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  1. Again not cheap but check out UF PRO
  2. Not saying its not a good idea... cant see it ever being enforced other than if all site owners/land owners decided thats the way they want/have to go
  3. I was under the assumption it fired tags.... apologies also i got the brand wrong... S&T make the M320
  4. We better all start cycling to games as well...
  5. Maybe its ASG... either way the TM one is the best made, pricey but its beautiful as hell!
  6. No... B&T also make a 320 unless I'm mistaken.
  7. Just get the TM or the B&T
  8. Playing devils advocate... By this reasoning Air rifles should be made to use something that degrades Shotgun cartridge wads Shotgun clays Fishing equipment - floats etc Airsoft pyro - fuses/pin pulls Golf balls The list could be almost endless of things that don't get cleared up from recreational sports. I really don't see anyone making much headway in making bio BBs mandated especially when they are confined to a relitively small area compared to commercial waste streams and things like landfill, fly tipping etc.
  9. I've not been to a single site that "ENFORCES" Bio BB's... I've even seen of the urban sites I've been to have to sweep up BB's afterwards to some extent, I've even been to one site where they used a leaf sucker to collect BB waste.
  10. Drum mags for M4's should come with a free dignitas voucher... I say that, they allow you to die with dignity which you void when you buy a drum mag for an M4
  11. Same with PTW mags with the exception of needing a different feed adapter as well
  12. I've always wondered why people display their airsoft guns on display boards and stuff like that at home... having being burgled I don't leave anything to chance these days. If you've spent a fortune on gear/guns etc why would you not want to keep them as safe as possible? As for how much I've spent on airsoft... seems a bit like a dick measuring contest to be honest.
  13. Back on topic of full auto in CQB, Personally I see no need for it. If your that close and you need more than two or three rounds to hit a target then your clearly in the wrong game. I know at the UCAP bunker they allow full auto and have seen many discussions on it with a lot of people saying if you cant hack full auto in CQB then you must be pussy and you need to find your safe space... personally I don't really see what fun comes from spraying people all day till everyone goes home looking like they have chicken pocks. Some of the best games I've ever played have been when I've come home firing less than one mag all day! I can see why site operators do full auto from a business point of view - more ammo fired = more people buying stock. I understand some people enjoy blasting their mates for hours on end going through mags and mags of ammo but definitely not my thing! I think from experience of sites I've played at The Gaol in Oakham has the best rules and the best site for CQB that I've ever played! it has a mix of both full auto and CQB but its where the use of those types of fire are implemented that make it better than anything else, I hear The Mall is similar but have yet to play there so cant comment.
  14. Someone genuinely once asked me what "kill streaks" come with our site rental package.....