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  1. It sounds like your springs are not matched with the recoil spring being possibly too soft if it is moving freely
  2. the ERG has 2 springs, one that sits in the gearbox to move the piston to make your BB go pew, the other sits in the buffertube behind a weight which moves back to simulate recoil (Electric Recoil Gun = ERG). If that spring (or more realistically the weight is stuck in the rear position, your front spring in the gearbox will not be compressed as much thus reduces your fps. When you change the springs you are supposed to change both so you can match them together correctly to retain the balance between fps and recoil. The tube can get water in it causing rust which will potentially jam the weight. The weight also has a pin in it to help hold it all together, this can work its way out a little too and that can jam it in the buffertube too stopping the weight moving back and forth properly with the result being either increased fps like I had or decrease fps like you are possibly suffering!
  3. have you taken a look at the recoil spring in the buffertube? Mine got locked in the extended position which gave me a boost in fps to around 400, if yours has got wedged in the compressed position it could explain the fps drop!
  4. Don't know if this is of any interest to any of you?
  5. at least you don't have to split the gearbox! Getting a V2 box out is easy though, jump on youtube and do a quick search, loads of vids on it.
  6. if it is a V2 gearbox (which I imagine it is) changing the spring will be pretty much the same as most other M4's Have a look on YouTube for guides, there may even be one for your specific AEG
  7. just log on to the UKARA website and check yourself, simples! :-)
  8. makes no difference really
  9. ... or call it the krass Victor or somit?
  10. I can't imagine a company that has spent a wedge making a gun would keep it quiet... the only reason to do so is if it is poo
  11. why not use the Prommy flat hop?
  12. I run WE mags in my TM G17 with no issues
  13. doubt it, no money in making interchangeable parts! ;-)
  14. use WE mags, they are cheaper and better