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  1. They’re usually those sh*t celcius stuff with a couple of systema parts from JD
  2. He saw the light in the end.. that’s all that matters lol
  3. My first bit of nice gear. Warrior assault systems recon plate carrier
  4. They’ve gone up in price. I got mine from surplus store for £430 and £35 for mags. Me and Dave need to stop going on about them in the hopes they drop in price lol. Fire-support have mags for about £44 I believe
  5. Best decision you’ll ever make. Was camp raids cheapest for mags?
  6. Usually I would run it on a single point around my neck, but I’m getting a bit pissed off with it when I use it as a secondary. Has anyone used the TMC or something similar? What are your thoughts?
  7. Zero one airsoft. Just checked. Safe to say they are no longer £35 lol.
  8. Mws mags are much cheaper than GHK mags. I think I paid £35 for mine. I bought 3 and I got a mag with each of the two guns obviously
  9. You don’t seem to know what you want (which is fair enough as the choice is staggering). If you want the least amount of fuss, decide on the style of gun you want and buy an AEG version. For the most part they all shoot pretty comparatively. If you want the realism with the performance than any of the GBBR’s I’ve mentioned.
  10. If you can’t afford to maintain a combat machine, how are you going to maintain a TM recoil? mags are twice as expensive, parts are twice as expensive..
  11. Do not under any circumstances take it on public property or private without permission. For a start, that’s an awesome way of getting shot by actual bullets. Why cant you test it at the game. It takes literally 2 minutes to set your hop up. Anything else you can test in your house with a cardboard box
  12. How old are you exactly? the TM is the best for sake of relevance
  13. To be clear? Your asking for money so we can buy you a gun? Best of luck... *grabs popcorn* Jedi, please give me an hour or 2 of enjoyment before you close this
  14. That’s very interesting. Just skimmed through it and while I knew a lot, it answered something I’ve always had an idea about but never got a definitive answer to. How temperature affects range in terms of air density.