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    WE HK 416 GBB
    TM Glock 17 Gen 3 GBB
    G&G TR4-18 AEG
    WE L85A2 GBB
    TM Sig P226 GBB
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    Brit MTP, WAS DCS PC & Emerson FAST helmet both in multicam.
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    Halo Mill, Yorkshire, The Mall in Reading, UCAP Sandpit, The Billet in Alsershot, The Bunker in Epsom, and anywhere in the home counties and south east I can get a run out!
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    Wimbledon, London
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    Yorkshireman and 23 year Veteran who's come to airsoft for the fun of the game, and to get my gun and training fix! (and to sate my competitive thirst!!)
    GBB addict!! All the way baby! Love the realism of the weapons and the rush of gaming and best of all, a good laugh, a handshake and a brew afterwards. GAME ON!!
  1. Haven't posted for a while, so here's a few from games at the sandpit and the billet and a training day too!
  2. Nice one! Always room for more Cav!!!
  3. Cav patch Macduff?? RHG/D?
  4. Yup, Ed is the man! He's helped me out with mine, I have seen a friends pistol grip screw fail fairly quickly and I have suffered from "mushrooming" of the bolt, I've corrected the problem, but have yet to find suitable washers to prevent it happening again. As for RA tech parts, I bought some to repair my WE HK 416 after a screw sheared on my carrier and I have to say the RA tech parts are tunk! Wouldn't buy RA tach again, buy stock parts, they do what they're supposed to and they fit! and even feel better quality! The WE L85 is a good weapon, fun to fire, great noise as it's right next to your head, but as with any GBB, it'll be a labour of love with the UK weather conditions, good luck!
  5. Latest Family pic!!
  6. Interesting comments BC, I've just bought one and so far I've only used it for one skirmish, it performed excellently and I am pleased with what I bought. It is my first AEG, only ever having owned and used GBBs, but at a recent skirmish I had a catastrophic failure on my beloved WE HK416 and a friend lent me a G&G SCAR and I was impressed with it, so I decided it was time to buy an AEG, if only as back up, but I think I may well use it a lot more often. I like the weight and design of the gun, being very familiar with it from my GBB 416. I have no need to use the cocking handle, I bought the recommended battery and appropriate charger from the same place I bought the gun,, and was impressed with their service and speed of delivery. I also bought some PTS EMags, mid caps at the same time, they need a little bit of filing to fit, (due to the differences between the mag wells in a 416 and an M4) they work excellently and are very good. I'll keep a close eye on the FPS, the hop and the accuracy, but so far it is spot on. My only gripe is the EBB function is a bit feeble, but then it's an AEG, so it's not gonna be very good! Lol I'm hoping for consistency and reliability, fingers crossed it continues to produce!
  7. I got my son a TM MP7 as a Christmas gift, with 10 mags, second hand. He loves it and i do admit it is a great gun, very accurate and consistent, just a shame it is not full size. When it was bought none of the mags leaked, now, 6 out of the 10 leak, I've tried every thing, posted questions on here, seen gun techs, bought replacement filler valves, used lube, maint gas, different gasses, PTFE tape, you name it, I've done it! Based on my experience with this and my TM P226 and T G17 I'd never buy TM again. I've got a cheap HFC G17 that is more reliable and just as consistent as aTM! If anyone know any TM gas mag gurus or any fixes I haven't tried, please let me know!
  8. Me (on the left) at The Billet on Sunday
  9. It's a regular PRR, got it off ebay!! And my mate got one too! The hats? Never intended to collect any, they're just what I've picked up over the years, found or been presented with, never had the chance to have them out, but I think it looks pretty cool in the man cave!
  10. It's an IMI level 2 holster on an IMI belt platform, so it sits lower than my PC but isn't a leg rig (tried em, not a fan) I got it on Ebay and painted it myself
  11. Damn!!! You're right Tac! I'd better get shopping!!!
  12. Cheers Tac! One of the perks of living alone (for now) is that I can set up my man cave as i please! Missus Cav is cool with this and wants to get in on airsoft so its a win win! A mate of mine's wife is verrry anti anything airsoft or military, so he has to hide his stuff on top of the wardrobe, which was cool until she went looking for something and got his fully loaded chest rig in her face!! PMSL!!! I looked at a variety of solutions and peg board seemed the most simple, cheap and flexible, and even a DIY biff like me could make a frame and mount it on the wall! Ta Daaaaaaa!!
  13. It's been a while, what with the move back to the UK and starting the new job, but more importantly the man cave is coming along nicely! I might even get to go out shooting this week! Thinking of the Bunker in Epsom tomorrow night and the Billet in Aldershot on Sunday!
  14. Surely if the MoD considered all Mk7s as their property and have not given permission for any to be sold privately, then ebay would not be allowing the sales to go ahead as they would be assisting in the sale of stolen goods? Has anyone heard of anyone having been prosecuted for selling a Mk7? Has anyone ever been arrested for owning one they were not issued??!! I'm guessing no, but I'd be very interested to hear Evilmonkee's thoughts? I'm sure he could shed some light on this? Perhaps there are so many Mk7s out there now that the MoD considers any sort of legal action impracticable and unsustainable? I get the export ban, it is for very good reasons, but domestic, UK based private sales? There's no legal difference between a Mk6 and a Mk7, they're ballistic helmets.
  15. If its so illegal, how come the MoD hasn't cracked down on the sale of them on ebay? The current price for a good condition or new Mk7 is between £70-100. I know RMP and MoD have pursued cases in the past for certain items, but nothing seems to be done in this case? A friend of mine who is a serving QM has told me that the only items of accountable kit on your 1157 are now the Mk7 and the GSR, everything else gets written off.