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    WE HK 416 GBB
    TM Glock 17 Gen 3 GBB
    G&G TR4-18 AEG
    WE L85A2 GBB
    TM Sig P226 GBB
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    Brit MTP, WAS DCS PC & Emerson FAST helmet both in multicam.
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    Halo Mill, Yorkshire, The Mall in Reading, UCAP Sandpit, The Billet in Alsershot, The Bunker in Epsom, and anywhere in the home counties and south east I can get a run out!
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    Wimbledon, London
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    Yorkshireman and 23 year Veteran who's come to airsoft for the fun of the game, and to get my gun and training fix! (and to sate my competitive thirst!!)
    GBB addict!! All the way baby! Love the realism of the weapons and the rush of gaming and best of all, a good laugh, a handshake and a brew afterwards. GAME ON!!

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  1. EAG Worthing tomorrow!! First time there, looking forward to it! A day of tinkering and gear prep beckons!

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    2. cavninja


      Sorry bud, I'm limited on as and when I can get out, besides, you wouldn't let me play cuz all my gear is multicam!! :-P

    3. jay83


      WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!! LOL

    4. cavninja


      Pew Pew!!!!....