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  1. Hey ED, good to see you here! :-)
  2. Ahh, so you gonna get one whatever advice folk offer. No probs.
  3. What about a PTS RM4 ERG?
  4. Generally I tell folk to avoid the Bolt brand.... but that is based on previous generations rather than the latest gen.
  5. I would still rather watch a video
  6. Click bait annoyance.... 1hour of when are they going to talk about the subject title? Matt The Musketeer is an overly aggressive player so I was drawn in but am not gonna wait an hour to find the answer to possibly be wrong or bias etc. Pod casts are harder to skim read than youtube...
  7. The original Battleaxe shorty mags I ordered a few years ago were awesome, very little rattle and fed perfectly for all 190 BBs, the ones I linked look cheaper and feed badly so be warey of fakes
  8. I recently purchased these: They are a bit temperamental though, not sure if that is an issue with them or the PDR-C though
  9. if it is for a milsim, then just load the max BBs allowed in each mag, if only 30 allowed then just work out how many you need to add to get 30 BBs to exit the mag... you'd not get any rattles either in that way.
  10. I know you mentioned mid.low cap but what about these? If they are like the Battleaxe ones then they only need winding once and shoul fire them all out on that wind. The Battleaxe mags hold 190 BBs so assume these are the same
  11. I don't do podcasts, I'm also a visual kinda guy, like to see things not listen to them! :-)
  12. have never had any issues, very fast delivery and fantastic stock if you into GBB
  13. bumpino
  14. if you run sub 350fps I'd not bother with 11.1v LiPos on an SPR