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  1. At a milsim a couple of weeks back we captured a guy on the other team and started to take the piss just a tad.
  2. Wouldn't wearing a mask or other eye wear on top obstruct the view of the camera? Much better if you could somehow integrate the camera into proper eye protection. Personally I'd go with the contour over the Go Pro simply due to practicality. I don't really notice much of a difference in quality between the two. I remember I mate wearing a Go Pro. Looked like a giant BB magnet on his head. That said the footage was very good. I think scoutthedoggie uploaded footage with one of these a while back: http://guncam.com/ I don't think the quality comes close to a Contour or Go Pro but it's the most compact camera I've seen.
  3. I second that. With a gun cam half of the footage is of the ground, but with a headcam you get good footage even when you're not firing. I use an HD Contour to film. It's good quality (1080p) and compact so it doesn't get in the way of my gear. You can get loads of mounts for it including rail and helmet mounts. You probably won't be able to find one under at least £100 though. Have a look at my channel to get an idea of quality. I think a few other guys on the forum also use one. I've also heard good things about the go pros but personally I prefer the Contour because it's less bulky. I wouldn't advise getting anything too cheap that doesn't film in HD if you plan on uploading to youtube.
  4. APS

    Good friends with a techie so he can have a look. I ysed to get JG's when they were still about and upgrade them. Sometimes the cheaper stuff is a good platform to upgrade from. I've been playing 6 years so that isn't a problem.
  5. APS

    I'm probably gonna get the UAR. My dad's thinking of getting an AK from them and an M4 when he sells his sopmod. I was actually looking at that rifle just now but in black. The barrel and flash hider is awesome. I don't like how the rail at the top breaks off though so I'd probably get a madbull or dytac rail.
  6. APS

    I've been thinking about buying an APS rifle. They're quite cheap, but they're a new company who I haven't tried before. Anyone had any experience with APS? Are they any good? Cheers
  7. I'd like to see the M82 from Killzone. It's bullpup M4
  8. But that's an advantage based on skill, not your wallet. Of course in real life you'll take every advantage you get, but this is a game. Obviously some people have better guns than others, but that's not as big an advantage as not having to come out of cover to fire.
  9. More like the deformed fetus of an M4's aborted child
  10. How did I know the JG Thunder maul would make an appearance in this thread?
  11. I think it really depends on the context they ask the question. Anyway I don't think peados are really the focus of this topic since there is the CRB topic...
  12. Mashed up a new loadout for a milsim down at Copehill Down. Wasn't really supposed to resemble anything in particular but when it's done it should look PMCish. I'm thinking black vest, OD trousers and a tan/black shirt. I know PMC's mainly use tan but it's not very useful in woodland.
  13. Well this just got a tad awkward...
  14. I'm thinking of buying the new APS UAR http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/AEG_AEP_APS_APS_Urban_Assault_Rifle_BK.htm For those of you who don't know, it was designed from the ground up by APS as opposed to being based off of a real gun. A real steel manufacturer has actually approached the company to possibly convert it into a real firearm. Although, it's not real it's believable and more importantly well though out and practical. I can also see it going nicely with a future special forces type loadout. What's peoples' thoughts on guns designed for airsofters? Or even replicas of film or game guns?
  15. It goes both ways. Kids are too sheltered so they are afraid to do anything, yet nothing can be done to discipline them so they have no respect for anyone (I'm speaking VERY generally here) At the CQB site I used to play at I remember seeing kids stacked up all around door ways, but the buggers were too scared to go in. Problem was that the rest of us couldn't get in either because there were so many of the useless prats standing round the doorways. Yet, those same players would have no problem arguing with marshals and other players. On a side note; I remember when I first started airsoft. My dad would have killed me if I ran away from a firefight.