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  1. UKARA membership is valid for a year. So if your last game was longer than that, you will most likely need a new one.
  2. Especially when they don't take that carefully placed shot.
  3. Welcome. Well, first move is to check the stickies and other relevant posts here:
  4. But if you have some DIY skills, you can do it with hand tools. I made cuts with an angle grinder using a metal cutting disc. Use a dremel or a bigger metal drill bit to give it a crown. Get the metal and dirt out with a good hosing and cleaning and then wipe it dry with the cleaning rod. Finally, use a scalpel / hobby knife to remove any leftover protruding brass. Look into the barrel from the other end towards a light and you will see a thin black line where there is still a protrusion. Insert the scalpel carefully, not touching any other part of the barrel, and turn the barrel around the scalpel so it cuts off the edge of the crown. Repeat until there is no visible black line at the crown looking at a light source.
  5. I agree with Tommikka. Sniping is a play style. You can do it with a sub 350 fps boltie because it's not about the range of the gun.
  6. Move after a couple of shots or as soon as they have a good guess where you are. Only engage targets you can overcome. When not engaging, move slow. When hiding, look behind you to check your background from the enemy's point of view. Check if your camo blends into that.
  7. It is legal to do that. But you can't buy a black one without defence. And if you do acquire a black one, it is legal to keep it.
  8. I happened to take a photo of my full setup for sniper ops.
  9. I'm not allowing a vertical grip in the family!
  10. And if not, then I was behind them, covering the same area. Next time choose the winning side Prisce
  11. In cold they can't.
  12. Hi-capas are very well constructed pistols. The 1911's problem is the thin mag that has low gas capacity. Hi-capas fix that. There are upgrade parts in every price range for it and that's why it's the choice of airsoft IPSC shooters.
  13. Mmkay. I hope they find a good site. The marshals were good, they just need a good site to run and it should be some proper airsofting. Herts/essex border is a bit better for me. It took me 1:15 to go to Driver Wood but 2:30 to get back in the afternoon due traffic. Thanks for the info @PT247