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  1. Too big, sorry bud
  2. Balls... missed it
  3. Maybe what im looking for... Let me measure my boot space first!! Im in Islington North London, could you drop this to me or meet you halfway if I have it?
  4. Well the more you do and the more you try the more experience you will gain and then work out for yourself if its working, worth carrying on or worth expanding into. nothing ventured nothing gained!!
  5. Had to look really hard at that first pic to work out what I was looking at, the bottom one is much better
  6. Or short videos of you chatting etc, and use the audio for a podcast too... Wider reach and appeal. Visual for the video heads (I am more likely to watch/listen to a video for info than a podcast) and a podcast for those who like to listen directly or playing them in the background etc...
  7. This is me.. I like the concept and know podcasts are popular with a younger audience but not something I would personally listen to. Wish you luck though..
  8. Similar to ben I use different colour on different mags so I know what has been loaded, tracer or normal etc.
  9. Thought it was called Steve
  10. Good points above, looking to maybe get a Krytac instead is not a bad shout at all if you can afford the extra otherwise a raider will do you fine until you can afford a krytac
  11. Stuck one of these on mine.... Looks great, yeah a small lipo JUST about fits now and you have to remove it to swap batteries but I find the Krytac stocks sooo damn ugly!!
  12. You would never hit anything wearing one of those...
  13. Get the best gun you can afford is my advice. Remember things like extra mags, battery, charger etc all need to be taken into account. From my limited knowledge I would say the Raider over the Nuprol, as they have been around longer and more common
  14. That gun looks huge...
  15. Most woodland i have played at getting sprayed from short distances are not uncommon. Granted I know enough to only put one or two shots into someone, but have been sprayed by plenty of experienced players myself though. Bloody frustrating and painful!