someone is trying out and adapting gear and kit rather than wanting a one stop solution before they play
  7. I started with a cheapish skeletal full face mask and hated it. Vision was poor and mesh was too close together in the dark it was useless. Also got in the way when I was shouldered my gun and if I looked down it hit my PC or chest and rode up.. I would keep this in mind, you may not notice these as an issue but full face is not for me. I prefer glasses/goggles and a half mask. I think if you went for a nice one and didnt get on with it, they do look cool if you were to display it so maybe not a huge loss?
  8. I remember my early games with my raider. I felt out ranged, out gunned and useless compared to most other players. Reading things online (here included) didnt always help. There is lots of misinformation around. Longer barrel, better hop = more range and super fast bbs change battery for better ROF etc.. I had a complex about my gun compared to everyone else as I knew it was entry level and el cheapo it was frustrating watching bbs float off at the end of their range or dropping at peoples feet whilst I was getting hit. But actually playing for a while and playing to my personal style and using the gun in different scenarios allowed me to learn my limits, just because I could see someone did not mean I could shoot them!!! I learnt to play sneaky where needed to get closer, aggressive where needed to keep people in my range on my terms not stand behind a tree 100m away looking through a scope wondering why I couldn't hit anyone!!! Maybe it was a combination of me expecting more from a cheaper gun / or me not being as super snipey ninja as I thought I was personally I wouldn't have got a raider if I started again, I would go with something a bit better/faster/accurate but by starting with a cheap gun it has molded the way I play and made me realise range is not everything as I can get closer to most players even in woodland than they are comfortable with anyway Sometimes people need cheaper guns to learn how to play and how things work. How many times have we seen people admit buying a AA12 or sniper rifle as their first gun is a mistake? Better to buy cheap, learn and upgrade to a decent standard if you decide to keep it than buying a £400 quid gun and regretting it.
  9. Really?? I get you want to run your own games and thats great. But asking people on here how to run your own event is like phoning a builder to ask him to tell you how to fix something yourself.. If you dont know how to run your own event efficiently and safely then maybe you shouldnt and stick to going to events run by proper sites and gain some experience playing then plan your own!!
  10. Having read conflicting posts and even having two different answers from two different retailers I figured I would ask those here which actually play and use these.. Best gas for TM pistol mags (MK23 & M92) ?? Been told green, been told avoid green, is predator 144a suitable or not?? ARGHH!!! confused lol Actually my question should be WHAT DO YOU USE IN YOUR TM PISTOL MAGS?
  11. Having been guilty of this... Started with a Raider CM16. Felt out ranged and not so impressed with ROF and trigger response I spent 80 odd quid on a speed upgrade at my local shop as I played with another rifle they had done it too and it was a beast. Obviously it wasnt the same as my raider was not as good as the other to start with. However I wish I had spend the money on other upgrades as the trigger response is still rubbish and I have found I dont use full auto so the upgrade was pointless for me. I guess it was being naive on my part and not knowing too much about available parts and how airsoft guns worked back then. Its currently in pieces in a drawer at home because (apparently) the piston needs replacing and I do not want to pay a tech any more money to fix it as I feel I have spent too much on it already and want to tinker with it myself
  12. Bloody hate restocking fees, my old firm used to charge it, I always refused to charge people for me to pick something up take 5 steps and put back on a shelf. I got told off so much
  13. To be honest im just glad its a smallish game at a great site with players who im sure will be trusted honest and decent.. Game variations do not bother me too much, im glad your trying to maximize the game time and get us all roaming, shooting and balanced out!! I am really looking forward to the game, also intrigued to see what the trolley game is. Never played that one
  14. I LOVED the yellow box game we played at Halloween. You have to hold onto the yellow box for a ten count to score a point, the other team can shoot you to let go and you cannot shoot while touching the box. I downed my rifle and took one (or hundreds) for the team and scored 7 points Also the secret agent game was fun