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  1.  idea what kind of internals APS UAR uses? because i know its modified v3 gearbox but how much of it is modified.

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      STD v3 stuff inside, nothing bespoke I think

  2. you would need 16:1 or 13:1 gears, steel tooth piston, mosfet( most important part) and motor if its not torque motor. After that you could short stroke piston with gears, get your gearbox shimmed, and fix AOE( angle of engagement) - this would make sure your pistol lasts longer with the gears. I have setup with shs 13:1 gears/ steel tooth piston, gate titan mosfet. gears are shimmed and aoe is fixed with airseal. i get around 310 fps with 45rps at max(even tho i cant use that in my local field, 45 rps looks like a white laser coming out of your gun. I empty my 160 mid caps in few seconds )
  3. I have this crazy idea of designing bullpup AEG shell which would use v2 or v3 gearbox. I have a 3D printer at hand so only would need your suggestions. There is not alot of choice when it comes to bullpups on the market so i thought why dont i try and design one and print prototype. So far im trying figure out the way of having mag release at the front and fire selector closer to the trigger. 

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    2. SeniorSpaz87


      I mean, like any v2/v3 there are more and less reliable ones. But it will be a real challenge to get a v2/v3 installed with the motor being where it is. You can MOSFET a LMG gearbox too. Im sure there are plenty of people on here with high end LMGs who could tell you

    3. matas17


      what kind of mosfet does LMG gearbox take if you have any idea?

      right now trying to find a way to make trigger contacts extend to the front of a guy to reach the trigger.

    4. SeniorSpaz87


      I mean, you can probably wire one right in. Not sure why you couldnt...

  4. so my friend gave away his APS UAR to me, since he quit sport and moved to Australia. I've used it for a day on Saturday and it feels bit sluggish on fire rate. Anyone has any idea what kind of a motor it uses. Is it a short type or a long type motor. Don't want to take a gun apart since have no idea or instructions on how to do it.


    Thank you

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      It is a SHORT motor

      basically it is an AK type gun internals with a linky trigger

      So you will have a good bit of long trigger pull coz a two piece trigger becomes 3 piece with trigger link


      There are two types only difference is where battery goes:


      v1 - battery up front with a long stick typebattery


      v2 - for last couple of years so more common model is rear wired and battery at the back


      Strip down:


    3. matas17


      @padraigthesniper i shot it with 7.4v lipo since i never use nimh batteries. Mainly use 7.4v or 11.1v .


      @Sitting Duck thanks alot now i will know what sort of motor to buy and i reckon id be able to do some sort of mod to reduce trigger pull like i did on my mates a&k vector. It had long trigger pull, shortened it by around 20% .


    4. matas17


      @Sitting Duck you know what kind of internals APS UAR has. like what version internals. Or is it all v3 inside and no v2?

  5. whats the fps on it?
  6. anyone can recommend sub £150 sniper for me to buy. Not looking for something insane or over the top expensive. just something food out of the box.

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    2. Albiscuit


      Quote *Infact just buy a TM MK23, it may as well be reclassified from a pistol to "One handed compact sniper rifle". Got done by one loads at Dorking the other week. * wasnt me @L3wisD honest guv, not this time at least... Just you wait though mwahahahaha

    3. proffrink


      @matas17You can buy M40 stocks for the VSR, but your budget is too low to have everything. Get something that performs well and then make it look good later.

    4. CaptainDumbass


      Buy an AEG man hahaha

  7. might try and cut one of the spare springs i have to replace recoil spring
  8. the whole recoil system, gets usual clean up once in a while . recoil shock itself looks good. I bought new cqb spring and recoil spring to replace old ones. because lw airsoft cut recoil spring... that seemed to increase abit but not to original 324fps.
  9. what do you mean? if you could explain in more detail
  10. So every week or two i chrono my gun to check the fps since it usually sits at around 324 fps. On Wednesday i chrono'd the gun and it was shooting 220-230 fps with KWA CQB spring which is meant to give ERG 330 fps. And i was clueless as of what has happened so i opened the gearbox checked the airseal which was still at 100%. I changed hop unit and hop rubber 3 times but still same results. So i bought brand new M120 spring and installed that. Then the FPS jumped to 250-260 . I honestly have no idea what is happening to this gun. I tried everything from relubing the gun, fixing airseal, changing piston head, cylinder/cylinder head, air nozzle. and nothing seem to change the fps. Anyone has any idea what could be happening.
  11. anyone looking 10.5inch PTW outer barrel. I got one by mistake with my dytac mk1 rail instead of AEG barrel.

    1. jcheeseright

      jcheeseright - there's always someone on there after a 10.5" barrel. 

    2. matas17
  12. well it doesnt have to be exact replica, i can atleast make it look like one. And if i need i can 3D print some parts.
  13. well if i got one id try and make it look like Real Steel LWRC smg 45, but just with different stock.
  14. I wonder actually wondering would any of you have arp9. I have a question to you arp9 owners, I was wondering would it be possible to replace arp9 stock with solid stock for m4. Since i honestly dont like that stock and much rather prefer the solid stock.
  15. I think you posted this in a wrong section, as WELL L96 is spring sniper rifle.