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  1. I can do £150 + p&p, will need a valid defence.
  2. Hi, Yup, it's still availble, just forgotten to bump it recently.
  3. Bumpage
  4. Bump
  5. Bump, still available
  6. The zci ones are very good as well, and a bit cheaper:
  7. Bumpage, now £160 + P&P.
  8. Bump, still for sale, also looking for AEG trades, will consider most guns but mainly looking for an AK.
  9. No real reason not to get a bullpup as your first, although there's not as many good bullpups as regular AR's but still a decent selection. They often do have some compromises to get used to though. Type 98b by realsword is a fantastic gun but the battery setup is tricky to say the least. F2000 is generally all round good but the trigger system has some slight issues. TAR-21 (ares, not the sportline) has great external quality but the internals are....ares and so a bit shit. There's several decent L85's out there. TM and G&G P90's are very solid if you don't mind the tiny ergonomics. Plenty of AUG's out there, they generally don't have fire selectors though, so two stage triggers limit where you can use it somewhat. There's also the APS UAR, cheap and fairly well made. As long as you don't mind the fact there's no real steel version.
  10. Colchester area.
  11. Make: King Arms Gun/Model: S&W M&P Magpul Accessories: Magpul Foregrip (genuine PTS as far as I can tell), magpul hi-cap, magpul handguard rail sections (not shown, forgot about them) Condition: Good, see below FPS: ~390 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/y/y Price/Payment: £160 +p&p Pictures: Below Good condition, few scratches and marks on the outside but nothing terrible, no part has ever been sprayed. I put an M100 spring in it as it was previously shooting at around 390fps....and it's still shooting at 390fps after the swap according to my chrono.. Gearbox is stock other then the spring guide and piston head, both of which have been replaced with alloy ones (it had no compression prior to the head change). It's got a madbull red hop rubber + nub at the moment, can include the originals if required. It could do with a re-shim as I noticed when putting the new spring in that the stock shim job was pretty bad. Front wired with XT60 connector, will happily change it to Deans if required. Swaps wise could be interested in anything non-ar15, in decent condition from a reasonable manufacturer.
  12. Get Dytac 120rd midcaps, never had a problem with them, cheap as well.
  13. Not sure if it's VFC or G&G who make the Cybergun SCAR, if it's VFC the externals are nice and the internals are 'meh'. If it's G&G then it's all round decent.
  14. Did you completely fill the mag with gas when testing it? Could be the last shot didn't fully cycle the slide due to low pressure, tried filling it up and then dry firing it?
  15. Cant imagine why anyone would choose an SS uniform over every other possibility if not to get attention.