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  1. My initial though was that the O/P was some kind of nutty prepper looking to lure us all in to the wilds to tie us to tree or some such, but I guess I have been watching too many movies
  2. Pretty certain my next gun will be a TM Mp7
  3. Seconded... Im buying another in the new year to akimbo my MK23s
  4. Get both and go Akimbo
  5. this I has an idea....
  6. Will be sending off a rifle and pistol at some point, have an idea but it seems its already been done
  7. Took me years to stop buying trainers, 200+ pairs was plenty.... Now Im into Airsoft its hard resisting, but the costs and fact I cant hide them from the mrs means I need to be more sensible! That being said I have 2 rifles a MP5K 2 x MK23 pistols a MF92 Pistol and a spring shotgun and would love more
  8. lol... If its so easy fix it ya self GRRRR....
  9. From weapons crates... "It works fine but maybe needs some upgrades for longer distance use but for CQB works perfectly the only issue being that semi auto fires in full auto but should be an easy fix for any tech people out there." Works fine except the bit the doesnt work!!! DOESN'T WORK FINE THEN NUMBNUTS!!!!!
  10. Must get down next year then!
  11. It kinda makes sense. I luckily have a car so its not so much an issue. I fling gear in all sorts and chuck it in the back so I dont need a proper organised system. But If I were to use public transport it would probably be my choice as it will hold everything, be fairly rugged (as long as you get a half decent one) and not be as expensive as proper tactical gear and easier to move around plus less obvious than camo tac gear
  12. Have seen people rock up with suitcases, guitar cases, tool boxes and your standard airsoft bags and rifle cases... +1 for the wheelie luggage bags, Indiscreet and designed to take a lot of stuff. Also like mentioned a fraction of the cost of branded tactical gear (and you can use them for your holidays lol)
  13. Not just that, the muddy car park sounds like a nightmare. Had the motor stuck somewhere before and fed up of mud everywhere
  14. Nice one @Gazmeister will look to trying it out, but will be in the spring. Want to try out The School before xmas and will keep to The mall (prefer indoors in the winter as im a wuss ) will certainly try it out though.Cheers