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  1. ahh, hope it works out for you. You know Dogtag fps for a DMR is 420 now iirc? So you'll still need to swap the spring out if maxing the performance from it and I don't think they have a Q/C spring so is a harder job to do.
  2. So, my Hippo247 page on FB has 66 followers, my Hippo-Drones FB page has 13 followers. My Hippo247 Youtube channel has 95 subs, 11,300 video views and has been active 4yrs (and going for 9yrs). My Hippo-Drones Youtube channel has 75 subs, 12,750 video views and has been active (and going) for 4 months..... I am not sure if this is me saying I'll not be doing much with the airsoft and PC gaming videos, it just means there isn't much point. Folk actually share and comment on my Motovlog channel, no one seems to be interested in doing so on the airsoft/PC stuff so unless that changes I really don't see the point in spending hours creating the content. I do enjoy making them but the kit is hard to look after and often leaves me with nothing I can use. Let me know if you want me to continue with both, or even if you just don't enjoy the videos on the 247 channel. Ta.
  3. I used to use a WE brick 7.4v Lipo, think 1300mAh 20C
  4. magic, they work with magic....
  5. All the Krytac rifles perform pretty much the same for accuracy and range (with the same fps) I've had an SPR, an SPD and the PDW, I've tried upgrading them with PDI and Orga barrels, I've tried improving on the hop. They all work the same and the mods made no real difference to justify the cost. I kept my PDW because it feels nicer at 330fps than my SPR did at the same fps but there was no difference in range/accuracy.
  6. If you buy a Krytac, don't bother "upgrading" it unless you want a little more fps. Cracking guns, I've had 3 Krytacs, still own one of them, you'll not need another gun.
  7. Thanks for watching. Unfortunately I don't have a firing range handy to set that up for you. TBH, an airsoft sniper rifle is an airsoft sniper rifle, mine is no better than the next persons, everything in it is off the shelf upgrades.
  8. New vid up in my Youtube Channel thread within the Media forum

  9. I've told Sean that yes I'll do food, but he is navigating so if we get lost it is his fault! ;-)
  10. AWESOMES, so what did you change?
  11. Assuming you've checked that there isn't any BBs jammed in the barrel? Are you sure you put the anti-reversal latch in correctly?
  12. I don't like the L96, the VSR is an easier gun to upgrade as there are more parts for it but in essence upgrading a bolt action is the same no matter what platform as you will need to replace the hop unit, the trigger, the cylinder, the cylinder head, the spring guide, the piston (to match the trigger) and probably the barrel and bucking... the gun you choose is just a platform to hold those parts. I like the VSR G-Spec as it is short and easily manouverable
  13. As has been pretty much said to death, out the box with no upgrades you will struggle to get a high fps rifle with accuracy and durability. For £300 you can get a TM VSR G-Spec and a scope and a couple of spare TM mags. The TM VSR will be putting out at most 305fps on 0.2g BBs so will struggle to compete against AEGs with 450BB hi-caps, 350fps and full auto. It will be pretty accurate though. If however you are prepared to go the upgrade route, then by a VSR clone nice and cheap and spend out on a new trigger, cylinder, cylinder head, spring, spring guide, hop chamber and barrel. You don't need to go full PDI expense, I would suggest looking at the Action Army upgrades if you only have £300 to play with.
  14. Have a search, I and many others have already covered your questions many many times..... upgrade&type=forums_topic