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  1. I'm glad this place exists

    You havent pi$$ed of @ImTriggerHappy yet then Seriously tho, its the reason I stayed, good pointers and advice, a little conflicting at times (but its the internet and opinion are like backsides etc....) but bought some good bits, met some decent players and been pointed in the right direction on more than one occasion from here!
  2. Advice RE Face & Head Protection

    Seems you either need to find seperates as you said, and find what works for you. Or maybe look at a paintball mask like a Dye i4 or similar. took me the best part of a year of buying helmets, goggles masks etc to work out what I find comfortable and practical. Funnily enough it was the cheapest solution of cap, basic nuprol mesh goggles and a bikers neck warmer with a cut down mesh mask underneath
  3. Tac sac! New RIS foregrip made in USA!

    Purple and shriveled?
  4. First person to see another one on a person in a game (on a stranger) wins a Like from me!!
  5. Vectors are so ugly they are beautiful!! REALLY like Dogberts Krytac...
  6. Damn, im seriously considering both right now too... Almost certainly going for an Evo as it would suit me and my play style, I only want a vector cos they unique looking
  7. Have a bit of money to spend on new guns, im thinking a Krytac Vector for woodland and a Scorpion Evo for cqb. Any reasons not too?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. ImTriggerHappy


      If I had known I just passed up on one with 6 mags, bag, sling, scope and torch for £230ish

    3. Albiscuit
    4. ImTriggerHappy


      Yeah I passed and got an ICS Ape with similar amount of kit for £180.

  8. Tokyo Marui mp7 aep?

    Used a CM16 shooting at about 230fps (cant remember exactly how much but sub 250 im sure) at the Mall the other week, I tend to try to play aggressively and put shots in until a hand goes up so people certainly do feel it! Been keen on a TM Aep MP7 for a long long time now too...
  9. Upgrades for Nuprol Delta

    What can I say, you just cant get the noobs nowadays
  10. Upgrades for Nuprol Delta

    Ignore him, hes not been tickled in months.. I personally wouldnt bother upgrading your Nuprol, its an entry level gun and popular opinion is its not even a good entry level (But I have no personal experience or opinion) so I doubt you would get any noticeable differences. I spent double what my first gun cost on stupid new parts which made hardly any difference and in hindsight I should have saved what I spent and put it towards a better gun.
  11. Opening a shop

    I would imagine you just need stock, opting into the UKARA scheme would be your choice. There would be guidelines in place and recommendations regarding VCRA but these need to be looking into by a business adviser or lawyer. No disrespect but if you have business experience why would you be asking a bunch of strangers on the internet advice about setting up another? First of all you need to find a distributor or go direct to suppliers/manufacturers and ask them if they would supply you before you go any further. If you cant get the stock you have no store!!
  12. Advice buying my first loadout.

    Im not really the best person to give advice on guns, although a Raider is a great starting place, but I personally feel the next level for decent guns in the Krytac £350 mark so a far jump! (but like I say not the best person for guns) For other kit (clothes, vests pouches etc) I would suggest you play and buy kit after games which answer problems or see what others use and ask players questions about gear. Nothing worse than dropping a load of money on stuff you then dont get on with or actually have no need for!