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  1. Anyone at Ace combat Brenchley tomorow ? Weighing up whether to give it a go

  2. Anyone make an off the shelf GBBR M16a2? Had a quick google and all I can find is custom builds or a Viper tech carbine mislabeled as an M16a2...

  3. Working down in Brighton for the next 3 weeks... anything worth checking out here airsoft or surplus wise?

    1. Dentonboy


      Crawley Surplus is 40 mins up the A23; well worth a visit.

      Surplus is thin on the ground, sadly.

  4. Gents, who's the go to man for a bit of custom work these days? Looking at having a high standard .22 HDMS made so will require a lot of fabrication lol

  5. TeddyBhoy

    DayZ Stand alone

    Right guys, a few of us play this (I'm buying it this afternoon and I'm on my way to town now to get a new headset) so lets start an AF-UK team. Whoever wants to join just say here, we'll organise ourselves and decide on whos going to be the leader etc. Also use this thread to discuss the game, share tips and tactics aswell as bugs to watch out for.
  6. TeddyBhoy


    Overall rating (1 - 10):10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No):Yes Any other comments: Really nice guy. Item arrived quickly and better packed than items I've received from a lot of retailers! Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again
  7. Gents, having some trouble sourcing parts for my CA 249. Need a lower front rail and Heat guard but nowhere has them in stock. Any suggestions on stores that will special order/source them? Zero one have said they don't work with CA and RDX tactical have had no luck so far ...

    1. Dechande


      G&P, A&K and TOP external parts will fit also. The G&P parts tend to be a bit nicer.

    2. Lozart


      Teddy, You have a PM

  8. anyone know which battery fits in a CA249 para handguard?

    1. TomC
    2. TeddyBhoy


      Thanks mate, couldn't find anything on my phone!

  9. TeddyBhoy

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just ordered a CA m249 para as a birthday present for myself next week
  10. Just tried to access the Ukara website and it says it no longer exists... Is UKARA now defunct or something ???

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    2. TeddyBhoy


      Strange. Their homepage comes up with an advertisement for their host "parallels" and says I'm seeing this page because the page I was looking for no longer exists

    3. TeddyBhoy


      Any other page just says "Not Found, the requested url was not found on this server "

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      http://www.ukara.org.uk/ might be your browser - try a new one or another laptop/phone/tablet - looks ok to moi on my crappy laptop
  11. TeddyBhoy

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Funnily enough that thought must of been had by the Rangers and delta in Mogadishu
  12. TeddyBhoy

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Are there any reputable brands of "Lipo bag" ? First time buying one, would rather buy something I know is going to work instead of a knock off that will just add fuel to the fire
  13. Evening gents, wondering if any of you who are more technically aware than myself can help diagnose my problem. Brought the gun to a tech to have the spring changed, learnt from him there were apparently some broken parts inside, I'm not going to pretend I remember the exact details but I vaguely remember something to do with the piston, piston head and maybe the tappet plate? Anyway he had quite a time putting it back together, apparently the gear box wouldn't sit far enough back in the lower reciever, and there was an issue with the trigger spring. He got it together, worked on full auto etc during testing. I haven't used it since, has been on top of my wardrobe awaiting me getting to a game. Tried to test fire tonight, and as it says in the title, when I put the gun into Auto it behaves as if the gun is set to safety. Trigger won't budge at all... I'm wondering what could be causing this, and if using it as is on semi would potentially cause damage it?
  14. G&P selector installed , gun working perfectly now. Thanks for the help gents. SHS reinforced selector plate not compatible in the slightest , you can see that just by comparing the two - bad job tech lol.
  15. Cheers duck they are actually bolts, was repeating the slosh I'd read from the otherside of the pond lol.
  16. Sorry for the delay in reporting back - motor plate screw stripped and couldn't get it out. Had the gun apart and I think the problem lies with the selector plate being incompatible. I think its an SHS re-inforced type, and the extra meat might be causing too much resistance? There were shavings of plastic coming out of the grooves that hold the selector plate on. I put the gearbox back in the lower receiver without the body pins to hold it in place, and the selector would move the selector place as it should about 75 percent of the time. Put the middle body pin in and if I pressed the front of the gearboxs downwards, it would usually move as it should. Rear body pin goes in and it doesnt go back far enough... Anyway I've just ordered a G&P low resistance polymide selector plate from firesupport so will see how I get on with that! On a side not, anyone know where I can get replacement motorplate screws? Saw on a yank forum about them being M3 machine screws , does anyone have any experience with that being true?
  17. I'm off out to the shops just now to get a long handled screwdriver so I can get the gearbox out of the receiver and some expoxy to add some material to the selector plate. Will report back and let you know how I get on gents, thanks for the help so far !
  18. Right lads pushing the selector plate back a smidge when in the auto position does indeed make it shoot automatically as it normally should... Problem is then when I put it into semi the problem re-establishes itself meaning the plate has to be pushed back each time. Also, sometimes when switching back to Semi, semi sometimes locks up but is fixed by going to safe and then back to semi. From what I can see the selector plate isn't going back far enough. There does look to be a cut-out for the rear body pin so I'm assuming this isn't causing the problem. Unfortunately I don't know which parts were fitted but from what I can see down the side of the gear box ( I cant get the gearbox out of the receiver yet as I've lost my long handled screw driver for taking off the buffer tube screw) its pretty much a case of this selector plate not going far enough back. About half way along the selector plate there is a small cut out with a spring inside it, the spring itself seems to be bent with the end which is nearest the front of the gun going in towards the gear box. Could this bent spring be the problem? Hoping this could be as simple as getting someone reputable ( or possibly even myself if its easy) to fit a new selector plate if it turns out this one isnt compatible. I know its quite a cheap one, and neon yellow if that helps in identifying it at all?
  19. Unfortunately seeing as I left it on top of my wardrobe for so long before checking it again I'm out of their "7 day guarantee on repairs" To be honest I wouldn't take anything back to them as they didn't seem to be too savvy and I'd not trust them to mess it up even more... Anyways an update, I said before that the trigger wouldn't budge on auto, however when I took the upper receiver off I noticed it moved a little bit more than on safe. Connected a battery and tried it, didn't work as before. However, pulling the trigger really hard makes it click into place and it then fires on auto... So I'm thinking is this more of a trigger related issue? To clarify, trigger won't go back and acts as if its on safety, a VERY hard trigger pull that would make you think you were going to break it, causes the trigger to snap backwards and it fires. On releasing the trigger you have to then repeat the hard trigger pull to get it to go back. Trigger is however smooth as anything and very light on semi?
  20. Just turned the room upside down looking for my hex keys so I could check, can I hell find them lol. ( one of the take down pins is a hex bolt, G&P and their whacky ideas) The guy they had working on it was a bit of an "apprentice" I think, I was able to sit in the small shop and watch while he kept asking the boss for help so the screw idea might not be out of the realms of possibility. As above I cant find my hex keys to get the gun apart and confirm any of these ideas. I'll not skirmish it this morning as I'd planned to do, I'll go buy a new set of hex keys instead and try and see what's going on inside to give you guys a better idea of whats happening
  21. Any good Surplus stores in or around Glasgow? Ideally with some American kit... Can only really find Go-Army, Adventure one or Leith Army stores online