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  1. I imagine I would have this problem, but I have a much more pressing issue - Ill use a gun for a game, and then either upgrade it completely (nothing can break if I replace it anyway!), or get a new gun and never use the old one again
  2. Huh. Feel free, although I think movers may start coming Monday. Those she can leave in a bag outside if needed though haha.
  3. Umm, there should have been four mags?...
  4. OK. This is something that has come up many times at the Shooting School that I work at. If you want to shoot correctly, and you are using irons, USE YOUR DOMINATE EYE. You can easily overcome this by using something like a red dot sight. If you use irons your vision will not line up correctly if you try to use your non-dominate eye, but a sight only overlays a dot on your vision which your eye wont focus on, meaning your non-dominate eye can view it just fine. I am the same as you, and as such I shoot both real and airsoft pistols with my left hand and left eye, and my rifles (always with a sight) right handed and eyed. So, in short, use a red dot of some sort and it doesnt matter.
  5. They like TM and VFC. They will not fit WE without modification. I cannot speak for KWA or KJW, as I do not own nor have tested them.
  6. Safariland 7TS ALS holsters my M&Ps. Safariland 7TS ALS XC1 holster for my Glocks Safariland GLS for glocks, 1911s, DMs/XDMs, and whatever else I have Safariland GLS L for my P226 DTD 3D printed holster for my TM mk23s. yeeeaaaaaaaaaaa, its easy to see who I prefer haha
  7. PM me.
  8. Hey guys.

    So... I just got word that my folks are moving back to the States in three weeks time. I am already back in the States, and I am trying to supervise packing my stuff from the other side of the Atlantic. One thing ive come across is the stockpile of Green Gas and BBs that I can't bring back with me. So if anyone is in the Ascot area and wants a bunch of free gas and BBs, let me know.

    1. L3wisD


      I'll let you know (see how far it is on the map)

    2. SeniorSpaz87


      postcode is SL59RA


  9. Good call @L3wisD. I have the S&T, which is basically the same. Although I owned it for like a week, then it broke, and its been sitting at The Mall for the better part of two years now haha. No clue how you knew . OP, there should be no reason why you couldn't remove the flash hider and put on a suppressor. The Flash hider may be epoxy'd on, but you can get it off. In fact, the only gun I know of (I am sure there are more) that has a standard flash hider like that but can not fit anything else is my old D-Boys PDW.
  10. Is 6:30 when the first game begins, or when the site opens?
  11. Isnt there something about a pig? Or was that someone else?
  12. Ill also try for first room. Ill be in a complete set of Kryptek Highlander with two pistols.
  13. Is someone going to use my LVOA? Just need to know whether or not to charge batteries and/or pack mags for it.
  14. And as it is so low numbers so far, you could always book and then cancel if you had to.
  15. Seems like most of the people there will be forum people. And I've gone alone just about very time. You'll be fine.