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  1. I have too many guns as is... Maaaaaybe in the future...
  2. I have heard good things about the Amoeba and some of their newer guns. I was more referring to older Ares (and S&T I guess). havent tried any of their newer stuff so i cant really comment on them. As OP didnt specify which Ares he was interested in that influenced my response as well.
  3. Stay away from Ares... They've... got an interesting reputation. They make some unique guns, but their internals are often shabby and poorly made. Krytacs are fantastic - no need to change out the gears. I would say go with VFC if you care to do some internal work (not needed, but to get that peak performance do a little), or go for the Krytac if you dont want to do anything.
  4. The Avalons are fantastic, at least they are over here. VFCs are solid overall - my main AEG is a VFC.
  5. I don't think this is a PTS Masada. Think it's an A&K Masada. I fact I'm a,most positive its A&K
  6. If you want a snail try messaging Reaper Customs on FB. He makes dual snails for a lot of guns, maybe he could make a single snail?
  7. So far only two of the four parts have arrived, but I have one package waiting for me that I believe is the third part. Im also waiting on my school for the 3D pieces. Id say mid next week ill have it done.
  8. Im currently developing a 1000 round HPA mag (no silly snail or box mag on your pistol). Ill link you when its done. Might be an idea.
  9. Who here actually uses HPA in the UK?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Blondie


      i use a wolverine in an MP5 SD2, and a mates going to convert soon

    3. Mos


      Does a CO2 adapter count? Instead of HPA bottles.

    4. SeniorSpaz87


      Anyone got a tank I can borrow in June for two weeks? haha.

  10. I watch them all haha. I actually only subbed today - no idea why I hadn't before
  11. Well, ok. The bucking is good, in fact ive seen upgraded ones that keep the stock bucking. Hop is rather good as well, being a rotary out of the box. The motor is a 20 I believe; the US version has a 30, so that is a slight disadvantage. Externals are solid. The LVOA is like my 10th gun, so I havent put much time into it, but I have never had a problem with it. Plus they are just beautiful. Mine when I bought it. Honestly forgot it was one of the rarer Wolf Grey ones lol
  12. I have an LVOA, and its fantastic for a stock gun.
  13. That's Barrett Boy, named that way because, well...
  14. Here are a few pics of Raptor Squad from Operation Stonebreaker 3 - myself, Barrett Boy, and Swisher mainly. We are the ones in Kryptek Highlander.
  15. Anyone got an HPA tank I can borrow while im in the UK for two weeks haha