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  1. Your right mate. Our economy is being weakened and other companies & countries are profiteering from that (Very blatantly in most cases). We have hardly any manufacturing left in the UK so we import. That's our weakness and its really biting us on the arse. If people think for a second that to dismantle a 2.2 trillion pound economy, a killing would be made & the moves are already being made. If I was a competitor to the UK and I was ruthless I'd do the same. Its cold hard capitalism and although it kind of annoys me I don't blame them. That's why it seems like such dark times, the tide seems to be turning against us. The big money made here isn't benefiting the people who live here, its kept offshore and the profits keep stacking up elsewhere while our assets become too expensive for us normal people to afford. Now we need to draw on things like welfare systems, NHS etc the help just isn't there. Its a bad state of affairs
  2. Don't really care what facts & figures people get from what websites or media sites, the following is what I am dealing with day to day in my job, I don't pretend to be an expert economist or anything I just comment on what I know for sure and what are being discussed in meetings & inter company groups that I am a part of. I am a buyer with a £1.8 million budget & pretty much all the things I buy for my company has risen sharply since the Brexit vote. ie: a rubber gasket seal that I buy in bulk has risen from 98p to £3.20 this is a seal that our 24/7 factory would grind to a halt if we ran out of. mechanical parts for certain machines we use has gone up 5% and we have received letters to tell us in the next year to 18 months will rise a further 15%. Filters and consumables are set to rise by up to 40%. And raw chemicals are set to rise too, forcing our company to reconsider its product range price which will definitely effect the building industry and the cost of building houses and commercial buildings, I know our competitors in the UK are experiencing the same price increases so this looks like it will be across the board. My employer cant raise my budget to cover these price hikes due to the weakness of the pound so the dreaded term of streamlining has been mentioned in meetings that I have attended. I have to say that manufacturing is up at the moment but the profit margins we are seeing as a major UK manufacturer is much lower than hoped and with more price increases planned it looks pretty poor to say the least. I know at top management level the cost of a major relocation to mainland Europe has been costed and is being seriously considered which would put over 2000 people out of work and 4 Uk factories will shut, this will have a knock on effect with smaller firms that rely on us as their biggest contract's who would be either forced to downsize or close all together. This isn't opinion by the way, There is a few guys I work with who voted for Brexit and was very vocal when the result came out are now very worried about the impact of what this all means to their jobs and future of our industry. Its a pretty bleak time for me personally as my other half has built a very good career in Financial services and her company is also looking to relocate. She is by far the highest earner in our house, earning over double my income so if the company she works for leaves and she decides to stay in the UK we would be financially crippled & our plans for the future would have to be scrapped. So we also may consider a relocation in the future. Maybe because I'm looking down an abyss and being pessimistic I honestly cant see how we as a country will get through this whilst retaining out status in the world. I know for a fact that the UK may be downgraded to a "Third country status" which basically puts us on the "Shady list" when it comes to international credit which is extremely bad. And I find that very worrying when it comes to future investment in the UK. I know some of you will read this and take it with a pinch of salt, that's fine I'm not trying to convince anyone or change their opinions, but I am writing what I know for sure and what I am seeing day to day which just seems to be getting worse than I'd ever hoped it would be. I wish it was better news to be honest.
  3. I have been into airsoft for just short of 4 years & I still use the same primary as I did when I started. I own a few spring shotty's for messing about with at home but I have stayed with the same set up simply because it works. I own a few different options on behalf of my son, but I'm just not a collector, I don't really have that impulse. Everyone is different & everyone takes different things from the hobby. It's what floats ya boat.
  4. I've only ever witnessed one person trying to use on during a woodland game. Young kid turned up with one, started showing it off to his mates, middle aged guy suddenly shouted in a very menacing tone "Dont shine that F*ckin thing at my face ya d*ck!" Marshals were on the kid in seconds and made him remove it. I don't think the lazer is an issue if it conforms to certain standards, I think its the reaction of other players that you may have to take into account. I know I would be less than chuffed if I got one pointed in my eyes & I'm a friendly kinda guy
  5. Yeh, never missed a beat once.
  6. Yeh with the OP question "Things that annoy you in Airsoft" I do have to say: People who play with grey areas of rules to get an advantage annoys me. I hear the same statement repeated all the time that "Airsoft is a game of honor" but if people find loop holes or grey areas then exploit them for your their own gains, that begs the rhetorical question "Are you acting with fairness & Integrity?" which really is the definition of Honor. I don't know maybe I'm rambling sh*te, but it does annoy me to see seasoned players getting one up on kids & Noobs by using stuff like grey areas to win a game.
  7. Saying that though I've been into Airsoft for about 4 years & I've never seen the inside of any of my guns.
  8. I use a Warrior Assault systems RICAS, you can often pick these up for about £60-£70 second hand, they have side panels & a cummerbund. I've had mine for about 3 years and I still love it, although in summer its not great for body heat, but its a trade off against molle space and body protection.
  9. Great for making movies and a bit of a mess about toy but its something I'd never consider buying. Open fire with that at some sites and you may as well paint your kit high vis yellow and strap balloons to you saying "I'm here! shoot me" . Because I know for a fact as soon as I heard someone using that I'd zero straight for the source of that noise. Its a cool idea but I don't think its practical.
  10. I'm definitely an exception to this rule. I have never given a flying bum cigar if I win or loose, I'm there to have fun only. I often take hit's when raindrops hit me lol. But it has to be said that I have seen some blatant non hit taking in my time that has just made me laugh in disbelief, to me its the equivalent of diving in football, play around in a grey area of the rules and your not really playing Airsoft anymore (Well your not doing it with a sense of honor anyway) your just playing army in the woods against other people who are following different rules. The only way my day can be less fun is by the dreaded over competitive players that sometimes come along, They are usually the cheats in my experience, rental noobs or gucci addicts alike they will simply ignore rules to win. Its a mindset I just find funny because I have seen grown men literally act like spoilt kids which becomes like comedy when they are dressed in combat gear.
  11. I know ow you feel I have several hobbies that I switch between depending on how I feel. I never attend Airsoft events in the summer because I'm always doing my music (Gigs, DJing, Bands, Jamming & festivals) I also go out on my mountain bike so I will often get into that for a while then I come back to Airsoft & its exciting again. Too much of one thing can become a routine & that's where the danger lies. Mix it up with something else & you cant go far wrong
  12. Yeh I agree with the above and others who posted here. I spent a year trying various different camo's and found that none of them really made a difference. I even tried to blend camo's to try and break up my shape etc......yeh I just found I was overthinking, the ranges that you fight at in a skirmish situation makes most camo pointless So after a year of watching you tube & avidly reading about camouflage designs I ended up spending on kit that now lives in a bin bag in the loft. I now wear OD Ubacs, OD Chest rig, DPM trousers, Black helmet and Face pro. I stripped back to cheap & easily replaceable kit I now find its price and comfort is more important.
  13. I swear by mesh goggles from Heroshark and a helmet. ears covered, I can scope my gun and it keeps me cool. I've taken a shotgun in the face from 2 feet away and didn't take any actual damage, (apart from damage to the under gusset region). I've tried pretty much every type of face and head combo but the above is what worked for me. As Albiscuit said its a very personal thing. Look at it this way, if you get it wrong you know about it after about 10 mins into your skirmish, you will be soaked in sweat and you will feel uncomfortable. I recommend you put your set up on and wear it around the house, try to do some basic stuff while wearing it, if there is the slightest niggle like something rubbing on your skin, you instantly overheat or similar this will be 10 times worse during a game when your struggling with straps, awkwardly pulling on stuff or trying to clear fogged lenses etc while people are shooting at you. I've found this out the hard way loads of times
  14. I'm about to do just that with my new MICH 2000 its the first thing on my shopping list
  15. I literally only used z1 for the marketplace. my work pc wouldn't let me go anywhere near it for months before it went away. shame as I got some good deals off there but forums sometimes die its just how it is.