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  1. Perfectly capable. 35-40m head size grouping is what you get from most AEGs (including yours) after cleaning and using good quality 0.25 or 0.28g BBs.
  2. Hi, Sorry, I didn't get notification. The new forum didn't do that by default. Yes, you can. I'll PM you.
  3. Welcome. Check the stickies here: All the sites are "noob friendly", don't hesitate to go, even by yourself. It's not a license.
  4. What foldable stock you have on the mp5k? Because if it's the PDW then you can remove the stock from the endcap, move the sling loop to an other hole and you get that what's on your link. This:
  5. Or seeing how they suck at their first games they think: it must be the gun! 90% of the guns don't need any internal upgrade. The 10% is when the hopup bucking is crap or the barrel is bent or scratched. A good clean, 7.4V lipo with deans connector, using good, heavy BBs and setting the hop properly brings every AEG to about the same performance level.
  6. I don't really understand. How did you acquire it? Someone else put it in your bag?
  7. Take it to someone who knows how to work on airsoft guns. It's not something one just magically knows how to do with a hammer.
  8. Because those cheap guns perform exactly the same as the £300+ ones. I would take a Cyma AK anytime over a G&G or G&P. If you know what you are doing, you can get better stuff for cheaper. If you don't then it's a safer choice to go for the expensive guns.
  9. I just switched from 4x40 to 6x40 on my sniper rifle. Haven't played it yet, but the 4x40 was great for years, I just thought I give the 6x a shot for that price.
  10. I'm married for 10+ years. They don't stay that way...
  11. It's user error. Pull the trigger fully every time. Using bigger battery completes the cycle faster, thus less time for you to release the trigger before it completes.
  12. For what gun? AEGs usually only have space for ptfe tape. Sniper rifles have a lot of space between the inner and outer barrel. Electrical tape is not very good because it doesn't stick to itself too good, and will move as you push it in, or pull it out. Wide masking tape is somewhat better in this regard. Yes, it should be tight. Also:
  13. OMFG! This video is epic. Thanks L3wisD.
  14. And you can't pair its upper with an other brand lower and vice versa.
  15. That's the one.