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  1. Taken into consideration i'll look into that Cheers
  2. Hey guys, I have a tokyo marui Hi capa 5.1 and wish to get it engraved, if anyone knows of anywhere i can get it done (prefferably laser engraved) it would be much obliged. Cheers
  3. I still kind of am but its just that i like to do a lot of research
  4. Seen the reviews. It seems to be a good entry level weapon but its not quite for me, simply because you get what you pay for and i've seen them going for about £150. However, if you are getting into the sport then that seems to be acceptable, but prefferably i want to have more bang for my buck. i saw an A&K Masada which looks completely badass going for about £250 so for me its between the G&P Magpul MOE M4, A&K Masada or the ICS M4 RIS.
  5. http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/airsoft/bb/product.asp?page=product&id=GPAEG008BK found this. looked at all the reviews (not from sponsored youtube channels becuase its their job to get you to buy the guns, so of course their going to rate it up.) but the reviews seem solid and its quite a solid gun.
  6. AWA hertfordshire perhaps?
  7. I've been looking but i can't seem to find one that suits the criteria above.
  8. what preferences does your friend have?
  9. You could do it on how a team communicates in different ways, like with hand signals/gestures and talking/shouting, because communcation in a team means a fully functional fighting force which, in essence, is vital for a victiory. On the other hand you could do it on weapon versitility, where you could research into what are the most popular platforms to use eg. M4/AK. this would show you what players prefer to use and why it makes it (for them) such a great weapon of choice and what roles those weapons may play in a game.eg. support or a sniper rifle.
  10. Hi guys just need a little advice, I am currently trying to find an AEG but it must be an M4 platform, Metal, Great durability and performance and have a RIS system . i have a budget of £250 to £300 and I'm finding it difficult to choose a good quality weapon. Thanks.