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  1. consider the PDW too, I love mine and although is a little hot for cqb (350fps on 0.2g) it is a cracking little gun.
  2. TBH, in the UK we basically get the Alpha marketed as the Trident anyhows except for external bits. Main difference internally in the USA is the motor, porting and spring (and gearbox colour). Externally the Alpha actually is better as it has the extendable stock that the PDW has so that is a win. The SDP due to being so short can actually deal with the 30k motor at 350fps but being an Alpha (or a UK gun) it comes with the 20k motor so is a little less snappy than it could be. You can remedy this by using a low "C" rated 11.1v LiPo rather than the suggested 7.4v LPo and it'll be dandy! :-)
  3. Have had 3 Krytacs (still have 2 of them) and not had any issues so far.
  4. Do you mean the Trident SDP or the Alpha SDP? I have the Trident and it is great. All the Trident guns have a QC spring, I believe all the Alphas do too.
  5. Hey dude, I suggest you try and interact with the forum rather than just posting your videos. Folk here will just ignore them if you don't join in with the community! :-)
  6. Yup, go LiPo. They are far far easier to look after and give better battery life and, well just do it. All I ever see on game days is people having battery issues, and none of them (except that time I forgot to put a battery in my gun) were LiPos, they were all NimH. They are perfectly safe if you don't mistreat them. Only drawback if needing to buy a new charger.
  7. It is shorter and has a rail so you can attach an optic :-)
  8. Here is my firet look gameplay video.... :-)
  9. I sold my Laylax Zero Trigger after getting the Springer Customs one, I prefer the trigger pull on it to the Laylax
  10. haha, I have amended the post. I have used home made spacers in the low powered vsr though :-)
  11. I have also now rebuilt the old gun with the new OE TM parts removed from the new one and carried out some DIY hop mods. It is running at 305fps on 0.2g BBs with the hop set for 0.3g BBs. The 0.3g BBs travel very slowly but it still has some range on it! :-)
  12. Action Army hop chamber, PDI 6.05 x 303mm barrel, Springer Custom Works S-Trigger, Laylax cylinder head, 90' piston, barrel spacers and teflon coated cylinder, M150 spring, Steel spring guide. It is now putting out 2.01j on 0.2g BBs (465fps) and 2.22j on 0.4g BBs.
  13. You don't need a long barrel to get good range/accuracy. I run a 303mm barrel and it does great :-)
  14. I have posted it up in the Guides section of the forum, here is a link to it: