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  1. Cannot stop listening to Maroon 5!!
  2. I am a Police officer in Police Scotland.
  3. you probably wont need a motor if you buy a decent brand of aeg to start with.
  4. In this country Police always shoot to kill because if it has got to the point where discharging a firearm is justified then firing a shot which doesnt guarantee to stop the threat, shooting a leg etc, could escalate the situation. If a shot is fired it is aimed in such a way to immediately take out the threat.
  5. Always a few that ruin it for everyone else!
  6. Bought quite a few things from LWA no issues whatsoever and great customer service!!
  7. I think I might be losing my mind, my mate bought a two tone combat machine CM16 Raider which is half green and I actually quite like it.... so much so I might buy a two tone gun despite the fact I have ukara..... Anyone else agree on two tone??!!
  8. Boxing and used to play a bit of warhammer 40k, was damn good at it too and had a three thousand point Tau army, completely lost interest though.
  9. Go and try both of them, again this is something to get personal preference of, it will make you make a better decision than advice alone.
  10. Welcome have a browse through the forums you will find plenty of helpful threads.
  11. Welcome!! have a look through these forums, some info should be there!
  12. If you already have a sniper rifle then i dont see the harm in trying it out and seeing how you get on? yeah i agree youre better off with an AEG as a first gun but its entirely personal preference and as i said no harm in trying it if you already have a sniper.
  13. P90s are niceee