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  1. Ive done quite a few milsims but not a Stirling game, so cant answer your question from personal experience. Your question is a sensible one; why dont you post it on the Stirling community group on Facebook ? Failing that, its worth asking the question on the Milsim UK News and Events group on FB - quite a few Stirling players frequent that.
  2. 1173mm as seen in the photo
  3. I have the G&G SR25. Apparently there is a tendency for lockup and I was advised to have a MOSFET fitted, which I did, together with a spring upgrade so I could use it as a DMR to get the benefit of higher FPS allowances on the sites I play at. Its a nice rifle, obviously very long, which is the nature of the beast and Ive since got both sized mags for it.
  4. Played at Tuddenham today and gave my MP5K an airing round the buildings. Rain held off and we had a balmy 12 Degrees.
  5. Again, my experience is a lot of players who mainly skirmish get obsessed about their guns, hops, barrel upgrades etc. Milsimmers tend to see their rifle as just one bit of their kit and are just as obsessive about clothing, comms kit, etc. Not to look like a wannabe but to be able to play in the environment they are being put in, carry whatever kit they need with minimal weight and be able to reach what they need when they need it. Milsims and skirmishes are opposite poles connected by airsoft weapons.
  6. Did the Okto Eight Milsim Op Clean Sweep at the weekend. Man, it was cold and muddy. I've heard hardcore milsimmers preach about the games like the CAG ones where they trek 7Km in full kit across Otterburn in blizzards and attack an objective. The Okto one is supposed to be a softer option with the fighting ending at 1700 each day so people can socialise, eat, get warm etc. However, this weekend made me realise the real difference between skirmish players and milsimmers who just happen to use airsoft weapons. The weather hovered around zero all weekend, we had deep mud and it snowed every day. Players were camping, many from Friday to Sunday evening. Now the Okto game is not aimed at Seal Team 6 wannabes. Instead, its a personally challenging game where people choose to be in teams to overcome tactical objectives whilst fighting with airsoft weapons, against a continuing and evolving dynamic movie-style storyline. What I saw was a polarisation where skirmishers who were used to day games struggled with suitable kit to combat the weather, struggled with comprehending rules, didnt make any preparation and got all antsy when things went against them, leaving before the game was finished on Sunday and letting their team mates struggle against a better prepared force. On the other hand, the superior force, who ironically werent special forces wannabes in gucci kit as is often portrayed in milsim circles, were prepared for the weather, were organised in sub-units with slick drills and absorbed the intel, using it to their advantage. They really did demonstrate what you can do with teamwork and good effective communication and their OPFOR had their arses handed to them on the Sunday. There was an APC which was defending the Titanium Mine. The opposing team were trying to kill the APC by throwing grenades through one of its open gun ports, but the crew inside werent dying. I was acting as impartial observer and they complained to me. I asked them to try it again. The guy dodged the machine gun fire to get up alongside the APC in its blind zone and threw another grenade. I couldnt believe what I saw. The lad inside who I felt had more of a skirmishing attitude, jumped out of the rear hatch when the grenade came in, waited outside at the back for it to explode, then jumped back in to live another day and carry on. He really couldnt see my point when I explained that apart from being unfair, this was a highly improbable action had it been a real APC. Im sure its possible in one of the video games he plays.. I hasten to add that the game only accepts players 18 or over, so he wasnt a child. Luckily, this is a minority occurence. Despite that, it was a really good weekend and everybody seemed to leave having learned a lot of stuff about themselves. It might be that milsim isnt for them, but I suspect even the ones that excelled were questioning some of their kit choices.
  7. The thing is, if its people I like, I try to offer them advice to help them not make the mistakes I made. If they want to ignore me, its up to them and Im fine with that. At least I tried and Im not a control freak. I would never offer strangers advice unless they asked for it and lets face it, most don't. Im not out to save the world. Safety advice is a different thing.
  8. I dont know how operative Odin are. Their website domain is up for sale and their FB page a bit dormant. It could be that they sold a few thousand units in a production run and these are moving quite slow due to the price. it will be interesting to see if it moves on with adapters or whether it dies a death due to the slow take up.
  9. And so it goes on - youth.
  10. Thanks for everybodys help. It came and I made an early review here. We will see how it copes with regular use over time. By the way, Ive come across a cheap copy by CCCP for £21 which looks identical in all but colour. People tell me it is a cheap copy though and the reliability of the imitation is not good. The original Odin has the name moulded into it.
  11. I like the front fastening on the Ronin personally and we have a couple of these - no problems with functionality or quality. i tend to buy decent pouches though. i dont know the one you've linked to - its roughly the same price as the Ronin but with pouches. No idea why its cheaper.
  12. Buy cheap, buy sh*t. Yes its good quality for the money.
  13. Have a look at the Condor Ronin chest rig in solid green
  14. Yes I find that using a solid colour for belts, chest rigs, plate carriers etc is much more flexible as it looks fine with most camos. The product youve linked to isnt exactly a solid colour and if its a true likeness, its "olive" colour is quite light. I tend to use olive drab or ranger green mainly which I wear with woodland colours like DPM . Colours like coyote can be a little more limiting.