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  1. PT247

    The last AFUK Mall event

    Hi, I am unable to go to this one, soz.
  2. PT247

    Gun picture thread

    you are getting quite a collection now mate!
  3. Micro RONI with my upgraded WE G17 were bloomin awesome at Battle Lakes today, just wish I had more mags!

    1. Duff


      Aren't WE and TM mags cross-compatible?

    2. PT247


      TM mags are shit, I like the plastic mags 🙂

  4. PT247

    Gun picture thread

    hahaha, my SRS shoots at around 2.2j 🙂
  5. PT247

    Gun picture thread

    Using 0.43g BBs it has almost the range of my Silverback SRS
  6. PT247

    Gun picture thread

    evo has less range
  7. PT247

    Gun picture thread

    what is the thing stopping you deciding if you like or loath?
  8. PT247

    Gun picture thread

    My Micro RONI kit finally turned up! 🙂
  9. PT247

    budget sniper rifle under £200

    I'd save for longer and in the meantime rent until you can apply for your UKARA. If you save a bit more you could get a TM VSR GSPEC. It will only have around 315fps so you won't need to worry about MEDs to start with. Once you are bored of playing with it at 315fps you can throw money at it to get it reaching out a bit further and more accurately. £200 is not a feasible budget for a very good bolt action rifle when the objective is accuracy and range.
  10. [Feedback migrated - 19/07/18]
  11. PT247

    Asia Airsoft ???

    They dropped me an email today, they don't have the item in stock but are going to try and get one for me, although I am not holding my breath
  12. PT247

    Asia Airsoft ???

    They stated they had somit in stock I can't get outside of Hong Kong
  13. PT247

    Asia Airsoft ???

    thanks mate, they actually phoned me which suggests they are good, although not returned any emails since and I am £300 out of pocket until they reply
  14. PT247

    Asia Airsoft ???

    Anyone recently had any issues with Asia Airsoft? http://www.asiaairsoft.com/index_topic.php?did=1&didpath=/1
  15. PT247

    Sniper rifle - what to do?

    I hate to say it, but I'd avoid bios if running a sniper rifle, they can expand and cause issues
  16. mate, you offered a wedge of help to him, but he needed a whole topic for his question, not a quick answer! 🙂
  17. PT247

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 150mm barrel, hop chamber, Decepticon bucking and the Micro RONI kit for my G17.
  18. PT247

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Where are the holes? on the side of the cylinder or the face of the nozzle?
  19. PT247

    Help! I can't see the enemy.

    100% agree, all I have found with other colours is things look more yellow or darker. If I could get some faster response polarised lenses than I have then I would be inclined to use them more, but the ones I have are a little slow to transition in woodland
  20. So, the Silverback MDR.... any info?

    1. proffrink


      I can tell you it's the 'Silverback lol' in French if that helps?

    2. Prisce


      As usual, it seems to have died a natural death.

    3. PT247


      boo hiss

  21. PT247

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Just buy them from Amazon, they even have free delivery!
  22. PT247

    Help! I can't see the enemy.

    Have you thought about having an eye test at your opticians? If others around you can see it might be your eyesight that is the problem!