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  1. If they're gunked up maybe get some rubbing alcohol (or failing that just some surface cleaner) and press a piece of kitchen towel into the threads then twist. Keep doing until the kitchen towel stops picking up black. Otherwise you're basically going to be rubbing metal shavings etc. into the threads every time you remove it, which isn't good. If you want a good, semi-permanent lube then copper grease is great for this sort of thing and won't dissipate like silicone.
  2. As above: In fact it's typical for it to go go one or two turns as normally they're tapered.
  3. Likely the wrong thread (clockwise instead of anti-clockwise).
  4. Certainly worth looking in to. Thanks!
  5. Are you sure it's cheaper? It's always been about twice as much per ml. Check they've not listed the can sized incorrectly and that you're not misreading the label (Maintenance and Predator are both green). As Marc said: It's not really suited. Apart from anything you're going to need to clean your bucking sooner as they do have extra lube in.
  6. Really? They'll reglaze on a new prescription or is it if they break? That's a solid deal. And yeh, I just don't want to tread over old ground because people haven't read the thread before posting. This sounds like something new for sure though.
  7. Again, these companies don't see reglazing as a money-maker and would rather you 'take advantage' of their combined packages on frames + glaze. Frames can be marked up massively as they're just easily replicable bits of plastic and/or metal. Lenses are far more competitive off the high street. But ya know, for £50 you can basically get all the bells and whistles without even needing to walk into a shop as discussed previously in the thread.
  8. In my experience, even those people aren't bold enough to say anything about a 2-tone gun. Too busy comparing their trouser cuts anyway.
  9. Boots have also quoted me about 40% higher than I usually pay for a reglaze when I went in for an eye test. In fact I got my prescription updated last year and reglazed my old frames for the same £50 that I spent on the goggle inserts. I'm fairly certain the high streets are making 80% of their margin on the frames (which presumably are cheap as chips to make) and see reglazing as not worth their time to stay competitive on given all the online glazers. I also found their turnaround to be relatively slow compared to the 5 days I experiences with Glasses Direct.
  10. That's who I used and the exact same package that I went for too. Don't think it'll disappoint - their turnaround was very fast. I've posted up a fairly comprehensive review/guide on this in some other thread a couple of years back, but I can't find it. Probably should've put it in a standalone thread but hey
  11. Glasses Direct are who I used. There are cheaper though I believe, but they were very quick and easy and I wanted someone reputable for my first go and used them for the ease on the second pair. You can check they have the correct paperwork as they all require licensing so really you'll be fine anywhere that's been signed off.
  12. Well to put it this way: My prescription goggles are probably the single best thing I've ever bought for airsoft - I use them more than anything else that I own and being able to confidently spot the enemy team as effectively as anybody else is a really big deal even if I had no problems up to ~30m (after which my vision begins to blur slightly). I've even bought a second pair since - worth every penny. It of course depends on your prescription but I got mine glazed for about £50 on a £25 pair of goggles (ESS V12s) initially some years back and for £50 on a £140 pair of fan goggles (Revision Desert Locust with the thermal lens) a year or so ago as an upgrade to mitigate fogging. I've never worn glasses under goggles as my prescription is very slight (so slight that I'm only really concerned about my eyes for driving and airsoft), so I can't comment on whether it's a significant improvement over glasses or not, but I will say that it's relatively easy to get it done (beyond the money of course). It depends on the goggle but I found the inserts that I had to cover all of my field of vision so that wasn't an issue. I do make sure to apply anti-fog twice through a day. It might be best to borrow a pair of goggles and wear glasses under them to try it out. This might of course save a significant amount of money and if your eyesight is bad enough that you'll need to put glasses on immediately over say lunch, it could be a minor bonus to not have to fiddle about with finding them I suppose.
  13. Well I can certainly appreciate stuff like jet engines and tanks without being able to buy them. Guns are mechanically interesting in the same way imo and a lot of the booths (from what I've seen) do demonstrate stuff like that. Yacht shows are also good for this even if that stuff is technically attainable.
  14. Shot Show isn't primarily about toy guns. It's mostly the real stuff actually. Probably reasonably interesting.
  15. Same fill nipple thingy as it's fairly standard so yeh, you should be fine.