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  1. Well the difference in AK furniture depends on the era you end up choosing. If you want to go for an 80s style setup, an AK74 with wood/imitation wood furniture would be a starting point. As for choosing your era, it depends on what you like as well as gear availability. It's certainly quite easy to get a lot of modern kit, your only constraints are budget and how patient you can be waiting for retailers like Grey Shop to send your order out. I waited ages for my kit to arrive from them, but I did have a large order and back then it took them longer to send it out. If you go for 80s kit, I don't know a lot. The best forum member to ask would be Ian_Gere, but it seems he's much less active now than he was when I was last a regular contributor to the forum.
  2. I've been off the forums and airsoft in general for a year or so now and I've only just come back to it. Before my hiatus I put together a fairly basic Russian Army support gunner kit using my RPK- I don't have any photos of me in it but I've got the ubiquitous bed layout The camo is the new-ish EMR digital pattern which I quite like. The rig is a Smerch with RPK mag pouches. I've also got a genuine Russian forces olive green balaclava, cold weather hat, knitted gloves and 'Track' goggles which do quite well as eyepro although they do mist up easily. So far this setup has done very well for me, especially when the game scenario involves defending an area or ambushing 'enemy' forces. I got up into the second floor of a building and held off several assaults on a village from ex-forces guys on the other team, trying to get to our VIP! The only things I need to complete this setup is a colder weather jacket in EMR for the winter months and a camo net to disguise the RPK a little. Some genuine Russian forces boots would work too but for the time being my old British Assault boots work well.
  3. That looks great! I'd love a setup like that but I'm stuck with the gun-bag-under-the-bed system for the time being
  4. I'm quite liking the set of Russian Digi-Flora I recently received from Grey Shop. It seems to work quite well in the UK since it's quite a dark pattern
  5. I dunno man, I've seen quite a few particularly shitty Russian gamers on PC- I've been TK'ed in games because I had an EU server tag
  6. That is an amazing tool, thanks for sharing this
  7. A shorty/pistol M4 might suit you better, you'll have greater mag compatibility if you stay with the M4 platform
  8. You can get refillable CO2 canisters which can be filled with purely green gas or a mix of green and CO2. They cost about £20 each IIRC, and you'd need a few- you might recoup the cost of CO2 cartridges in the long term, but in the short term it would be far more expensive than a normal GBB pistol with green gas. On the subject of pistols, I've been airsofting for a good 3 years now and I've only just bought my first skirmishable pistol.
  9. Also, green gas = propane with a very small added percentage of silicone oil. Before now, people in the safe zone have told me that propane will 'break' guns even though it's just GG without the oil.
  10. Maybe £250-£300 including starter gun, magazines, gear, face protection, battery + charger and BBs?
  11. Having looked on Taiwangun, you can get a CM.040C AK74M and 4 150rnd AK74 midcaps for about £144 including free shipping. Very good deal. Plus, if you're looking at putting together a modern Russian loadout this particular model would be perfect as it is pretty much identical to what's being used by the Russian military at the moment.
  12. With that budget? A CYMA series AK would be perfect. Any model number above CM.028 is fine.
  13. But Sergei, X-Ray is of making you stronger than capitalist pigs
  14. Yeah right fella. Pull the other one.
  15. Do you get paid every time you mention this obscure gear company, Spaz?