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  1. Ya need to use the search and read the stickies. There's a lot more information there than anyone could tell you in one thread.
  2. The vast majority of trousers that people use in airsoft have enough dance floor for this to not be a problem. I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. Maybe take it back to this thread? You mention a 'nub' but did you mean the bucking? What bucking are you now using, because if it's the original then a flat nub is going to be detrimental.
  4. Straight/flat hop it or R-hop if you're confident in being able to follow YouTube videos and do some fiddly stuff. Flat hopping yields some great results and will get a really consistent lift on a .3g though.
  5. About the same but a properly tuned R-hop will beat it. Though for something that takes 10 minutes to do vs. about 30-40, it's a no-brainer for most to stick with straight hops. Loads on this already on the forums though - use the search for more info maybe
  6. However, it should be noted that right now about 90% of HPA guns in the UK are able to get to 600fps with about 15 minutes of work and that the same can be said for many AEGs too if you're aiming for above 375fps (the legal limit) and have half an hour to do it. 'Readily convertible' hasn't been properly defined yet as there's no case law. If you have it tournament locked in some way that requires tools to remove then you'll be taking about the same legal risk as any other airsofter takes when they bring almost any other gun to a game because right now getting your gun to shoot above the limit is the case of changing a spring, switching your gas or - in the case of HPA - turning a dial. There's nothing that makes HPA intrinsically more 'convertible' if a lock is being used, though the upper limit of its muzzle energy may be higher.
  7. There's no case precedent so basically you just need to be prepared to argue that you're a skirmisher and provide evidence that supports that. I'd say pictures and bookings are far more than enough, but I'm not the one you'd have to prove that to. So far no airsofter has been prosecuted under that part of VCRA either so yeh. Customs generally only accept UKARA though and I've heard of players from continental Europe shipping their guns over to UKARA registered friends in the UK to use when they play.
  8. Protip: Just shoot less and buy better, heavier more consistent ammo that shoots further. I don't think I've ever - in recent memory - worried about the cost of BBs because of this.
  9. You can bulk buy Geoffs these days too from Outdoor and Tactical, but they are more than ASG. Depends how much you shoot I suppose. ASG are pretty great though - my go-to for a while.
  10. There is nothing about maintaining the coat like you say, and as VCRA only covers the point of sale and explicit manufacturing, I can't imagine there would be a huge issue. However, there are huge gaps in all parts of VCRA pertaining to airsoft so generally the 'don't be an idiot' rule is what we go by, because we don't want RIFs getting scrutinised again.
  11. They're good. I've had a couple of things from them. Also, no import costs because European Union yeknow. Anything you buy within the EU you'll pay their local VAT on and nothing more to import it, same as though you were buying it in the UK. You'll only pay duty on alcohol and cigarettes. Make the most of it while it lasts
  12. There's not much that we can do I'm afraid. I'd simply report them to your bank and make sure you have a receipt.
  13. The exclusion for that entire section is still related to a 'valid defence'. I'm not sure what you're talking about. The OP is asking whether any change from 51% bright colours is allowed - it's not without a valid defence. Be it through manufacturing, modifying or anything else. If you do have a valid defence then modify away as you're effectively exempted from all prosecution made through that part of VCRA. What's with the 'Fite me IRL' nonsense?
  14. I believe we've already clarified that. However, the nuance you're missing is what VCRA deems a 'valid defence' - though UKARA is accepted, there is no precedent for anything else. Some sellers - though I know we're talking about 'manufacturing' here - would accept pictures of you playing, a skirmishing site membership (without UKARA registration) and the like. That's where the grey is.
  15. The defence is there to be provided to the seller so that they're not committing an offence though. So yeh, whilst there's nothing illegal for the buyer to be without a defence, any seller that knows the law isn't going to sell to you without one so that's probably what he means.