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  1. If it's on Chrome, Firefox or Opera, it is now literally down to the fact that the connection is not being made over HTTPS, which is a farse when services like exist. I even posted about that service on the sh*tty forum. Edit: I go through the 19 warnings on chrome to discover an Internal Server Maybe they should employ an actual IT professional to fix this.
  2. That would require them to actually HAVE a spring that could bring it in that low. Whilst I know M70 springs do exist, they are a bitch to acquire.
  3. Nothing wrong with Mad Momma's, used to play there weekly before I moved up to Cambridge - Just a shame that SWWG shut down, as they had a decent indoor CQB site just outside Ivybridge :/
  4. Nope, all ASG's are white in 0.2 - 0.3g weights. You sure there hasn't been a mix-up with the ASG bio's? Those are incredibly hygroscopic, and even leaving a bottle open for a week can cause them to vary in dimensions and weight massively.
  5. You need to send it back, speaking from plenty of experience, CC issuer's do not hold kindly to you keeping the product regardless of the circumstances, and won't even consider a chargeback until you've returned it. Also make sure to send it recorded and insured to value, as you will need proof that it has indeed arrived.
  6. Just an update on this, I notified PB of the copypasta yesterday. By the sounds of it, they were unsurprisingly not particularly amused by this, and will be following it up.
  7. It's supposed to be done before trading even begins, i've worked with companies in the past doing this, done correctly and efficiently, the process from proof of concept to sufficiently compliant with a small team can be done in as little as a fortnight, solo maybe a month or two. As for retailers that are sufficiently compliant in the airsoft market? Most of the main ones are compliant, it's just all the smaller operations that don't seem to give a toss. The bigger ones are aware of the potential (hefty) fines from the various authorities. Breach of ICO enforcement notices can easily go into 6 figures for example (obviously dependent on the magnitude of the offence).
  8. When I made the original post, it wasn't. Headers don't lie, that was added, AFTER i made my post. EDIT: I had mentioned other stuff, relating to the dubious nature of you clearly having an "OH sh*t" moment, but then deleted it, i'm reverting that now. I've gone and read some of the newly written documents, and you clearly need to go look up intellectual property law as well, you've just gone and copypasta'd Patrolbase's equivalents, instead of taking time to make your own, which is specific to your company. I'll be extra helpful and post the relevant page for you -
  9. SOGA was superseded by CRA 2015. But, in the case of this particular retailer, having a retail premises, they should be VAT registered.
  10. Briefly, by law ANY online retailer (ignoring the airsoft technicalities for the moment), is required to have on their website: Company Information: The company's registered number. The registered office address. Where the company is registered (England/Wales/Scotland/NI). Must state whether it is a limited company or not. Must have a valid VAT number visible on the front page of the website. Must provide a standard rate UK landline phone number to contact. Web Compliance: The website must comply with the W3C web accessibility regulations to at least priority 2 schedules. Data Protection: Data protection policy must be easily visible, from at least the front page of the website, although preferably on every page. Site must be PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant. Privacy: A page detailing all of the data collected as cookies, what those cookies actually hold as information, and what their individual expiry times are. Consumer Rights: Terms and Conditions for all sales must be visible or accessible from all pages. This must include any returns/refunds/warranty policies, however all must be in compliance with Consumer Contracts Regulations. Obviously the full regulations are a hell of a lot more detailed than that, but it gives you a gist.
  11. Well, they have almost none of the information required by law for retailers on the front page of the website.
  12. I thought i'd bump this having discovered this evening, these STILL aren't completed, and from what I can see in the comments on their FB page, even more money was asked of the initial backers. Oh, but it's only 2.5 years later...definitely screams vapourware to me.
  13. Although, the OP is looking for PVC, which is the one thing SMU don't do.
  14. I suggest if the concern of eye pro being knocked off is a problem, the eye pro is the issue there. Shooting glasses are always at the users own risk, almost every site i've been to recommends using full seal (which all come with a strap to tighten..), which if correctly fitted shouldn't fall off under any normal impact.. And? Legs bruise easily. Regardless, it's another thing that is up to the discretion of the site, if a site allows them, and you don't like it, go elsewhere?
  15. It's definitely a rubber prop - All of 2 seconds on google (just saying..) found me this, and luckily for both of you - there are 2 left.