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  1. Got these the other day, they fit over my specs are super comfy. all the usual anti fog and anti scratch. Used them for some chainsawing in the cold and they were great. didnt fog at all and it was -1 out. They are super clear and really lightweight too.
  2. Thats all you need to make your receiver removable.
  3. It is and ive added a grub screw to lock it. set up at the start of your day and lock it for the duration The other end of the regulator is in the removable stock so changing bulbs is simple. I want to suss out a way to quick release the stock to make it even easier. Plus you chuck out all the weights in the stock. Also no exposed tubing to get pulled out. Added a festo inline between the reg and the piston so the receiver comes out without taking the stock apart. Give it a try lads, its like it was made for it.
  4. Mancraft fits great in the stock!
  5. Heres my mancraft kit installed in my well mb01. Awesome kit. Still not heard from Nick Woodhead, despite emailing the adress provided by him in this thread. Wonder how long it will be before i get a reply?
  6. Mancraft in poland awesome, great customer service, order updates, tracking and stuff arrives promptly. Would happily and will definitely be shopping with you again. Nick woodhead, airsoft imports mancraft gb whatever you want to call yourself..... piss poor show. YOU need to be contacting the people you have taken money from and making apologies, and giving refunds. You could have answered the phone or replied to emails sent to both your businesses. Customers you have misled should not have to chase you for information or refunds. I am still waiting for a reply to several emails. You could have sent me a message on here now that you have seen this thread and made some excuses. When i receive my refund i will post here to let everyone know that you are trying to do something to put this right.
  7. Hi guys I built this a few years ago. Im getting round to finishing it off. Please ignore the woodwork i was just mocking up. ive got some nice mahogany to make a proper set once its all fitting right. Ive made a kuba mk1 hpa setup for it housed in a cut down v2 gearbox and im using a classic army g3 hop unit as they are mega stable. 650mm psg1 barrel puts the chamber in the real steel position. Yet to make any mags. Where im stuck is, i need somebody to make me an fcu to run the firing solenoid. Here is the fcu ive tried but ive had no luck getting it working. I am hopeless with electronics. So any electronic engineers fancy helping me out please? beer tokens will be provided. Its about time this thing got finished.
  8. I hope it dosent affect them adversely and that everyone sends their business directly to mancraft in poland. I also hope airsoft imports get herpes from a toilet seat.
  9. Kit arrived from mancraft poland today. only took 5 days from date of purchase. Cant fault them. very happy not heard from the other turds tho.
  10. Mods please could you edit the tread title to imports, not impressed. Not affiliated with mancraft poland. or something along those lines. Thanks
  11. Ive still had no contact from this company, not that i expect any Ive ordered a kit from mancraft in poland. I intend to notify them of this thread so they know somebody is tarnishing their name and reputation. Will keep you guys informed.
  12. Ive started the chargeback this morning. Just thought id warn others that this guy is a thief.
  13. I hate to have to do this but im pissed off and i dont want anyone else to get taken. Ordered some items from these guys on 21st october. No goods, no response to email, doesn't answer phone calls. is their website. says they are a uk distributor of mancraft kits. They are not affiliated with mancraft, (who are honest guys who make awesome stuff). Ive reported them to trading standards. Hope they dont get to rob anyone else.