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  1. Disappointment with G&P SR25 DMR

    So going back to the Op and slating the manufacturer. Having read the thread I just want to get this straight in my head: 1: you bought a brand new gun 2: you then gave said gun to a shop to do a crap load of work on it including fitting new tightbore, new hop rubber, upgrade spring/gearbox and fit a new motor. 3: you now have had loads of problems including a badly fitted hop rubber, locked to single shot breaking and range issues. I would put the blame firmly on the shop/tech who upgraded this, not the original manufacturer, as there is not much left original except the body, am I correct? Just thinking out loud.
  2. Can i sell my BBs

    Of course you are. They are not biodegradable or anything are they? Just have to factor in postage to the equation as they do weigh a bit.
  3. G&G m4 combat machine & battery help

    The 8.4V 2200mAh will give you around 12-14 hicaps worth of shooting at full charge on full auto or about 9-10 hicaps worth of shooting on single shot. If you are going to a full on, high pace woodland day, or a full on, high pace ccb place then you will have a battery that should last the day easily. If you are going to a "sit on your arse in a bush" type place, then it should last a month
  4. Accuracy help needed

    You will find that the following has happened: 1: hop nub: it has moved or is not sat correctly and is off centered to the left, causing it to spin right. Have a look down your barrel from hop unit end and have a look at how the nub is poking down into the barrel. 2: Inner barrel has moved: The inner barrel may have rotated slightly. Again from the gearbox end have a look at the hop unit and see whether or not the hop unit is crooked. 3: you are not shooting correctly. If you do not shoot the gun with it perpendicular to the ground then it will cause the hop to not be straight and the bb will curve left or right dependent upon your stance. (IE fire it gangsta stylee and it will curve straight up ) Gives you a few things to look at.
  5. chest rigs for the larger size person

    For cheaper options. The viper assault vests go upto about 62". As a larger older gent (think middle age continental drift),I prefer to use a belt and suspender system like good old PLCE or ALICE. Basically a belt around the middle with pouches on your hips for magazines and one or more on your kidneys for drinks/ammo and other stuff. I have both an assault vest and PLCE and prefer the PLCE.
  6. AK side rail mount

    Yes you would have to drill a couple of holes and add a small nut to the inside to secure, if you do not already have holes. Ronnyjodes, you need to look into the mounts which screw in just to the front of the magwell. From what I remember of my under folding stock AK, it does cover up the bit where the Ak side mount goes. You are looking for one of these things:
  7. AK side rail mount

    do you mean one of these things?
  8. bulldog b500a1 is it ok for cqb????

    Nope, nope, thrice nope. It is at best a backyard plinker, it is not a skirmishable gun as you will find it will disintegrate quite quickly. To play at an airsoft site, you are looking to spend £120-£150 on a skirmishable airsoft gun, not £50.
  9. Gear storage

    AEG's in a locked wall mounted cupboard in the garage. Kit in my grandad's WWII metal trunk from when he was in the RAF, with the backpack of day stuff on top of it. However it is dwarfed in comparison to all my re-enacting kit which now takes up a shed, spare room double wardrobe, and 2 sets of draws and part of the loft!
  10. Fitting an m4 stock to an AK

    According to one site the 039 is aluminum and the 040 is steel and aluminum, but don't know which bits are what.
  11. Fitting an m4 stock to an AK

    I said to Whitt via PM. I use my AK's till they break, or I get bored, sell them, then regret it 6 months later! The 039U I had I put about 15,000 rounds through it before the motor shorted out, £20 later I put another 15k through it before I sold it. My 040D was second or 3rd hand before I got it and I did naff all to it before I sold it a year later apart from shooting lots of bb's though it. I have dropped them onto concrete (sling point broke), ran into trees, lent them to idiots and chucked them in the boot of my car at the end of the day. Yes the quality of the external on an LCT will be better, but for bang for buck you can't beat a downgraded cyma I want another one...damn you all
  12. Fitting an m4 stock to an AK

    I had the CM039U for about a year. Had a 9.6v stick battery under the top cover, which fitted fine. I did change the wiring slightly and move the connectors to the rear end of the gun so the battery slid forwards more, made it easier to connect with my large sausage like fingers. Funnily enough I got it from Taiwan gun and had it downgraded to 310 fps. They are absolutely fine as they are. I put a good few thousand rounds through it as it was. The only thing I had go wrong was the motor, which shorted itself. Apart from that she was hot to trot. Good rate of fire and good range. No they are not the "best" of the cyma range, but you will be very happy with the result of buying one, getting it downgraded and go shooting, as that is about all you need to do. (unless you feel the need to tinker, in which case it will probably sit on your table for 6 months and never be as good as it did out of the box) ( I have also had a couple of 028's, an 040D and a 052 as well, as I like AK's, but change my mind a lot )
  13. NFL anyone?

    This is not a thread of "my oddly shaped ball is harder than your oddly shaped ball" it is a thread of who like a certain game. The only similarity in the two games is the shape of the ball. They require completely different sets of skills and abilities. If you wish to troll, sod off to Disney land.
  14. cyma m14 (battery problems)

    mAh = how long the battery lasts V = how much power it provides to the motor. So upping the mAh will mean that the battery lasts longer. As for somewhere to buy the battery try here Not sure what size or connector you want. Though I think it is a large tamiya type, and it goes in the stock. You can ask component shop to put a large connector on their batteries if you so wish. Having had a look here you probably need one of these with a tamiya connector on it
  15. Chinese PLA Camo are also reputable retailers. Highland camo is very good in the UK's autumn woods.