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  1. I decided to play the Airsoft lottery, and bought one of AirsoftGi's Imperial Resupply Boxes. To my surprise, I didn't end up with one of the cheap Spectres; instead I got a VFC XCR. Pay $170 for a $400 gun? Yes please :)

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    2. SeniorSpaz87


      haha, it was a quick mystery box thing from AirsoftGI. They throw one out there every few months; this one was to hype up their next "story" game for BB Wars

    3. TacMaster


      A guy on Reddit managed to fit a Daytona kit into the Spectre, turned out alright with a bit of work

    4. SeniorSpaz87


      Yea, but I'm not a huge techy guy (unless I'm forced to be). And I prefer a higher cost right away than adding money to a not great product to make it great