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  1. two feet of snow in N Ireland i think it's time for an airsoft tomorrow.
  2. KWA P226r/P229r
  3. ZOMBIE AIRSOFT far right Jason "boomer" team explosives nut
  4. i haven't been on this sight since the update so i thought id show off what ive been doing since give me a bit it only put up one picture
  5. i had the same problem get a bit of cord and wrap it around the front and back of your carrier easy as
  6. Me on the 10 and the 11th during a zombie match "DEAD ON"
  7. Id recommend this instead there is also a more compact one on the same site for less
  8. i was more of a fan of the first series but ive watched the other two
  9. you cant go wrong with 90's era dpms but i have to agree with Ian german para boots are great boots also i pair of gortex waterproof socks normally under a fiver
  10. i cant understand why or even how people can run out of ammo with a hi-cap i carry 12 mag 28 per mag i never run out but then again i carry 6-8 hi caps in my pack for the rest of my team
  11. my brother uses all black kit for his loadout never had any problems since we're as stealthy as a brick threw the window
  12. hay your back i was told you where dead also i thought the place was quieter for some reason
  13. you could go for a belt loadout instead of a vest i.e. mag pouch, butt pouch, drop pouch and a canteen pouch easy. As for a vest a miltec vest (i think that's the name) are quite good
  14. when it come to winter weather just add another set of trousers and jumper on simple, as for the snow multicam works well as dose acu but for cheap british army snow covers (trousers smock and helmet cover)
  15. ESS ICE glasses