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  1. More pics from Serious Viking 2: Phase 1 - Sniper: Stage 2 - Support:
  2. Hey, who makes TDC mods for the TM mk23? I dont want one installed, I need the full thing done since im in the US (not actually for me, my mk23 already has a TDC mod haha)

    1. Albiscuit


      I didnt know what this was so being a proud dad to a TM MK23 I googled it. This is genius!!!


      thanks :) 

    2. Prisce


      Hadron V2 TDC mod, they are around £15,


      Hope this helps mate;)

  3. A pic taken by the Magpul PTS guys of me and my new microgun at Operation Serious Viking II at the GTI plant in Barnwell South Carolina. I was there as a part of Task Force Darby, an Airborne Regiment for the Western Coalition. Here is my POV from this picture with a short video.
  4. With the destruction and impact of the hurricane across Florida, hope that you and your family are safe and well.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. SeniorSpaz87


      Yea its gonna be a big one. several technicals, about 600 players, a little bird, and plenty of new toys to test hahahahaha

    3. Jedi_Master


      Are you going to be filming any of it?  Could make an interesting video with that many players and a helo.

    4. SeniorSpaz87


      I am not personally going to be on the Helo. Tickets cost more than the event itself, and im a broke college student. But I am a part of Task Force Darby (basically Airborne regiment) and we get a dedicated cameraman, plus ill have my whole YouTube rig running, so we will see haha. The last MilSim I went to at this place I wish I had filmed, so I am hopeful

  5. Question - what ACOG is that? Below the gun.
  6. I say it depends on your playstyle. Someone who plays the stereotypical sniper (sits in bush and is sneaky AF) absolutely needs a TM mk23. I personally run with both a TM mk23 and a TM M&P9 (although a high cappa or glock would be fine as well, M&Ps are a personal preference). The mk23 is for sneaky encounters, and the M&P is for when I need to put a larger volume of fire downrange.
  7. Seems like it. He mentioned a few months back that he was backed up on orders due to something medical (not clear if it was him or someone close to him). He has been AWOL for about 2 months-ish now. We all are hoping he comes back!
  8. Sign me up then! haha. Also, GoPro glass doesn't stand up to a BB. Nor does the cover on the cases. I have personally seen both shot out, and there are numerous videos on youtube of gopros being shot out. 3 of the 5 videos show cameras shot out in the title pictures. And those were from range. If someone in the dark hears a bit of movement 5 feet in front of them on the floor, they may shoot first thinking its an enemy in prone. Maybe add a replaceable piece of plexiglass in front of the lens? Just y 2 cents
  9. Sounds neat, but it's only application would maybe be MilSim. It wont be worth using it for standard CQB or whatever, and its likely too low to the ground to be much good at taking photos. It still looks well made and might be great for MilSim - can the camera take a BB (might want to test that)? For your testers, do they need to be in Poland? I wouldn't mind helping you out - it seems neat, but I am US-based, and most of the people on here are UK based, so if we need to be in Poland you might have some trouble finding volunteers on this forum. Best of luck though, it seems like a cool project!
  10. As has been said, good for MilSim, but only random wannabes will use it for anything else. That said, im a MilSimer and I want 4 for my microgun!
  11. Ah, found a video. So it seems that is very similar to what I am already working on, except his has a box mag attached directly to the base of the mag, while I have the box mag hidden in a backpack or something and a tube running to the bottom of the mag. His is great for larger weapons, but on a pistol I think it would be too unwieldly. My design is a bit harder to put together, but works better with pistols IMO.
  12. How does that work, the GBB adapter things? Might have to look into it
  13. Yea, I can get them in legally, without too much trouble. The issue is the cost. Shipping a 16lbs Airsoft gun both ways across the Atlantic is a little pricy haha
  14. I wish I still lived in the U.K., I would have sent GearTech so many things to be done. His stuff is amazing, but he can't help me here haha
  15. Ive been working on making my own high cap HPA mag for my TM M&P 9, but it is radically different from Reaper's and Alyan's. But now that I think about it it may very well be doable with other guns... I might go ahead and do it.