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  1. would get me in trouble saying this on facebook but am buzzing, just had the most awesome intro with a flippin super hot lass, all it took was falling over a sign... hope she friggin texts me... proper my type of lass

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    2. PT247


      nah, she took mine, I was too pissed to think to grab hers lol. Hahahaah SS87 :D

    3. DEDSEC


      I met my wife by face planting a stop sign... We was walking on opposite sides of the street and made eye contact, then I walk straight into this bloody sign and she runs over asking if i was okay and the rest was history.


      Life tip:

      Hurting yourself on signs gets the ladies.

    4. PT247


      haha, that is awesome Dedsec :-) what is also awesome is the lass text me earlier so I now have her number :-)