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  1. The music video is cringey as hell but the song itself is pretty catchy
  2. Oopsie
  3. Wait that said 2013
  4. Still for sale?
  5. Listening to it in between revision
  6. After watching "End of Watch" Great film. As well as After watching "Keanu" Again, a really good film.
  7. I found that I was getting TONs of hitmarkers with the scout class and although I was getting them down to about 10 health they'd just run away and that would be that. I dont know some people like that but I dont really
  8. I liked it but its nothing special.
  9. My very first (of many hopefully) airsoft gun Well worth the wait, dads had some fun with it and is talking about getting himself one. So I really hope this is the start. Thanks to everyone who put up with my plinker threads lol
  10. 2 pages... More like 2 years lol. I just started to want shooting 'gun' so bad lol. Thanks for the help you all saved me wasting £79 there. Well until next time lol
  11. With the cost of the JG bar 10 I could get the cm16 starter kit and the same with the l96. Looking on eBay and zero classifieds.
  12. I've found a few but a lot of them are over the price of the w700. Is the w700 a no go rifle? Or is it the seller? I've watched reviews but I'd welcome more opinions on it
  13. What kind of model would you suggest?
  14. I don't know whether to go for a more expensive plinker such as the W700 or whether to just go for something cheap such as the G21. I won't take either to a skirmish. I'll be attending Spartan and other sites for the next year or so (8-10 months) before buying the CM16 starter kit as posted above. Once I do get into airsoft I most likely not go down the sniper route and I will stick to the CM16 and begin adding rails etc.