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  1. Anyone into motovlogs? I love watching others so started up a second channel and filmed my rides. I find it really soothing watching other peoples so hope some of you enjoy mine: I know it is off topic but there are a good few bikers amongst us!
  2. I'll try putting up a post next time I head to Dogtag if I remember :-)
  3. I've generally found dropleg holsters to be a pain, if running a battlebelt then just stick a holster on that. :-)
  4. Haha, it was such a good position, the fencing was frustrating again as although it often shows in the video it is magnified 7 x but in reality it often was invisible to the eye. I really enjoyed this game and the trenches area was nicely laid out. I don't think I'd want to have attacked it though!
  5. It isn't their fault, it was the leaseholders who they were subletting off.
  6. Oh dear god, this is why I stick to woodland games!
  7. WOWZERS, how many BBs do you need???
  8. at the base it is 44mm ish wide and at the top it is roughly 22mm although I don't have an accurate ruler handy. I put a bit of fluffy side velcro on the back seam at the top to aid fitment and feeding. It is a SOCOM GEAR FAT Mag
  9. You'll have to play paintball if you want to play anything there from now on, Storm Tactical have pulled out of the site now as they were having issues with the chap who runs the paintball site there.
  10. Buy a Krytac, do not "upgrade" it, don't bolt unnecessary attachments on it, just a decent RDS is all it needs. On UK fps limits stick with a 7.4v LiPo to avoid the overspin issue some folk have with the Krytac guns. I run a Fat mag on my PDW, means I don't need to carry anything else with me.
  11. From the horses mouth: "Hi Peter. Many thanks for the information. It is correct we won't be returning to Driver Wood. If I may set the record straight on behalf of Storm Tactical the following are facts of public record. The site is owned by Steck Depositors a company based in Sussex. I have met and had dealings with the landlords. Gareth Homewood is a new tenant at the site. Effectively an agreement was made for us to take on a sub let with permission of the landlords. However, Mr Homewood was obstructive from day one, wouldn't afford us proper access to the site and refused to sign a contract. The comments he made to you about the site prep and netting are untruths. He refused to move the netting and as mentioned would not allow us proper access. Due to the above and the fact that Mr Homewood is operating outside permitted hours, living on site, disposing of commercial waste in an improper manner and contravening permitted local authority use for the site we felt that we had no option but to distance ourselves from Driver Wood and any connection to Urban Paintball UK of which Mr Homewood is an agent. We will be speaking to the appropriate authorities and the landlords about the matter. On a more positive note many thanks for your honest review and your attendance on the day. We have today met with a landowner and are in discussions around a very interesting and unusual site on the Herts/Essex borders which is actually more convenient for us. Kind regards Russ @ Storm Tactical" It sounds like the Paintball chap Gareth Homewood has delusions of grandeur and someone needs to tell him to wind it in, he has played a mahoosive part in damaging Storm Tactical's rep and has meddled in a very creepy and odd way, I don't get his agenda and find his actions very worrying, I think he possibly has issues and could maybe do with some professional help. This is sad to me as although there were definitely issues with the gameplay, they could have been ironed out and the site could have worked to become a nice alternative to Dogtag.