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  1. this still for sale ???
  2. when putting to halfs back push the air nozzle in to helps the sector gear find its home
  3. why not use the leads with the dean to crocodile clips on plug the two deans in to each other and use the crocodile clip in to the battery ???
  4. wear the recoil spring/rod go in to the front of the slide is a what's called a plug.slide the whole recoil spring/rod guide forward throu the front of the slide and pull back on the plug should be able to angle it up from the back and pull out pretty simply once u done it
  5. yeah try putting lube on the inside use ur finger small amount and coat the inside
  6. any silicone based product will do just fine and did u take the nozzle out of the gun and get right inside it
  7. yeah sounds like nozzle/piston to me how old is the gun and what grease did u put inside the nozzle ?
  8. get some second hand forks and rebuild them what I did paid £30 for some Manitou minute pro's and spent about 30 on oil and seals and they some of the best forks iv owned and I do a fair bit of off-roading and jumps
  9. did u do the piston and nozzle because if they get dry the will cause friction and lock up and stick and does is sometimes vent gas when the slide sticks
  10. when was the last time was greased up and cleaned
  11. use heavier bbs first like 0.25/0.28 and how old is the gun if its new then hop up more then likely just need bedding it so try heavier for 3/4 games and get hop up dialled in best u can and still no vast improvement then look at hop up rubber G&G green hop are my go to option
  12. the low FPS will be down the not fitting the barrel/hop up in the right positions use YouTube videos on how to change an barrel and simply take apart the hop up/barrel would be a good time to change the hop up rubber just incase the a tear/hole in it few quad
  13. worth having a look at and have a look for a recoil spring upgrade makes it a bit more lively something like 150% but be prepared for stuff to brake if making upgrades worth buying loads of upgrades at once with supporting parts instead of doing it bit by bit
  14. sounds like the nozzle/piston to me then
  15. can u send pics of the frame rails like wear the top slide seats in from few angles