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  1. The mags are the same except the base. They should fit.
  2. Real good vid. Should be shared everywhere to spread the word.
  3. No silicone spray should go near an AEG. Take it apart and clean it with soapy water if you want to hit something with it.
  4. Probably you broke the cutoff lever.
  5. There is something off. If you use a washer to move the piston back, then the spring is more compressed so it should have raised the fps slightly.
  6. Welcome. I played RIFT near Luton on Saturday and met a guy who is 69, so don't worry about your age. I'm 40 myself.
  7. Maybe reversed polarity somehow. The motor contacts are switched for example.
  8. Sounds good. Please don't do too much skirmish, go for the more milsimish style. I might be able to go after all, so fingers crossed.
  9. It's not about "what's worse". It's about trust. I trust that a guy whose gun was chronoed shoots me with a 6mm plastic pellet from a field legal rif. I don't trust an explosive device someone created in his shed and is no way checked against any safety regulations.
  10. As a rule of thumb for older type batteries (nimh and nicd) it's about 1.2-1.5 x capacity in mAh. So an 1000mAh battery shoots let's say about 1300 shots. Lipos do 1.5 - 2x their capacity. This is with average, not upgraded but shimmed, lubed AEGs. Your playstyle, the gun, even the weather affects this, so don't expect it to be an accurate estimation.
  11. If it shoots about consistent 330 and it is cleaned then it's the BBs. Use good quality 0.25g - 0.28g and set the hopup properly.
  12. Who came up with that number? I have experienced bedding in only once and that was with my sniper rifle. A couple dozens of shots cleaned any residue from it.
  13. Use lube. Makes holes bigger...
  14. The barrel and the R hop are the worst choices. The barrel does nothing to range and a little to accuracy and R hop does nothing to either of those. R hop only allows you to use heavier BBs that the normal hopup can't lift. But that's way too heavy to use on 350- fps. If it was bad out of the box, bring it back. If you can't then clean the barrel and the bucking with rubbing alcohol on the cleaning rod and be very thorough. Throw the silicone spray (I assume you used a liberal amount of that) in the bin. Don't use that in an AEG. Use good quality 0.25g or 0.28g BBs. Spend a lot of time to set the hopup and your sights. With these any normal AEG will do 50m single shot human size minimum.
  15. Distance