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  1. There is a company in russia that does really rare high quality replicas. NPO maybe. I bet no-one will have one at your field.
  2. Never had this. Is it modified any way? Did it get wet?
  3. With the gearbox out, but otherwise assembled, insert a long screwdriver into the nozzle and push the piston. If it moves, then check AOE. The spur gear doesn't catch into the piston teeth, but hits the wall in front or between them.
  4. It will break the gearbox. You can't play with that anywhere as long as I know with that high fps. Also, with the new laws it is a section 5 firearm, minimum 5 years.
  5. That's because we can't be bothered answering but the new ones are eager to. Also, younger ones don't understand forums. They learned social media first and think forums are like those. No one searches facebook, they just write before even thinking.
  6. I don't even always wash the pants. Helps with blending in.
  7. You mean this? I can order it myself from ebay for £5.38. You can't compete with that. The only thing you do is that you collect the links to airsoft related cheap stuff into your website. But everyone can search ebay or google stuff. People won't pay you for that. Nuprol invested huge money in advertising and rebranding sh*t. They make money on that. I run a tiny business myself, it's not at all easy.
  8. You would be probably better off if you would give it to someone who has knowledge of tinkering with sniper rifles. You can do most things with brute force but not the fine tuning. I worked as an airsoft techie for some years and I gave my first sniper rifle to a specialist the first time. You need to look into it where exactly it is jamming. Is the lip of the bucking wide enough? Does it do it with all makes of BBs or just one? Does it pinch the lip of the bucking? Is the nozzle centered? Is the hopup lever pushing in too hard / too deep?
  9. They fit. 20mm rails are not 20mm wide on their widest point.
  10. You would have to compete with far east and EU shops so there goes your profit. If it's online only, slow, and returns are pain in the ass but costs more why would I buy it in from the UK? Makes no sense.
  11. I made this when I had the mp9:
  12. It's harder to create good game scenarios than one thinks. It's a good base but on the first try the players will find a way to screw it up. Don't make them drop the bar when they are hit. Those will not be found ever again. Players will only move on their half of the field. They go to the center, grab a bar, and run back. There is no contact, especially if the center is weapons free / can't be occupied. It must be designed that their paths cross. The dropoff point should be on the enemy's side. Or do as RIFT does their gold bar transporting game: pick up a bar on their side and move it to one of the 3 banks in the middle. A bank can only hold 1/3rd of the bars but can be occupied. Their gold bars are pieces of wood painted gold. Also, design the game that it can be played until you stop it. Players will for example grab a bar, rush it to the dropoff and end the game in 2 minutes. For example only give them a gold bar every 5 minutes. A nice addition would be to accommodate all kinds of player needs. It would be nice to have objectives for the defensive players, and sneaky players too.
  13. I have a todo list with what to pack and I go through that. Otherwise I would probably even forget to bring the guns.