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  1. But in video games you can bring the barrett and the l85 and 5 mags for each and pistol and knife and a few of 3 different types of grenades and two claymores and a first aid kit a radio and of course a full plate carrier with helmet. No problem, at least you don't need to carry water. And bunnyhop all across the map.
  2. Don't invest in sniping as a beginner. Don't ever buy that freaking big gun when trying to actually snipe. It just doesn't work. Don't try to upgrade an AEP, except switching to lipo. Do play a few games with an AEG then borrow a sniper rifle to see if it suits you. You think you are the exception to the rule and you will have a great time sniping with an m82 but you are wrong. It's not about the person, it's about how airsoft is.
  3. I don't think so. Both are companies that make their own stuff their own way.
  4. There seem to be some problem with the motor. A normal motor should be able to handle 11.1V, even more, with the max 55A the battery can supply. The mosfet removes high amps from the trigger contacts, so it doesn't make a real difference with the motor, unless it's an AB fet, which does arc a lot on the motor.
  5. When I use my aeg, I have 3x80BB mags on me, usually it's enough for the half the day, on non skirmishes the whole day. I do single shots only, the gun is sub 350. I guess sniping taught me to know what I can hit.
  6. As someone who runs the chrono I can only tell that it's hard on a personal level, but a line must be drawn. I can't start bending the rules because then the ones who were making the effort to play by them will feel cheated. And when a little cheating has no consequence, then that will happen the next time and the next, resulting that this person will always play with a hot rifle. Then it starts spreading, because if he does it, it's only fair that I do it too. And I don't take all his hits because he is a cheater and he wouldn't have been able to hit me with a proper fps gun, etc.
  7. Maple leaf rubber is good, if you have an unbridged barrel and get a concave nub for it too. A sniper rifle needs a lot of tinkering. The cheaper parts you have in it, the more tinkering it needs. So after you change things in it, go to a range and test it and set it up properly, meaning spending an hour or two just shooting it. Testing it in game is just not possible, you can't repeat the shots to see if you change just one thing how that affects the shooting.
  8. The not red wire looks like there is no insulation on it. Is there?
  9. Does it spin if you remove the pistol grip's bottom plate?
  10. Good luck with trying to stop an M4 wobbling. Most airsoft guns have problems by design. M4's is the wobbling. Things can wobble are front sight, outer barrel, front grip, upper receiver, stock tube, stock, hopup unit, inner barrel, magazine. Other guns have other problems so there is no best choice really.
  11. Lol. Anyway. Red dot sight, mid caps, at least 0.25g BBs and spending an hour or two on the range setting everything up and practising a few basic drills. Then some kind of rig to hold spare mags and a drop pouch. The chosen rifle is good, don't touch it. Edit: meant to write red dot.
  12. That was long ago. Now paypal covers airsoft.’s-policy-on-transactions-that-involve-firearms-faq585