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  1. Agreed 60 is actually small for an outdoor site (hell even mall packs 100+ in most Sundays) and I LOVE smaller games and like the sound of the milsim type tactical element which would mean smaller team make things a little easier to manage. Also Saturdays are great, I get Sunday to rest up
  2. Has anyone been to one of these before? What was it like? Its not too much of a mission to get there but t is far enough to be a pain in the ass if it not worth the trip!
  3. My bro runs one, indoors its a beast, hip fire, multi shot for room clearing and running an gunning its great. He uses it outdoors too sometimes when cover is abundant and its the same thing, great for small tight running n gunning! Its about the play style. But its all relative. Try asking someone at local site if you can have a couple of shots on theirs try before you buy! I play similar to my bro, sometimes even more aggressive but cant stand using shotguns!
  4. I just use the waterproof case designed for mine, covers the whole camera, may not be the best thing for airsoft but it has had a couple of direct hits and its hardly marked so holding up nicely so far Personally I wouldnt bother with anything else as it works, and easily replaced if it does break or gets shattered etc..
  5. 2.78 Its gona be you me and a short arse
  6. Yeah your costs are accurate for the area, I pay between 25-35 quid a day and I go an hour to hour and a half from London. Not to say there are not cheaper sites. But £30 walk on for a day skirmish is about average for down here in my experience. I would pay 40/45 for this particular day. The only thing which puts me off is the fact it would mean an early start and a hell of a long day (being the driver) I dont fancy the travel back after a knackering day of skirmishing! But im a lazy sod. If I could make the date I would be seriously interested in playing!!
  7. As mentioned steer clear of bundles... Grab a raider yes.. Grab eye protection a mask and battery, but pretty much all that comes with that pack would not get used after the first skirmish. Guarantee the mask will flap and not be comfortable, the glasses clearly have gaps and would fog up first use making them useless. Spend the extra £40 on decent starter gear rather than crap... I have learnt the hard way!!!
  8. Not too far from me which is fantastic, price and time depending I have a group (4 or 5 of us) who would certainly be up for this! Id love something a bit more tactical and longer than a normal skirmish day!!
  9. Lol.. the trash talking has begun
  10. Im up for a shooty day being a typical skirmish or a charity fun day..... In theory I like what your proposing, if I knew of an event that was no more than 2hrs away on a date I could attend and was not too expensive I would be in. Charity day or not. I would happily pay a little more than normal for a day if it was supporting a charity or a couple of good causes (but try to get the site to back the cause too so as much of the entry costs get donated as possible) and would happily drop some cash on a raffle for some decent prizes.. £10-£15 a ticket if the prizes are more than worthwhile is fair (again get a local retailer and/or some big names to donate some gear for free for the raffle) Outside would be better, bigger sites = more money That said I would happily pay a premium for special day at the mall or similar!! If outdoors look for summer, however a site may be more open to helping on a quieter period, but bad weather may put people off, I personally dislike playing in the cold/wet.. I wouldnt EXPECT anything on the day, I would not expect anything different to a typical skirmish other than a fun day to raise money for charity! If you want to make it all about fun type games or have a theme mini milsim feel to it then all the better!
  11. Must say I do like this!!! Good job
  12. Only weird if it doesnt work!! If it works for you then keep it
  13. All worth no more than £50 in total, however as I am nice guy I will give you £100
  14. I LOVE it when the suppressors are under the outer rail.. One of my fave looks!!