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  1. What does airsoft cost?

    Walk on with your own gun and lunch = £20 walk on usually Rentals are free at my site (lul). Adding cost of ammo - well i'm still using 0.2s atm and they are £10 for a bag of 5000 at my site which lasts 2 game days worth. For travel... urgh... I hitchhike. All in all, £25 for me for a whole day.
  2. The Noveske Diplomat Build

    Got the mags... still waiting for my stock URGHHHHHH My guns is being help at the shop because the sling mount that goes on the buffer tube doesn't fit... because the gen 3 body has such a weird design.
  3. An interesting sidearm...

    Looking to get a sidearm in the future but i'm so bored and dryed out from all these glocks, 1911 and semi auto normie stuff. Looking for something with more spice to it. A few ideas were: a shotgun revolver but those wouldn't feel right unless it's a raging judge (cmon marushin), an auto m9 co2 but the only one right now is a hfc branded variant which is a bit sketchy or maybe an interesting looking smg of some sort. Hit me with ideas - something that does more than pew pew in semi.
  4. Cheap gas?

    Tesco value cheese is 1kg for a fiver, pretty worth i'd say.
  5. The Noveske Diplomat Build

    Small update 12/03/18: So uh... almost go the last of the parts needed to finish the build - only missing the stock and mags. It's funny because airsoft-club declared the value as a £5 model part so I never got hit with customs. Stock didn't come with the package today to which I suspect they separated it to keep the "£5" value otherwise it would've been suspicious. A problem I have is that I ordered a silencer with the noveske flaming pig logo but I got a special forced logo instead... I just want to complete the noveske package but it's whatever for now, i'll roll with it. So, the Vltor emod stock and the socom gear lancer mags are left. Stock maybe tomorrow and mag should be by friday I think... Gonna go to the Kingdom of Airsoft shop in Dundee to check on my gun - I sent it there to get it wired and gearbox tuned, hopefully should be a fun trip. Until then, keep your nanners knacking.
  6. Dude, I went from a cheapo aeg to a £1000+ custom build haha - just do what you want
  7. My next delivery will finish my build :DDDD Come quicker China mail D:

    1. Josh95


      Awesome!!! Anything from China takes an age....

  8. First gun, need some advice!

    Don't worry about performances in the meantime as most stock guns will perform on the field. Plus most people will upgrade eventually sooner or later and it isn't too expensive to the change the barrel and hop. Just get what looks good to you.
  9. So was at Viper Strike today and f*ck me, the rentals were all malfunctioning left and right and the weather was shtye. Wasn't the best skirmish day :/ Will all change once I finish my build :D

  10. Anything changed in airsoft last 3 years?

    Ay same boat, had a search around and pretty much same old same old apart from the "MY kRyTAc iS BEtTeR THaN yOUrS!"
  11. The Noveske Diplomat Build

    03/03/2018 UPDATE: WELCOME BACK MY FELLOW BRETHREN. It has been a while as I was shackled by the despairs of reality. BUT I AM BACK, once again, to finish what I started and hopefully continue with it. LET US BEGIN: After amassing what little cash I had, I decided to yolo and go on a hard spending spree because I know I would eventually earn the money back... *cough* student *cough* loans *cough*. So what did I aim to build? Well to refresh your old aged brains, I set out to build a Noveske Diplomat 7.5 from a game called "Contract Wars", which still holds dear to me (cry for me). It was my favourite weapon and I decided to build the same exact rifle in real life or as close as possible. After some hard searching I eventually found the real genuine airsoft gen 3 style body on Redwolf - was around 130 smackeroonies doe! I also needed a low profile T1 red dot because that's the optic it had in the game. Mustering up my courage, I checked out with all my might, preparing to eat from the garbage can for the next month or two. And sure, about a week later UPS hits me with a "IMPORT FEES motherf*cker!". So uh... let's just say the import fees was like 2-3 weeks worth of food for me. SO the next day, UPS was supposed to knock on my door and hand me my valuable nuts but soon after leaving my kitchen at 11:30, I get an email saying I missed the delivery at 10:55.... BRO R U SERIOUS? I WAS EATING MY HEINZ BEANS AT 10:30 AND SAT THERE FOR AN HOUR. But in all seriousness, that was a pathetic attempt at a delivery - not even a knock or a sound, just simply saying "Nope, you weren't there, mine now.". My kitchen is situated right next to the door so I would've heard anything that touched the door nope, not even a poke. SO the next day, I woke up at 9 am and sat there with my phone and sure enough this time, they actually touched the door this time at 10 am to which I finally got my package although the bloke didn't seem to enjoy the nice weather the Russians have brought upon us. BUT here it is: And after I strip it out of its home: Just... look how sexy it is. I also applied the T1 red dot I forgot I bought too: And you can also see the mbus sight at the back but don't worry, they're just £5 cheapos for aesthetics only - who in the right mind would £50 for a set of sights, pfffffftttt. But I also forgot I bought a buffer tube from Taiwan gun which arrived the same day too: With everything coming together, I only need the stock, silencer, grip and some mags before I take it for a good spin. Luckily in Dundee, there's an airsoft shop near me named "Kingdom of Airsoft" where they do all sort of custom works on AEGs, and since I don't have access to soldering irons and have no shims or whatnot, I sent my gearbox to the shop to get it tuned and mosfet "ed", hopefully getting rid of gear whine and making it fire roughly 25 rps. The guy told me once the gun is completed, it is pretty much one or two steps down from the highest possible build you can do, to which those words melted their way into my heart since this is like some £1000 build at the moment. And just a few days ago I bought the rest of the parts from airsoft club apart from the mags because I am not sure what pts style mag the game has: It's like a pmag but with the grippy dimples in each window and I don't know what that style is called. So uh, maybe someone can uh, find the name for me, and uh, maybe some product that resembles it the closest. *wink* BUT finally, with the receiver and sights, the build is nearly done- this will truly be a special M4 build. Also did a lot of bragging with this image, enjoy my cheesy toes:
  12. Looks like im going to have to eat garbage for the next month :S

    1. Albiscuit


      Spent too much on airsoft?

      Decent meals can be made for small budget, just think frugal. Lots of vegetable stews goes a LONG way. Lentils are great, so are noodles!! try to ditch meat too will bring your shopping bill down a LOT!

  13. The Noveske Diplomat Build

    OK BITCHES. Time to get this back up and running; since there's a skirmish site up here in Dundee, I can actually go and get my ukara now. Currently browsing through what I need: Cheapo mbus sights Silencer Lipo Buffer tube Emod stock T1 red dot Mags Gen 3 receiver I'm gonna have to yolo buy the receiver right now off redwolf while I can because that sh*t is so elusive. But the rest is plentiful and can get whenever. Toodaloodeedoo.
  14. It's been almost 2 years. Time to throughly get back into airsoft. Still have parts of my noveske build but honestly it's a pain in arse getting those super specific parts that are highly elusive. Might just sell it and grab a secutor velites shotty.

    1. Lozart




      Welcome back dude. Been too long!

    2. AK47frizzle


      Indeedles, nice to see some of the members still around from before I went on my hiatus. Time to stir some more trouble >:)

  15. Holy moly what happened to the layout of the website :o

    1. proffrink


      IPB (the forum software) update to 4.

    2. PT247


      you should frequent the forum more regularly, this is old news! ;-)

    3. AK47frizzle


      ye uni sucked the life out of me :(