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  1. I'm glad this place exists

    I love and loathe this forum for it's sense of humor at times, it's always both at the same time usually... bless you all.
  2. Thinking about starting this hobby!

    Great way to meet likeminded (mostly strange) people! Have a look on the airsoft UK map (linked above?) and gamer days are usually every 2 weeks on a Sunday, which week is different for every site. Welcome and enjoy your stay.. but get comfy 'cause you ain't leaving anytime soon.. *maniacal laugh*
  3. Hello from an Edinburgh-based newbie!

    I rented my 3 times then not a day more, I bought a gun a month later. Personally there's nothing wrong with two tone, at all, but it is a pain to paint up and 9/10 people don't prep is right or do it right... Also if and when you come to get a gun, you don't have to limit yourself to the "beginner" guns. There's plenty at £140 that are fantastic (Like G&G HIGHLY recommend as a starter gun!) However I spent £300 on an ICS CXP-16 L and I still use it 6 years on. I used the buy cheap buy twice rule, however there's plenty guns that contradict this being overpriced or much stronger than advertised in the price.
  4. Hello from an Edinburgh-based newbie!

    Welcome, Landwarrior is a great site, good for beginners. I would suggest stick about with a couple regulars as they might say "Go to the Alimo" and give you a vague direction Only tip I could give a new player is play the way you want to play! This rule morphs and becomes the soul of airsoft eventually, you might pick up uniform and kit and that will be a look YOU want and looks cool (comfy and useful to you), might be butt ugly and useless to someone else but not you! Your gun might be unique, common, short, long, etc it's all on YOU! Play your own game and have fun!
  5. Damn it, I just got myself the Helikon security belt a month ago and now this comes out! - Don't get me wrong it's amazing but still, that looks so nice.
  6. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    These belt ideas you have sound fantastic @Arwen, you gotta show them off when you're done.
  7. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    After using several kinds of belts for holding light and heavy items, I would suggest making the belt as rigid as possible. So rigid that you can load it up with gear, fasten it and then hold it in one hand and it doesn't bend. The best ones (made from nylon but could be applied to leather) have a plastic insert in the middle to keep form and strength. Though I have seen leather duty belts and many are woven. (Or at least god tier leather and fairly thick)
  8. Plate carrier and belt questions thx

    Nice! However I have a 2 year old 8fields JPC, comfy, stitching still not pulling apart and colours are good and tough too. Cost £25 so even if I totally wrecked it.. it's £25 to replace This ain't war
  9. Plate carrier and belt questions thx

    These are the most commonly cloned ones and some of the cheapest, be mindful amazon is not a seller... it's the exact same as eBay. Also watch as the molle on cheap clones can be misaligned/weak and occasionally in Asian sizes (smaller than European).
  10. Plate carrier and belt questions thx

    Hi mate, I was once in your place! First bit of gear I owned was goggles half mask and a leg holster for 2 hicap mags. I then got myself a chest rig, low profile, much cheaper than plate carriers and simple. However at the time this was for purpose over look, I have since updated to a newer look (for purpose and the fashion ). Best advice I can give to people is just start shopping airsoft stores like military1st and others to get ideas of names of gear, also just look up photos! What looks cool to you? - THAT is what you should wear (it's also okay to have nothing and run one mag if you would rather ) Check out my insta and my team's perhaps, we have a few different loadouts: @officialscarairsoft @scar_corky
  11. Plate carrier and belt questions thx

    I didn't read your last line sorry! Cardboard would be terrible for plates as it would permanently compact eventually. You don't 'need' plates, but they are handy for rigidity. Couple options on the cheap, an old exercise/yoga mat and cut a plate size out, if you use a thin one you can either use single, double etc to change the thickness. You can also use EVA foam (the big jigsaw kids play mats) as this is about the thickness of real plates. You can also buy fake sapi plates (hard plastic or foam).
  12. Word yourself carefully when you tell them, explain in painful detail what it is and even show them if they want and prove that they won't have issues with border force (emails or a visit from a firearms officer in your country?). They could be picky if you just say "Yeah there's a fake gun in the back, have fun with the UK border force! "
  13. I have had a friend travel to and from the US with his RIF, just in case he was asked, he had a print out of (like above) dates he played at certain sites for customs to check against, his UKARA number etc. He needed none of this, unless you ship the gun, chances are UK customs won't get involved. He contacted ahead of time he was bringing the RIF and they said just declare it on entry to the airport, which he did. He was taken aside with a firearms officer to check the gun, 2 second job, he looked, he was happy and shut and locked the HARD CASE. After that point I don't know the process, I assume that the case will be labeled as the contents with the officer's sign off, give it to the front desk and jump on your plane TL;DR Talk to your local airport and arrival airport, they will explain the usual process, also you do not need a two-tone. (So long as it is within 1.3J on auto or semi if above, then it's fine, which I think is the same limits or similar to France's?) Hope this helped [EDIT] - I do not know if my mate did anything with border force / customs but he may have! Best just to email everyone and have a wee chat.
  14. Plate carrier and belt questions thx

    Best practice is use what you need, OR use what looks cool but be prepared for a loss in comfort and mobility. For CQB I don't really care for looks so much, I run: - JPC , Small, lightweight, elastic cummerbun (so no obstructions on my sides) - Triple Kydex insert for 3 mags up front (fast reloads) - Triple elastic pouch ontop (fast reloads OR holding grenades, disposable or BFG) - Helikon duty belt with pistol holster, dump pouch, pistol mag pouch, BFG holster. That's it for CQB, bring what I need and no more. For field the elastic cummerbun on my JPC holds 3 mags either side of me tight against me + an extra on my belt. I also have a backpack for bb's, gas, spare goggles + anti fog. Again, like most things in airsoft, it's all personal opinion for what works and looks good. I know friends who run 1 high cap to CQB and it lasts them at least 1 round, no plate carrier or belt, I know others that wear full MARSOC or British military outfit with all the right pouches and med supplies. Everything works, just depends what works for YOU! [EDIT] Instagram for plate carrier ideas:- @the_carrier_page or mine/ my team's @officialscarairsoft @scar_corky
  15. Newbie in Glasgow

    Glad you're excited, I game at the Depot on the regular and even playing on the 1st April too! Great site and great for new or old players alike. If you need any help with anything on site look for the tallest guy in the room and shout Corky