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  1. How to check upgrades

    grab yourself an Action Army hop chamber, should fix everything! :-)
  2. How to check upgrades

    I don't think that is a PDI barrel, I may be mistaken, but they don't do a 6.02mm barrel
  3. Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    hop and bucking "generally" will have very little effect on fps although from off to set will have a variance. Improving your airseal around the bucking (with PTFE tape) can give you a boost and will help with consistency too. Get a good air seal and see what it puts out then. If you still want higher fps you can run a tighter bore barrel or put in a stiffer spring. I'd not suggest going tighter than 6.03mm though. For DMR rules, they are site specific, you need to ask where you play. Where I play you need to have I believe a one second delay between shots, this can be controlled with a burst wizard mosfet. You will never need to double tap someone, one BB counts as a kill, if you miss then you need to work on your accuracy as that is the point of the DMR/Sniper rifle roles. Personally the DMR doesn't have enough of an advantage over an AEG to be worth the MED or loss of burst fire and the delay between shots means you may as well go for a sniper rifle and have higher fps limits.
  4. Robbed from their website: "The Battle Lakes is a woodland Airsoft site like no other in the UK. With its sixteen lakes and set in 200 acres of extremely varied woodland, Battle Lakes will challenge even the most hardened Airsoft veteran. The site has the perfect mix of man made as well as natural features, which includes; defensive structures, 4×4 tracks, sneaky trails, hilltop positions and lots of water features. The games themselves are scenario based and last all day, which are designed to take full advantage of the awesome surroundings. We also regularly use vehicles, airsoft mortars and a lot of cool toys in game to enhance each event. The facilities on site are excellent with large indoors and outdoors safe areas. Included are; working power sockets, Men & Women’s toilets, kitchen, onsite battery charging, changing areas and dedicated customer car parking. The onsite shop sells; BB’s, Pyrotechnics, gas and a range of Airsoft equipment at competitive prices." Went over there today with a couple of mates, this was my second visit and also felt completely different to my first time there. The site is huge and the gameplay is across the whole site freeroam so you can do some real sneaky flanking moves without being contained in a small skirmish box, this to me is the major selling point of Battle Lakes, sneaking up on a sniper that thinks he/she has a nice lil spot and shooting them in the bum! The safezone is large enough for the amount of attendees that were there with everyone being able to use a bench and be under cover, they have real toilets with dry toilet roll that hasn't been kicked around a soggy portaloo!!!! there is a very good shop and the win of all wins..... home cooked food for lunch, lunch is an actual treat there, not only do you get a hot meal that is actually tasty, you also get a can of pop and a chocolate bar. Tea and coffee is free all day but they do sell cans of pop/bottles of water too and don't charge the earth for them either! The day costs £27. At the start of the day all guns are chronoed, including pistols. They use their own 0.2g BBs and fire the guns themselves. Signing in is easy and quick, you do however need to book with them either via their facebook page or email. I think this is mainly due to the food provided but am guessing it also allows them to plan how many marshals would be required. The safety brief is comprehensive and well presented, game briefs were also well presented and a large map is utilised to show objectives etc. The first time I went they even had videos and individual mission briefs for each team in a nice briefing room with a big screen to get you in the spirit of things! Today's first game lasted until lunchtime so roughly 2hrs I think and team A getting some items then taking them to another location while team B had to stop them, this meant due to the freeroam nature of the site that naturally each teams were both attacking and defending throughout. Respawn could potentially be a treck but they ran a medic rule so you could be medic'd back into the game once then if shot again you had to go back to respawn where you reset. Did I mention lunch was really good? After lunch we went out for a 90min game involving flags which was really good fun and very tactical. There was another game after this but we had to get back so didn't play it unfortunately. They also had an onsite photographer, I think I only ever saw her when I was on my way to respawn though so doubt I'll feature in any this time lol. My high points were being told several of our team were being held up by a sniper dug in in a machine gun nest so i rushed the nest and took him out with my pistol, another was utterly flanking the whole of the opposing team near the start of the game after lunch, sneaking into the area they had control of and were there in large numbers, swapping their flag for ours and then holding them off for as long as I could after! I very much recommend the site, all the marshals were very fair, all the players were very honest, sporting and IMO represented airsofters better than a lot of other sites I have played at. So a pat on the back for them. Did I mention that the lunch was awesome and they have proper toilets? http://www.zedadventures.co.uk/locations/battle-lakes/ https://www.facebook.com/battlelakesairsoft/
  5. How to check upgrades

    if it is a year old then def change it, even if it wasn't covered in crap it'll be worn and tired.
  6. How to check upgrades

    it looks a bit manky, but it is the inside of it that counts
  7. How to check upgrades

  8. Gun picture thread

    Odd, toy guns can look how they like!
  9. ahh fair enough, I guess horses for courses, I thought it to be an awesome layout once you get your head around the map. I love the freedom to roam and flank folk so it surprises me that you didn't gel with the map.
  10. was this Battle Lakes or Apocalypse? (Just so it doesn't put people off the wrong site!)
  11. TM MK23 What have you done to yours?

    TM Mk23 mags have an over pressure relief valve which means they vent on the higher power gasses. Just buy ASG mags and you'll be fine with all gasses, they are cheaper and easier to buy too!
  12. Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    They are just VSR cut barrels aren't they? a VSR10 G-Spec barrel will be 11.8"
  13. Battle Lakes is an awesome site, the players play well and fair, the marshalls always act on reports given to them. Generally those that play there are of a higher caliber than a lot of the other sites I've played at. I hope folk realise that this was an out of the ordinary situation? :-)
  14. Sales template

    You seem to all be assuming that Jedi wants admin roles lol
  15. Sales template

    I guess actually having location if collection is offered would be an idea, I just think on a national forum, folk should just go with the delivery option.
  16. Sales template

    not many do that, I wouldn't and wouldn't really want someone coming round my house to buy a gun lol
  17. Sales template

    when selling I include postage in the price, it makes no odds where the seller is based.
  18. WE Glock magazine

  19. upgrading externals on my cyma

    why are you wanting to change the buffertube? Looking at the bits you want to replace, you make no sense to stay with the same AEG, just buy one that performs better (Krytac)
  20. Best way to load sniper mags?

    generally a pistol speedloader for most bolt action rifle magazines
  21. Yup but until recently that has always been the way..... And is generally the way insurance companies require.
  22. they chrono all guns including pistols at Battle Lakes. I've had bleeders from sub 350fps guns, all depends where they hit as to how hard it hurts! :-)
  23. Gun picture thread

    ya have a gun that pretty and then you velcro on attachments??? Get a proper mount dude!
  24. www.skirmshop.co.ok

    I wanted to say a mega big thank you to @Hef Legend from Skirmshop UK for his help in fixing my mistake over at Battle Lakes on Sunday. I had managed to get PTFE spray on my hop bucking and he got me up and running with a replacement bucking and loads of help and advice on sorting it. Cheers dude :-)
  25. was an awesome day :-)