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  1. A guy at a recent milsim had one the size of an RMR at a guess something like 3cm squared which cost him about £800 and was pretty bloody good.
  2. Whoops... As anal as it sounds this is why when I take something apart I'm not familiar with or cant find a breakdown video etc I take photos of the parts that come apart so I know where they are/how they connect. Id suggest either consulting a tech or trying to find an exploded diagram if a the breakdown videos don't show you what you need to know.
  3. For a tag set up your looking at about £120 (including delivery/cost based off airsoftworld) personally I think that M320's look utterly disgusting on rifles...
  4. This what your looking for?
  5. Again, dependent on game time as well dont be surprised if you dont end up taking a shot at all... Played at Copehill down a couple of years ago and our team sniper was given tasking of overwatch from a barn roof, he was there from 2300 till about 0500 didn't fire a single shot but was passing information back to our team, then later in the weekend had the same sort of tasking but to give us intel as to when a HVT was spotted and in an area that we could ambush. Skirmish wise a sniper can be handy if they are well concealed and for instance the game idea is to have at least one person hidden in a clearance scenario, or they can be used to great affect at holding a team in a position as has happened to me a fair amount of times when trying to attack an objective but people soon learn to flank this sort of thing so doesn't last long unless they do have the back up from the rest of their team.
  6. A sore head and a hefty bar tab I would imagine. So ill be hoping I've remembered to buy painkillers for the following morning.
  7. Typically its down to the company running the Milsim if that would be acceptable. Most have a pretty stringent set of camo requirements but others do accept leaf suits and things like that for recce teams etc. (but generally only for these roles) Have you tried looking at brands like bulldog as i know they do larger/smaller than average sizing's as well as viper.
  8. Not seen one of these before, pardon my ignorance but what is it?
  9. Spiritus Systems Expander Wings TLSFX smokes Surefire hat mount - Tango Down
  10. Have a look on sports direct... I got two pairs of Karrimor boots (similar to the ones pictured, very comfortable and durable) for £60 a pair in the sale pages when they should have been £170 for a pair!
  11. Check the Airsoft 3D printing group on Facebook.. pretty sure someone posted about AK adapters the other day that looked 10x better than that does.
  12. - 10% everything using "blackfriday2017"
  13. check the share a bargain thread....