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  1. I've got one of the Viper LVOA Cutter Rails in stock. Ordered them by mistake. Message me in interested
  2. Cage - wow a blast from the past! Loved the old Fort Amhurst
  3. Wow Glock, that's harsh. Seller should/could have used eBay's own messaging system to send the pics. Trouble is eBay send out so many stupid sh*t emails that when something important needs to be communicated it gets lost in all the junk, or rather deleted the moment it lands in your inbox. Now imagine if your a seller who's sole income relies on eBay. A 7 day delisting could spell huge problems. When this happened to me I discovered that if you used eBay Promote Your Listings feature (ok cost 1%) they would get automatically relisted lol. eBay can't even enforce their own policies.
  4. Best ever ban I had was for a SHS M110 Spring. Was told I can't sell semi automatic firearms, eBay got a little confused but still didn't lift the 3 day ban https://en.wikipedia.org/…/M110_Semi-Automatic_Sniper_System
  5. I've done a fair bit of trade on eBay over the years but I'm getting ready to jump ship for this exact reason, there's just no consistency in what you can and can't list - if you get caught you get a 3 days new listing suspension, which isn't so bad. What's worse if you get caught trying to exchange contact information before a sale you get an immediate 7 day listing ban. The claims procedure is heavily bias towards the buyer, huge amount of fraud committed by both sellers and buyers. Recently eBay started paying VAT on the seller fees, so now your monthly end costs are 20% more (if not VAT registered).
  6. Filled in - I expect to see a working prototype next week :-)
  7. Nothing wrong with Specna - good quality for the price. Hope you get it sorted Lewis :-) I'm sure Jez was trying to be funny and then just forgot to reply...
  8. sell yours to ROcket and then you can buy mine lol
  9. Yeah I've seen ones going for around 60 bucks and no mention of AEG tube. Dang hard to get hold of now
  10. out of interest where did you buy it from where they didn't give you both aeg and gbb stock tubes? I have a UBR hardly used, don't use it anymore so will get rid if interested
  11. Hi, should be early feb
  12. Motor wise either a SHS / Rocket HIgh Torque or a ZCI 22TPA High Torque. I've heard good things about Lonex, Tienly and ASG which is in the next price bracket up. I only ever use SHS / Rocket gen-4 gears these days, pretty solid design. Best around seem to be Seigeteks at the moment but I've never used them, also Retro Arms get a good mention from chatter on Facebook.
  13. Be careful, some of the QD that are available on eBay.co.uk won't fit without modification! I like the E&C shells personally, all depends on how much you're planning on shelling out (pun intended)
  14. Best dial / Prowin style I've come across so far is actually the ZCI CNC version, followed by the Big Dragon and then the SHS / Rocket (I'm just being picky though as I look at these things all day long) . One important thing to remember is don't assume that your AEG will work with these types of dial hop units, always do a quick Google first :-)
  15. I've got a set of barely used 7mm bearings you can have for free, offered these to a mate but he's not got back to me so assuming he doesn't need them. give me a shout