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  1. The zci ones are very good as well, and a bit cheaper:
  2. No real reason not to get a bullpup as your first, although there's not as many good bullpups as regular AR's but still a decent selection. They often do have some compromises to get used to though. Type 98b by realsword is a fantastic gun but the battery setup is tricky to say the least. F2000 is generally all round good but the trigger system has some slight issues. TAR-21 (ares, not the sportline) has great external quality but the internals are....ares and so a bit shit. There's several decent L85's out there. TM and G&G P90's are very solid if you don't mind the tiny ergonomics. Plenty of AUG's out there, they generally don't have fire selectors though, so two stage triggers limit where you can use it somewhat. There's also the APS UAR, cheap and fairly well made. As long as you don't mind the fact there's no real steel version.
  3. Not sure if it's VFC or G&G who make the Cybergun SCAR, if it's VFC the externals are nice and the internals are 'meh'. If it's G&G then it's all round decent.
  4. Did you completely fill the mag with gas when testing it? Could be the last shot didn't fully cycle the slide due to low pressure, tried filling it up and then dry firing it?
  5. Cant imagine why anyone would choose an SS uniform over every other possibility if not to get attention.
  6. ...and instead of going for, I dunno, a standard WWII German uniform, you decided to go for the one which will intentionally get as much negative attention as possible? What a fantastic idea, I'm sure you'll not run into any issues whatsoever. There's normally a reason why most trolls keep their activity to the internet and not real life.
  7. I use them and yes they do fog up, better then some but still not amazing. Best goggles are probably turbofans...but they're bloody expensive In terms of protection though they're excellent.
  8. I'm wanting to change my M4 barrel to a shorter one, same as this: Could anyone please point me in the direction of an outer barrel which would fit a King Arms m4 and have the notches for the front sight in the right place? No idea what to look for tbh!
  9. I use PTFE tape with a bit of electrical tape at either end to stop it being moved.
  10. Ergonomically though the TAR is a brilliant bit of design, whereas the design of that thing doesn't even make sense, it's like the horribly deformed bastard child of 5 different guns. The F2000 is again very well designed, even if it is way too fat.
  11. I'm assuming that all scar's have about the same battery space, I use these Got a 2200mah 7.4v lipo which did fit inside..but then couldn't get it out again...had to disassemble the whole bloody stock.
  12. ..and you said the TAR was ugly?! That thing's horrific.
  13. Might be worth saving up for an ICS MP5, they're very solidly built. Nice rof out of the box as well.
  14. Sadly not, it's quite a bit different. Don't think there's anyone else who uses a similar design Nozzle is new, swapped out the stock one for an o-ring type. Nah, we scar l I use the same bb's and rubber type in my f2000 which is far more accurate the the scar Using the nub which came with the g&g green which seems fairly soft, not had much to compare it to tbh. Reckon it's worth trying a madbull blue instead?