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  1. Although, the OP is looking for PVC, which is the one thing SMU don't do.
  2. I suggest if the concern of eye pro being knocked off is a problem, the eye pro is the issue there. Shooting glasses are always at the users own risk, almost every site i've been to recommends using full seal (which all come with a strap to tighten..), which if correctly fitted shouldn't fall off under any normal impact.. And? Legs bruise easily. Regardless, it's another thing that is up to the discretion of the site, if a site allows them, and you don't like it, go elsewhere?
  3. It's definitely a rubber prop - All of 2 seconds on google (just saying..) found me this, and luckily for both of you - there are 2 left.
  4. I've been hit multiple times in the head by TAG rounds, it's similar to being hit by an underarm served tennis ball. You're more at risk from people with BFG's not understanding the concept of using them with an underarm throw no higher than waist height.
  5. You'll struggle to get hobbyking to do an exchange, so you may be stuck with them regardless.
  6. Bump £80.
  7. If you can easily make it 600FPS, no. As it's easily convertable to what is now legally defined as a section 5 firearm.
  8. Bump, still available. As Jedi has said, please use the PM's on here, i'll get an email through when you do notifying me of a message.
  9. Length of the inner barrel makes almost zero difference to the accuracy of an AEG FYI. So basically pick something you like.
  10. He doesn't have ANYTHING in stock. He never has, and never will. Only once he's received your order will it get ordered from the supplier, however 99% of the time, he'll just pocket the money and not send anything.
  11. I tend to have to go on my own alot, mainly because most of my mates work on weird shift patterns which govern their weekends. Not really that unusual, and it's a great way of meeting new people.
  12. Just bought a pair of Motorola TLKR 80 Extremes, my entire team is swapping to them, as we just want radio's that work consistently, something that Baofeng's are not proving to be reliably consistent with. Only downside is they're only available in multiples of 2 at reasonable prices (ie 1 on it's own is ~£65 whereas a box of 2 is ~£75 = no brainer).
  13. Still got it.
  14. G&P are no better than the Cyma ones, but on average cost 3-4 times as much. Cyma are leagues better than the MAG ones.
  15. Not particularly no. Those are usually intended as a casual road rider. You will need something more MTB focused, mainly for the wider track tyre and more robust frames.