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  1. haha, more than likely! ta dude :-)
  2. Guess not lol
  3. I so wish there was a remastered version of that game for PC
  4. It was actually a trick folk would do with the KC-02 is to use a strong magnet in the bolt to turn it into a single shot rather than semi so they could run bolt action fps
  5. I love airsoft, yet I do not input on here so much these days. I do still love the hobby and the folk I've met and teamed up with. Soz for not joining in on here so much recently.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ImTriggerHappy


      I think for me all the fun banter has gone. It used to be like a crowd of friends having a laugh and most pointless threads got derailed and went of in some brilliant directions.

      Now its just sad and boring. 

      Anyone remember the Nazi dress up lad getting his S&M dating page posted up it was f*cking hilarious.

    3. proffrink


      I do. That was brilliant.

    4. JamesAirsofterAgent


      Its weird lol, as I've gotten more involved with the sport itself (skirmishing fairly regularly and buying my first aeg this holiday) I've been less and less active on here. Can't remember the last time I posted something.

  6. never had an issue with them, but this would put me off using them.... they stock a lot of stuff, but nothing we can't get by buying direct and probably cheaper too!
  7. Ouch!
  8. how the hell did you manage so much damage to yourself in the pitlane? I love Brands GP circuit. My first trackday had me break my back and pelvis.... was back on a trackday before I was back at work from it!
  9. nice, nifty all rounder there @springs I am partial to the supermotos myself @rocketdogbert my last was a Husky SM510R, gutted there isn't really the choice in them anymore unless you build your own!
  10. Congrats on passing. What bike did you get?
  11. How did you get on with your test bud? I've pretty much stopped posting airsoft vids now as it is too hard to get anywhere with it. My Motovlog channel is doing pretty well now though! Here is my favorite video I've put together so far this year: