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  1. You can't upgrade them. As Rogerborg said, clean it. Find a good BB weight for it. It will be around 0.23g. Effective range is about 20-25m for them, and max is around 35.
  2. The ramp is very problematic. Plastic ones break or wear quickly and fitting metal ones are hard to find and don't fit 100% leading to feeding issues.
  3. Lol. I've worked as an airsoft mechanic (aegs) for a couple of years, yet when it came to upgrading my own sniper rifle I paid someone else to do it properly. Of course I could upgrade it myself on an OK level but doing it right is an art and requires huge expertise.
  4. It has 45 degree trigger mech, and the horrible feeding ramp design. Don't buy it IMO. This instead: A lot of goodies already in it.
  5. Yep. I fist started with my own guns, then some buddies, then when I got better with them I ran it as a business as a part time job. Then I got fed up with idiots customers with boring fixes and upgrades but mainly with a few horribly bad guns that I had to take apart 20 times and still couldn't get it work. These were teammates' guns so it wasn't even worth doing it. Conclusion is: if you are doing it for fun, do it only as long as you are having fun.
  6. I too suggest to play with an AEG first. If not, then get the Striker and don't upgrade it. Play with it once, then sell it and get an AEG. If you go the upgraded VSR route, you will lose more money when selling it after fielding it the first time.
  7. A ported cylinder would be better but the g36 has a v3 gearbox so it won't break just because of this. Will work, just not on optimum.
  8. I met a guy last year at RIFT ridge battlesim game. He was 69 then. He said he is a little slower on climbing up and down the hills, and trust me those hills are steep, but apart from that, he was good. It's entirely up to you how fast you go. I would say CQB is harder on your knees. Woodland skirmish is slower.
  9. Current JG G63s are good.
  10. I use blachawk chinese copy, but I cut the tip of the thumb and index and middle fingers off.
  11. If it's thinness you are after, check these:!
  12. All M4s use v2 gearboxes.
  13. Bad wiring, bad shimming and or upgraded motor or some other reason of increased load can result insufficient current -> voltage drop.
  14. Not all of them. But adding this should be enough.