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  1. Anyone know if the flash hider on the battle machine is removable? Son in law has one and it looks as if it is part of the outer barrel. Cheers.
  2. Thank you, sir. I sort of guessed it would be around M4 or 5, but wasn't sure it was some form of obscure thread. I should have some of them. Thanks again, Mr Duck.
  3. Gents, Whilst fitting a RDS the other day, my sausage fingers managed to drop the knurled circular nut (I know I should not have slackened it off that much but...hey ho!) Of course the carpet monster has devoured said nut and I cannot find it anywhere. What size thread are they and can anyone suggest a site to purchase one from? Of course, before you ask I have tried searches but they are usually inconclusive. Thanks in advance, Skeet.
  4. My Mrs thinks I have too many guns, and the clothing I have is sufficient for playing. Hahahahahaaaaaaaa!. I'm just getting warmed up!
  5. Had some bits myself from Rafal86 on here. He is definitely good people. Very painless experience.
  6. Thanks, again, sir. I like to turn up with cheapo guns that perform better than some of the expensive stuff, so I couldn't resist this one. I had TWG downgrade it so I hope I don't have to crack it open too soon.
  7. I know it's an old post, (I hope it pops up again) but thanks for this, Sitting Duck. Even after a search on here, I couldn't find a review apart from some lad on you tube. Anyway, I've just bought one of these from TWG. 63 quid! My intention was to skirmish it till it broke then use my limited techie skills to fix it, in an effort to improve them and it. Probably use it as a back up, rather than a primary. If its a plasticky as you say, I may just give it a spray job. From stock did you get a chance to test the range? Do you think my plan to skirmish it till it broke would be a long term thing or should I start buying bits now? I'd be interested to read an update on how its doing now, after some use. Thanks, Duck. Skeet.
  8. I assume you are fairly new to airsofting based on your question? My advice is 1. Take in what the guys above have said. They DO know what they are talking about 2. Wait until you are registered before buying a RIF. Save your money. $50 for 2 toning is about £30 towards your gun. 3. Read my point 1 again. Find and read and digest Ian's guide to newbism on the site. You'll learn everything you need. Sorry fella, this is probably not what you wanted to read but, in the long run, you will be better off. Skeet.
  9. Try over at the Umarex Boys Club forum. They are an air pistol site, you may have some luck there. I'm not good with links and stuff, but if you google it you'll have no problem.
  10. Ordered a dump pouch from these fellas a couple of weeks ago. I received the "dispatched"email as per usual, but the pouch never arrived. I contacted tactical chimps on Thursday this week to explain. By Friday, I had a replacement pouch waiting for me at the parcels office. The only delay was because I was out when it should have been delivered. It would have been easy for them to blame the post and to tell me to take it up with them. Excellent service and I will most certainly use them again.
  11. Overall rating (10) Would you deal with the trader again (Yes) Any other comments:Item was exactly as described. Deal was quick and efficient.
  12. V2K1, you don't need to justify anything. My reply was as a result of reading that it was your 1st game ever and that the normal route into UKARA defence had been bypassed. As I say I wasn't criticising, more trying to warn that some may have read your post and posted some form of rebuke owing to the fact that they have had to wait etc. etc. I hope it was taken in this manner, if not I apologise. The last thing I would want to be seen as is a keyboard warrior.
  13. Daaaagh! Missed that bit. BUT, I thought there was a bit where he said he'd not played yet? Must have read it wrong. Lozart, you are, sir, yet again correct. My post wasn't meant as a criticism, I hope it didn't read that way? Tizzy hopefully avoided!
  14. Well done to you, sir, for managing that. However, you may need to prepare yourself for some comments on this thread that may be less than complimentary.
  15. Ah! I stand corrected. I did wonder how they could be that low priced as a gbb. Thank you sir, I'll stop looking at em meself!