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  1. A valid point about the local retailers, my issue is that all our local retailers are quoting almost £190 to do the job, which is ludicrous to say the least! So I’m going to have to ‘outsource’ I’m happy enough my consumer rights will cover any issues though, but appreciate there would be a larger lead time.
  2. Actually the UKARA wouldn’t check that a person had no intention to do something like armed robbery at all, as a patient criminal could easily decide to play 3 games and get registered, only to go and alleviate the local post office of its stamps. UKARA only shows you’ve got a previous penchant for playing with toy guns at a fixed location three times in a row.
  3. Reglaze is purely the term they use for fitting the lenses to an existing frame, although these frames are actually empty so technically they are being glazed...if you see what I’m saying.
  4. Just got off the phone to glassesdirect, they are pretty certain they can reglaze the insert for the Bolle Raider, I just have to send them in and they will let me know.
  5. I can’t imagine anyone would ever see someone using a two tone in a negative way at all, as if we really think about it we are all just grown men running around shooting each other with toy guns, so have little room to judge!
  6. I was as surprised as you were too, I was in the belief that the reglaze for lenses from the likes of specsavers would have been a standard service, and I certainly didn’t expect Duncan and Todd to be almost £200 (just for a reglaze!) im going to order through the glassesdirect website as recommended as it looks extremely easy to do and really good value for money.
  7. When I approached Duncan and Todd opticians (local to me), they quoted me £185 to reglaze the insert! specsavers just told me that they ‘don’t do that type of thing’ if I didn’t laugh I’d probably have cried!
  8. Funny you mention them as that’s the website I’ve been looking at this evening, I’ll give them a try and see what comes back, I’m going to go with the ‘gold’ option so as to get thin lens, scratch resistant and UV400 protection. ill post up a review of sorts later
  9. My eyesight actually isn’t terrible, but I do wear glasses to drive and watch tv, my game is certainly better wearing glasses. who did you use for your reglaze may I ask, as I have a pair of Bolle Raider glasses that just want the insert done, and you’ve convinced me to go ahead and do it. Am I right in assuming that the reglaze lenses will be polycarbonate? Thankyou for the thorough reply, it’s very much appreciated and the advice will certainly be followed up on.
  10. I have to throw a slight spanner in the works here... i cant wear contacts, tried over the years and just can’t do it. so I guess I’m looking at what will be the lesser of two evils really. (A few friends recommended the Dye i4 as being less likely to fog than the prescription eye protection, but I prefer a wider range of reviews really.
  11. My immediate thought would be that if someone is asking whether it is or isn’t a big deal to have two tone is most likely going to end up unhappy once they buy a two tone and almost immediately want to revert/modify it to ‘standard’ colours.
  12. Would you recommend getting prescription eye protection rather than the likes of a Dye i4 worn over the glasses? ...I’m currently at this crossroads and not fully committed to either as of yet due to so much arguments for the pros and cons of each.
  13. Would this end up almost as negative equity however in terms of parts/paints and/or effort and time spent over just waiting, as I know rental where I attend is £15 (so £45 over the required three visits). if someone were to buy replacement parts for the painted parts would the savings be voided, and if selling as two tone could the associated loss of selling as two tone over RIF be equal to the cost that rental would have ultimately cost anyway.
  14. Two tone shouldn’t be an issue to anyone really, but my personal opinion I can’t see why anyone of legal age to purchase a RIF wouldn’t just wait the very short while / 3 visits to qualify for UKARA to allow them to purchase one that doesn’t look like a nerf gun.
  15. I like that a lot! Have to agree on the big black duffel bag idea though!