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  1. Make: Umarex Gun/Model: HK416A5 Desired Condition: Good Desired FPS: UK Legal Swaps/Part Exchange: Possible Budget: Depends on condition I know it’s a massive long shot, but anyone wanting to sell a Umarex HK416A5 GBB, in either colour, I’m looking to buy. Just the a5 version as I have the D version.
  2. Bump WE M16 - Sold G&P M4 - £140 spares and repairs VFC M12 - Sold
  3. Bump MK 12 - £260 ono M16 - I’ve just bought an M5 style rail for this and when it arrives I’ll be looking to change it over to a USMC A4 style. If this sells this week I’ll throw in the rail once it arrives. If not I’ll remove it from sale and keep it. G&P M4 - Offers
  4. Still looking. Mostly after the WE PMC version, but also interested in a GHK AK.
  5. Bump M16 - £230 or offers M4 - £180 or offers MK 12 - still available £280 or offers
  6. Not at the moment mate, thanks. I had the un version and sold it a while back. I’m really after a full size gbb AK.
  7. Bump. M16 - £230 all in. Will also look at swaps/part ex for WE AK-74 PMC, GHK AK-74 or GHK M4. Or just make me an offer. M4 - £180 all in, offers welcome.
  8. Bump, offers considered. Would prefer these sold by the weekend as I’m already going to the parcel force depot.
  9. Make: WE Gun/Model: AK-74 gbb Desired Condition: As good as possible Desired FPS: UK Legal Swaps/Part Exchange: Possibly Budget: Depends on condition
  10. Bump. Scar sold MK 12 still available, but under offer. M16 - I’ve decided to stop being so attached and will consider offers around £280. M4 - Spares and repairs, offers around £200, all in. Will consider swaps for a WE AK74 PMC.
  11. Yeah, seems to be the case all over the place.
  12. No mate, this is the a3 version with the detachable carry handle.
  13. Bump Scar H £230 all in. MK 12 £280 all in. G&P M4 £230 all in. WE M16 still available. Offers considered on all
  14. Thanks for the info mate, that’s a new store for me, not heard of them before. Unfortunately the Thompson’s listed as out of stock. I’ll keep checking back with them.
  15. Anyone have any inside information as to when the Cybergun/WE Thompson GBB will be available from U.K retailers, or if it already is somewhere and I’ve just missed it? I know it’s available from the Hong Kong stores, but doesn’t seem available in Europe yet.