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  1. Guess whose back .... back again .... Ohhh yeah! 

    1. padraigthesniper


      Shadys back, tell a friend, guess whose back, guess whose back, dunana...

  2. I find the pink deeply disrespectful and offensive to be added to that picture ....
  3. How do I shoot gun ? What's the meaning of Life ??? Can I duel weld M4's and do 360 no scopes knife kill with JBBG branded weapons ???
  4. Something with a 'shade' of pink. Can't decide on a pattern for the new year yet.
  5. I'm sorely tempted by the Russian revolution .. Flora, Gorka have struck a cord with me. Also, you any close to Bath area at all .. looking for local buds to hook up with ?
  6. Just a heads up guys .. There is a kid on Facebook going round trying to buy guns and kit. On closer inspection he has been reportedly banned from several sites for violent behavior .. I just wanted to post this to keep people warned so we can keep this troublesome individual away from the sport.
  7. Hey guys. I make no point in hiding the fact I hate Multicamo/MTP, It's everywhere like a plague. I do not disrespect people who choose to buy the MC/MTP pattern but I like to be somewhat different and unique with my camo pattern choices..... As I am hoping to rejoin the sport in the new year I am looking at picking a new camo with which to grace myself across the skirmishing fields of the UK. The easiest and cheapest choice would obviously be British DPM - but I have had years of that camo and after a little research I have found some patterns that are rarely seen in skirmishing and would like opinions ideas for patterns that I can integrate with suitable plate carriers, headwear etc. US Marpat Woodland French CCE Pattern Italian Vegetato Russian Flora Chinese PLA Woodland Digital. These are my favorite ones that I have found while researching. Opinions, Ideas and thoughts greatly appreciated.
  8. Tom Clancy's The Division... Arma 3 - Tanoa. Fallout 5 ... Fifa 17 and possibly Pink Rifle Simulator 2017.
  9. I have that craving all the time.
  10. There is a lot of tutorials and training situation missions to pep you up.
  11. Apparently I am !!!! So far it seems to be good. Just like any game really, A few noobs along the way but mostly good team players,
  12. 'nother Arsenal fan here. FA Cup Champions! I'll be happy with another top 4 finish nothing extreme like 2nd or 3rd.
  13. I have this game and I am very nicely surprised with it. A few niggles like the in game purchases, currency etc.. but the games I have played have been enjoyable especially the terrorist hunt on the plane. Also you can buy it on for about £25. Well worth a look.
  14. I happen to be back in the fray with an almost clean bill of health Missed all you brothers!
  15. hey. So I have started my own gaming channel on YT for gaming reviews, play through and video blogs. I have a couple of video up from War Thunder and Company Of Heroes already and looking to make 1000s more. Are there any videos of games you would like to see me do or review or join me playing? Would love some help and input to get this started and built up into something cool. You can find my channel on YT searching for Don Monty under channels.