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  1. Same as always; Camo Trousers and a T-shirt =)
  2. I dont advise this but it does work i too have the imax B6: Set it to charge a NiMH as it doesn't care what the voltage it blast it for about 10mins until it goes up a few volts, stop and retry the Li-Po Balance setting. it seem to almost trick it. It does work ive done it once* and the battery has been fine for over a year... like i said dont do this alot as you know, it could f*ck it up royally and maybe explode. try at own risk.
  3. cant afford it but god thats sexy
  4. After a simple package, gun and a mag, or even just gun itself =) Long or Short versions considered tyty
  5. As title reads Nothing silly priced UMP / G3 150-200ish SCAR (Tan) sub 230ish
  6. SOLD
  7. Gun/Model: G&G M14 HBA-S (EBR-S) Accessories: 1x G&G High Cap (470), 3x CA Mid-Caps (180)... Im afaid no battery included i need it for my m4 sorry... takes small type and crane stock types batteries, also includes my large to small type tamiya connector Condition: Very Good, light skirmish marks, fully functional, very accurate, few light marks from mag and mag well being metal on metal FPS: 320-330 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No...Thank You Price/Payment: Would like £310 Selling Because i don't use it, taking up space. Pictures: