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  1. Not that bloody round cheeky sod!!
  2. this is such a touchy subject, i am totally biting my tongue about this one haha...
  3. I started building all sorts of layouts, but quickly realised they were impractical. Now its more of a PMC/whatever works loadout for me. But I do like seeing different get ups that people have.
  4. Erm... Round
  5. I like both. Belgian camo is shecksy!! Purple would be different
  6. I love it, I love the look of a great loadout, I could easily be a cosplay nerd. When I first started I spend a lot of time and money building a swat/sas inspired CQB loadout, Jumpsuit, Loaded Black PC, S10 mask under a fast helm for CQB. After 20 mins of my first game I was down to a longsleeve T with a battle belt and a standard mesh mask under a baseball cap and 90% of that gear I took ages to get now sits in my garage So why well thought out loadouts are great, great to look at, great fun to build. They are not practical, cosplayers dont spend all day running around tight corridors brushing past people carrying heavy guns, mags etc.
  7. Hell multi colours look awesome.. Black clothes with coyote or tan rigs look good, even green over black works. other camo with a olive PC or rig looks pretty cool too.. I hate set ups all one colour personally.
  8. I may have seen them, do they do english kit too? Once saw two guys in WW2 para uniform, even pulled out some antique looking airsoft heavy gun thing from an authentic looking wooden crate, took em both to lug it around the site. They were not too useful in that game Ah I say ask the site first, if the site management dont mind then sod any players who get offended.
  9. Personally, I would admire someone who made an effort to be accurate to a unit, even if it was a German unit. I would advise not using patches or insignia, so SS flashes or swastikas for example. I see no issue from a personal point of view if you had the uniform, guns and accessories.
  10. @Jay91 nah it seems about right. I am sure they are no bigger than my other mask, certainly dont seem like its going to be a problem. @CARBr6 your secrets safe with us, most of my gear was "under a tenner"
  11. I have toyed with all sorts of loadouts. Build an olive one for outdoors a black one and a grey one for CQB even started looking at the belgian camo as it looks great. Reality is I wear combat trousers, the first colour I grab a long sleeve T and a black belt set up now as I cant be arsed to match everything or buy multiple of every pouch so I can use any gun with any camo etc. And honestly as mentioned its just for the 'look' or for team identification it can help to blend in, but hardly going to make you super leet invisi predator... Just wear what you like the look of and can afford! That is unless you are going for a specific unit or look, I started this but got bored and carried loads of gear to emulate a look I didnt need and gave up.
  12. My first gun was a TM pistol, M92f would still be using it (and likely using it as much as my primary) if I didnt buy the MK23 (also TM) so the metal/plastic debate is a moot point for me. It was just the impression I had, cant recall why I thought so. Maybe read or heard something, maybe when I considering getting one (for about half a day while at the Mall and speaking to the store upstairs who was trying to give me a hard sell on one*) was just sharing an opinion and asking a question. *so glad I didnt as I would never had got my MK23 if I had!
  13. Topic has been covered to death on here, have a search around!
  14. Very VERY tempted to spray it
  15. New CQB mask.. Will have a play with it on Sunday. fits nicely to the helmet and coverage is great, also the view is not too restricted. The only issue I may have is when I shoulder the gun to look down the sight. Apologies for the large pic but I have a big head