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  1. Its a pretty looking thing too... The gun that is, not Sacarathe.
  2. Ah man...We old you before not to be so rough and use plenty of lube
  3. Hes gona sell that too... It will be a spoon!
  4. Oh I so want one but cant justify the prices for these
  5. Will never get rid of my first pistol
  6. I do bloody hate that gun though. Cant get used to playing with it. Much prefer my pistols and rifles. Maybe if it was my first gun I may had got on better with it
  7. I have shells.... Couldnt be arsed to find a pic
  8. Forum works again woooo

    1. Jedi_Master


      Dev is back from hols and on the case.

  9. I would like to point out I posted first
  10. Theres a couple of threads on here already with this info, have a dig around and hopefully the links are still active.
  11. Folded?? Meh mine gets bundled into my bag for next time, I play CQB its dark I don't care if I look a mess
  12. As someone who works with teenagers I would say go for it. You clearly have the drive and ambition to attempt something and are not too bothered about it potentially being a waste of time or not making a worthwhile profit. Its great to see a 15 year old be bothered to try to do something! However, yes as pointed out by many there are lots of pitfalls and by starting a business there are things which will need to be in place which will cost more than the £20 start up price you quoted and it will be hard work and potentially time consuming but do not let that put you off, nothing ventured nothing gained!! Its doubtful you have thought enough through to build your own brand as it were but every great businessman started somewhere, Who knows maybe a store or brand will end up buying you out. I doubt you would make good money from it, well enough that it is worthwhile keeping on top of everything but I would be more than happy to have been proven wrong!!
  13. I have a £40 single shot ASG Franchi shotty gathering dust, have probably only put 20bbs through it.. PM me an offer...
  14. Obviously pink spots and yellow stripes!!! You have to ask???