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  1. Also take pictures periodically as you disassemble the first time. That with video tutorials makes it basically impossible to mess up anything as long as you're patient.
  2. Remember in airsoft barrel length doesn't matter much (hehe) so you'd be find with something even smaller like an MP7 or MP5 - there are some very nice ones out there.
  3. If there's one thing I like to skimp money on it's my invaluable, irreplaceable eyesight. As the others have said: Buy goggles with the proper ratings and please stop suggesting eye protection that doesn't have it - it's dangerous.
  4. I know what he does (he's been around for ages as be both know), but you need a reasonably expensive oven and bead blaster to do Cerekoting. Like you say, the wording makes it seem like he might outsource it so that seems more likely.
  5. Is he certified though? Cerakoting does take more steps than you'd expect for a normal paint job and can interfere with the workings of a GBB if not done properly. Also the bead blasting so the finish is even? Mine was £130 for the receiver (upper and lower) and a reasonably long rail. It was a two paint mix (but I don't think they charged any extra for that).
  6. I had mine done there too. Good service - all through email but pretty quick and nice work. They'll do custom mixtures too and were one of the more reasonably priced that I found.
  7. The only blow-back I know has been mentioned: DG M249. Very expensive and a pain to set up but genuinely still my favourite gun. Not hugely competitive but they do make noise that makes it feel like you're doing a better job of keeping people's heads down than you perhaps are. Thing is the kind of players who tend to be able to hit you consistently are generally unphased by the sort of thing and they'll just peak out between hails of BBs. So I don't generally find LMGs to be that much more effective than your usual rifle (or any other AEG). If you're buying it for that then I wouldn't bother. A bit more on the DG stuff here:
  8. If someone has the link, there's that video of the guy shining a light through his scope so as to get a projection of the reticule on the wall for aligning the optic in the scope rings properly.
  9. For me at a certain point fiddling with them became more enjoyable than just buying more, so I've been happy to slim down what I have so that I can spend money on new internals or custom builds.
  10. What?
  11. There's absolutely no way it's costing that much to run. <£100 at most. Of course giving an inflated value lets you justify higher donations or subscriptions to keep it running so... Edit Yep
  12. I don't disagree that remote lines are a personal taste, only that judgement really can't be passed until one tries it. I was of the same opinion for years too before one winter I got sick of having cooldown issues and bought some HPA stuff in the spring. But yeh, the line will allow that additional 'expansion chamber' that's so key for GBBRs, so it has got that going for it. I guess putting aside the issue of a line, I'd argue that going the extra bit and buying a proper HPA ring at that point is probably a better long-term solution, but this might serve a niche where people don't want to spend too much. Then again, Mancraft do a much nicer CO2 regulator that runs off bulbs with a very small lanyard-like line which I feel would be far more suited to most if this is just for pistol use (or even the careful GBBR user who isn't spamming too much).
  13. I would also state that the vast majority of people who use that an excuse to not use HPA or - in this case - green gas that needs a remote line, have never actually tried it. Sure, you notice the line for the first couple of hours, but most people don't even realise it's there at all after that. And like you say, being worried about looking like a scuba diver when we're playing cops and robbers in the forest with toy guns is a hilarious notion. If you get the opportunity for HPA, just ask a friend and see what it's like for a game. More often than not your excuse for not having it will switch from that to it being kinda prohibitively expensive for newcomers (which is a reasonable concern as a lot of it is overpriced and the upfront cost is really inflated). That said, the coiled hoses that this and things like the Tippmann use are a bit different as the memory of the coiled plastic means it's constantly pulling against you when it's unwound so it's a regular reminder that there's a line hanging from your gun. That's why I don't like the coiled ones at least, but I've only used the Mancraft pistol one so perhaps the full sized ones are fine (though I'd wager if anything they're worse).
  14. Yep, this is typically just the case with BBs over .30. Again a reminder: Longbows are the same as standard Geoffs, but the Super Precision Geoffs are more expensive because they're a different BB. If you're sniping then you may wish to try both and decide whether the Geoffs are worth the bit extra, but Geoffs being the same as Longbows isn't 100% true.
  15. Same packaging as BB King and very likely the same factory. They vacuum pack theirs as they're some of the last left that're hygroscopic (i.e. swell up as they adsorb water in the air). I would certainly avoid and stick to brands from factories that don't do that. Geoffs Super Precision are pretty excellent. Longbows and Geoffs Precision are basically the same so buy whichever is cheaper I suppose.