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  1. It has the mechanical complexity of a Lego Duplo set, if that's too complicated, not sure they should be doing anything with superglue ever.
  2. UKMCPro's CS has always been questionable unfortunately. I'll only order stuff from them if I can't get it from somewhere else.
  3. It usually only happens to unverified paypal accounts or those with multiple disputes active against them - which always flags to me as something dodgy going on
  4. Ah well. I'm half asleep after a day of meetings. Frenchie Airsoft seemed to like the Nuprol Delta stuff (ex-AI Mag writer) if you're wanting an opinion that's actually worth something
  5. And that crap is worse than the garbage I was producing 2 years ago, they have little to zero following, so my assumption would be correct.
  6. L3wisD - Never heard of them. Can't find anything under that name on google which would deem them to have any level of expertise to that where their opinion means jack-diddly-squat. OP - Having had a shotgun license is completely irrelevant to the requirement to have a skirmishers defence to purchase. So regardless of which ever way you got the RIF, whoever sold you it was breaking the law by selling it to you. Intent is not proof. It won't ever be under any aspect of any UK law. Saying you won't name the company that sold it is almost as bad, as that means the company has further potential to continue selling RIF's, which has potential to harm the hobby/sport. That won't net you any popularity, especially on this forum.
  7. With my height, a bump lid is kind of a necessity to avoid being hospitalised by running into or tripping over things, as either way, i've got a long way to fall.
  8. For the optimal placement of the camera (ie. not ending up with footage that looks like you're wearing stilts) You'll want something like the Brain Exploder NVG mount - I know them to be very strong, as I've done a 6 ft fall headfirst direct onto it with no visible damage. Sorry for the crap orientation. Mine is a Repro fast jump helmet in OD, with copious amounts of extra velcro. Equipment on it - BExploder NVG Go Pro Mount SJ4000 go pro china copy ZTac Arc Rail Adapters ZTac Comtac 2's HSGI NV Counterbalance Pouch & Anker Powercore 10400mAh (as mentioned in IG thing) Heroshark meshed Revision Military Desert Locusts Repro Obviously as time and money allows, i'll slowly swap all of these for their real counterparts. To be honest, i've probably got verging on too much sh*t on the helmet, but it's relatively balanced at the moment.
  9. That's the typical for a hire, not a walk-on, play time average in this area is about 7 hours, with longer in the summer months. £45 is half of what you'd pay for an event like AI500, which is usually on a considerably larger scale than you've mentioned.
  10. Keeping it nice and simple, however i'll probably change the flash hider, as I don't like the type it comes with.
  11. Plans are afoot :3
  12. Things I ordered last week, 1 coming from 3700 miles away, the other coming from 15 miles away - Guess which arrived before the other was even shipped >.>

  13. Masada uses a proprietary trigger mech which means my only OOTB (ie no modification required) option is the Chimera at the moment. Having used the Gate in another gun, it's got too much going on to be reliable, the first one I used failed after a single day of use. As for the case, i normally use Peli cases, but with my new car, they aren't practical as the boot is rather small, and my last softbag was a £10 one from Taiwangun, so i was more amazed it lasted as long as it did.
  14. Magpul PTS Masada AKM in Black (found a retailer that still had one ) 4x Magpul PTS AKM Mags Bingo Airsoft Works Odin Sidewinder M12 adapter for Magpul PTS AKM mags BTC Chimera for Magpul PTS Masada Lonex Titan A2 Motor Nuprol Deluxe dual gun soft case (killed another softbag the other day)
  15. Dammit, beat me to it