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  1. Looking at the specs and pictures KTM have solved all the issues that Ducati Streetfighter has. 1.Same on board computer as the 2013 1190 Adventure R with presets for most conditions 2.They've thought about comfort for all types of riders not just the average. 3.Combines ABS and great Brembo calipers 4.Long 15k Service intervals 5.Excellent fuel economy This is all on paper so again it could end up following Ducati to a painful but quick ride.
  2. http://www.1290superduker.com First special preview and tech specs! 180HP, 144nm Torque, 200km/h in 7.2 seconds and the sexiest frame ever! I can't wait to order me one!
  3. Trimmed my beard with an axe... I then Split TacMasters firewood whilst reading a Charles Dickens novel, because he cut it too damn big!
  4. Thanks for suggestions nickM will give it a go on my week off. Hopfully see some of you there.
  5. Lol no, I dont think itll like that being the most insane street bike ever.
  6. I was only looking at the guys jacket bouncing off my hits lol.
  7. Yeh I'm still stuck on what to pick both have their postives and negatives. The best of both would be a 990 or 1190 adventure r but then they're both 20/30% heavier which is a lot on slippery slopes. I'll wait until my next years NCB anyways and see what I can afford, I might get the 1290 superduke never know
  8. Yeah I've got a pair of martin osprey's for work. They work well for airsoft aswell.
  9. Money isn't an issue in Essex, just steal and strip
  10. Haha, so it is! Perfect, then I have plenty of time
  11. I might have to join you one day, only 44 minutes away. Aint too bad.
  12. Great to see a biker community here aswell I'm currently riding a 04 Bandit 600s, However I will get a KTM 690 Enduro R, as I found out the bandit is scary downhill and uphill on a muddy gradient and the 1190r is nearly 80kg's heavier.
  13. 'ite everyone. I had my first game on Sunday and I loved it, apart from one suprisingly childish member. I'm going to try get the 3 games in 2 months although it's difficult since I work any time any day. Any site recommendations for my surrounding area would be cool but I'm currently booking with skirmish airsoft bilericay. I did record my first game, however I learnt that recording in 2.7k doesn't last that long when you've only got 1 32gb sd card lol. The only issue I did have was with a single dishonest experienced player. Marshall decided to side with him because he had a "bigger gun" (not joking, that was his accepted excuse) even though he stood there taking hits whilst we were behind trees... Anyway that's it for me. Hopfully we will all meet on the battlefield.