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  1. Not really... The bolt on the Barrett broke when we racked it... Its cheap metal. We just wanted the body
  2. My TM MP7 is a few years old, and has survived both UK and USA use no problem, even in high 30* weather on standard gas. I had to replace the stock one when a kid tripped over it and snapped it, and I need to get a new bolt spring because mine is really weak. But it doesnt ever misfire or anything. I keep it as a sniper backup on MilSims.
  3. Snow Wolf is... Interesting. They make some unique guns, but to be honest they are crap. Dont get them unless you just want the shell and plan to replace literally ALL of the internals. I did just that with their Barrett.
  4. Dame mate, really wish I'd gotten a few of my guns to you before I moved stateside. If you ever ended up over here I'd send you a bunch in a heartbeat. *wishful sigh*
  5. Get a Double Tap Designs holster. Best mk23 holster I've found if you want to use the silencer. Which, let's be honest. Who wouldn't?...
  6. Yea, when I used a magnifier I kept it about the same distance as Loz. Just send it back IMO
  7. OP, if you do decide on the GLS, PM me and ill work with you to figure out the exact model you need.
  8. A GLS is in that range. The GLSs are a new thing for Safariland, as most of their stuff is made for law enforcement and military, but the GLSs are for civvie use, so a lot cheaper.
  9. Safariland. Just get a bloody Safariland. Go to Amazon, Get a left handed GLS, pick your mount. Done. Ill be happy to talk you through the options if you require. That was basically my job when I lived in the UK haha.
  10. You better not be talking about me... You know I like to get sneaky with my pistols... haha
  11. Trigger, lets be honest. Which of us is scarier in the dark basements of The Mall?...
  12. I cant meet with you personally as im in the US, but I would be happy to help you through a skype call or something similar. Semi-pro tech here
  13. If you've got a WE you could probably make it work. Tap your blowback screws into the open sided of the TAS and it should work. Sincerely doubt there's even been consideration for an Airsoft version though
  14. Oh I love playing in winter... Granted, I live in Florida... its a nice cool 18-20 degrees here in January/February - I can wear my same kit and NOT die from heat stroke! yay