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  1. Cat in the 3rd pic lol. Looking at you like “don’t you even think about it..” Picked up an ICS UKSR stock..
  2. I always loved the daft age limits. 16 to join the army... 18 to buy call of duty lol for the most part, i find UK airsoft rather well rounded. The FPS limits are reasonable (Although i wouldn't mind a little higher). For the most part the player base is decent. I'd end up killing one of those whiny Americans.. And UKARA, while being incredibly flawed, doesn't really impede any real airsofter over the age of 18. Assuming money isn't the issue, just get a 2 tone. Nobody will think any less of you for playing with one.
  3. So good I bought a second one.
  4. If I’m running my MWS gbbr I use 3+1 35rd Mags and have a small, 90bb speedloader in a pistol pouch just in case. If I’m bored and just want to run around and shoot, then TM recoil scar H with one 540 round hi-cap
  5. Awesome! G28 added to my basket!
  6. Anyone have any experience buying from them. They seem to have great reviews. I'm more concerned about and shipping/import costs. I'm looking to order something for €1000. The place is in France so I shouldn't get hit with any taxes or fees, should I? Thanks wolf
  7. If you buy an off the shelf sniper rifle then yeah, you're gonna struggle. But a well set up one will always have a decent range advantage over an AEG. If you're in range of the guy with the m4 who's hosing you down, then you're not playing as a sniper. The idea is you should almost always be untouchable.
  8. I was supposed to go to Anzio last Saturday with my little bro but the dick didn't get out of bed, so I went on my own. Went with the flow of people for the first couple of hours, decided to lone wolf it for a bit until I got talking to a guy called Tyler. His first game there. Me and him spent the last few hours clearing buildings with epic success. Can't remember the last time I had so much fun. I've never felt like I couldn't talk to anyone once. We're all big kids playing soldier!
  9. Depends on your budget. If you're talking a rifle and money isn't an issue (and you've decided GBBR's are definitely for you) the TM MWS m4 is phenomenal. It works flawlessly. Will happily empty mags in semi or auto and has genuinely mind blowing consistently. Range and accuracy is as good as any AEG I've ever owned. Downside is it's expensive. You're talking £450 for the gun and £50 per mag. The cheap way of doing things id reccomend a WE G36c. You can buy them new for about £170 but I'd suggest finding a good second hand one on the classifieds with a few extra mags. I picked one up with 4 mags for about £200 a while back. It doesn't match the range/accuracy/consistency of the TM, but it works and can easily be improved upon. Now if you mean a pistol.. anything TM. I've got a WE g18c which works fine but isn't particularly accurate. A kwa usp tactical which I love but is inefficient and a TM fn5-7. The thing does everything I ask of it. (And it has a plastic slide in real steel, so I didn't feel as let down by the construction lol) if this is something you've not thought about properly then go to your next match with your AEG and load 30 rounds in each mag and see how you get on. If you can't do it, gas ain't for you.
  10. Got any pics. Always had a soft spot for a famas. Particularly the SV
  11. No worries. Out of curiosity, what famas do you have?
  12. It's semi auto just like the real thing. Kicks like it too lol.
  13. It's basically the m4 of pistols. Very easy to personalise and make your own. While I prefer the usp, there's not a great deal you can do with them. You've seen one, you've seen them all
  14. Make: WE Gun/Model: SVD Dragunov Accessories: none Condition: very good FPS: Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no/ MWS mags or vortex red dot Price/Payment: £200 Pictures: WE svd for sale. Bought with the intention of making a HPA'd gbbr sniper but never bothered. Never skirmished. Easily the hardest kicking gbbr I've owned, and I've owed a hell of a lot! Selling because I've bought an mws and am looking to getting a decent set up for it. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  15. And it's arrived!