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  1. The MWS. The gas m4
  2. Best thing I’ve ever bought. Works in the pissing rain, the freezing cold. Has a nice kick, built rock solid unlike the NGRS which are like toys. Outshot my upgraded NGRS Scar H in range and accuracy. And with a deviation of 3fps over 10 shots
  3. Loads of places sell them. I’ve bought 2 already lol. 35 is all you need, you just have to change your play style a little
  4. Neither. Buy a TM MWS. It’s the future. If I had to pick.. 416
  5. That all? Standard ones are £450 new. Guess I’ll keep hold of it. Thanks, mate.
  6. I’m thinking about selling my PSG-1 but I honestly have no idea how much it’s worth. As it stands, the mods are full systema FTK kit (£350?) G&G magnesium receiver (£130) PDI chamber block (£115) guarder sp120 spring 400fps (£12) Guarder steel stock pins (£10) g&g barrel mounted sling loop (£18) 70 round G3 midcap (£20) 2 barrels. One is the gun is a light weight ported one and there’s what I believe to be a Prometheus spare barrel. spare parts like a polycarb piston, tappet plate, original receiver. Just trying to get a ballpark figure.
  7. FNX tactical mp7 creation recoil spring aeg W hold bucking for GHK m4 cheapo tactical light which isn’t actually bad. Really need an osprey...
  8. It is now, but it’s no longer for sale at the min. It’s having a one off, adjustable nozzle and hop fitted.
  9. Works fine on my phone. Bought and sold a few things already
  10. Make: kwa Gun/Model: USP tactical Accessories: esd hop/barrel kit Condition: very good FPS: Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: FNX 45 mags Price/Payment: £95 Pictures:
  11. Used them twice. Very happy with the service and delivery
  12. As someone who bought an angry gun hop up chamber for the MWS from HK... just don’t. In the uk it was £70. In HK is was $50. By the time I’d paid for the postage, paid The £6 tax and the £12 fee that fedex charges for paying your tax without permission.. oh, and let’s not forget the 4 week wait... never again.
  13. Sub £90? Might buy another pair lol
  14. I’ve had mine for a couple of months now. Think I paid £145 for them and they were the cheapest I could find.
  15. I’m not a gear whore. I run cheap pants, a cheap shirt and a cheap plate carrier. I did run cheap £30 ‘tactical’ boots for a bit, but they don’t last. There’s nothing worse than running around Anzio with cold wet feet for 8 hours. I bought some Lowa GTX (Z8n?) boots and they are out of this world. They are comfy, supportive and waterproof (stand in a bath waterproof). Makes the world of difference to have nice boots when it’s cold and wet.