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  1. Probably those guys' lives are not centred on reality TV shows.
  2. Nope. The piston and the spring guide would.
  3. It's for the well mb06: This is the rifle: This is a very good hpunit for it: It takes AEG bucking and barrel.
  4. The urban sniper is the well mb06. Apart from the little fragile body (if you fall on it, it can break), it's a normal basic sniper rifle. With the upgrades you already have, you only need to get an L96 compatible hopup unit, bucking and a barrel to have it fully upgraded. You can use my 3d printed grip for more ergonomic handling: It's not a bad gun at all and if you already have the parts for it it makes sense using them. The Striker is quite good out of the box. If you don't want t learn building a sniper gun then get that.
  5. I too have ordered a few times from scopeandlaser. No complaints.
  6. Keep an eye out for FLIR technology. It's getting cheaper and cheaper and it looks like something we could use for airsoft.
  7. It's not a NV. It's a camera with the infra filter removed and an infra torch and a concave lens so you can put it close to your eyes. Hardly worth that price.
  8. Do the real steel method. Plug the barrel with something that you can take out later, close the dust cover, put on your boots, go outside and put the gun on the ground. Spray paint in the vague direction of the gun from 10-30cm. Then repeatedly kick the gun carefully until it lays on its other side so your hands won't get paint on them, repeat. Wait a little, shake the dirt off and remove the plug from the barrel. Done. Then just use it. For some final extra detail, spray some black paint on the muzzle end, being careful not spraying inside the barrel. This will give the bestest real seteel-est look and I'm not even kidding. Well, it's about what look you are after. This looks great RS (I know it's not paint) These look like gun skins from a video game:
  9. I think not. On a skirmish, definitely not. A sniper can be a great tactical asset but on a skirmish there is very little tactic involved. However as a DM with a boltie or a DMR you can play as part of a squad just fine. That means, a normal rifleman who shoots less but is more accurate.
  10. Won't happen. We all feel the impact of Brexit in our wallets. If you have less money, you buy cheaper. Keeping the same standard of living is coming before supporting the UK economy. Yes, in the long run this will affect our wallets more but that doesn't matter with day to day decisions.
  11. RIFT sites and games are brilliant. is a great site near Oxford which is a little further away from you.
  12. Hi. Does it take Marui compatible Mp5 mags? I read on the net both that it does and that it doesn't. Cheers.
  13. Boots are a must. There are ones that are more rigid and some give more freedom. I had Haix P3 deserts that I loved. They were perfect fit. Now I have British Army Meindl boots which are much more rigid. I don't like them very much.
  14. Not mine. I'm a grumpy old fart. I managed to cross paths only once with a guy dressed as a teddy bear or something. Because of the fluffy suit he didn't feel the hits.
  15. Really bad shimming and/or motor height is my first guess. KA guns are really nice both internally and externally. You tried to fix it.