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  1. Magpul Sentries Are Great, But I Prefer The G&P Magpul Moe M4's - As it has Great G&P Internals, With Magpul Ergonomic Externals! Also there is a thread similar to this open, might wanna keep an eye on that too.. http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/13163-best-m4-in-the-l300-to-l500-bracket/ -Wardeneo
  2. Agreed... Having Used Madbull Precision, King Arms, Excells, Asg Blasters, ICS Any Many Others, My Top 3 Would Be The Madbull Precisions, ASG Blasters and Excells (in that order too). -Wardeneo
  3. Agreed but also note G&G Also do a Hk 416 (called t4-18 - http://www.proairsoftsupplies.co.uk/acatalog/gen_2_t4_18.html ) - Which are amazing, Full Metal Body Ofc, it has locking dust cover, working forward assist, and G&G pneumatic blow back system - which imo is best blowback system (bar gas blow back) as it uses a second piston to operate - which means if the system ever fails it doesn't jam the gearbox like mechanical systems and doesnt drain your battery like electric systems. also if you order from http://www.proairsoftsupplies.co.uk - you can get Generation 2 G&G models for generation 1 prices. (Generation 2 has higher torque motors, better n more efficient wiring, and 6.03mm Tight bores as standard!) With regards to G&P, Sentries are nice, But Im a Big Fan Of The G&P Magpul Moe M4's - There Amazing. -Wardeneo
  4. ics all the way mate liam
  5. If ur gonna spend that much on a standard looking m4 carbine - at least get a blowback one - id get this... http://www.proairsoftsupplies.co.uk/acatal...r_top_tech.html It's G&G top tech range with blowback... Personally I wouldn't get the standard looking m4's but it's personal preference.. http://www.proairsoftsupplies.co.uk/acatal...w_back_CM_.html Or http://www.proairsoftsupplies.co.uk/acatal...fle_m4_gun.html Both are great guns and they look better and a lot cheaper - great for beginners and a lot of veterans use these as backups as there cheap and offer amazing performance for the cost... Liam
  6. This! Liam
  7. Dude I still cant believe u still aint bought a gun get?!?!?!?!???!!!! To answer the question - as marksman said - just blowback..... Liam
  8. Only problem I've ever had with my gen 3 src g36 is the mag wobble - its never been bad enough to misfeed bit with one wrap of electrical tape around the top part of the mag - just below the mag catch - and that eliminated 90% of my mag wobble... Liam
  9. 6.03mm is the most common and generally considered best all round.. You can get 6.01mm but then you have to use the highest quality ammo and regular maintenance as the tighter barrel is easier to get blocked... As with most aeg's go 6.03mm route - u won't be disappointed... As to the length I prefer to have a slightly shorter barrel length than the maximum you can have ( say your barrel is 500mm and with silencer you can fit a 560mm - id try and get a 550mm) This way it's harder for dirt to get in the inner barrel - the end of the barrel is not as exposed and that slightly shorter length isn't going to make a difference big enough for you to notice.. Also if your do get a longer TBB - make sure your allways using the silencer -I know it's common sense but there's plenty of people out there have not done this and bent/buckled/f*cked up the end of the inner barrel.. Liam
  10. Pretty much this.. And to rubenr - I may be wrong but it seems like your trying to buy everything in a rush with a lower than needed budget - so why don't u just get the basics and then get the good gear when u have the money? ^^ Jut take your time - not having everything doesnt mean you can't enjoy or be good at the sport... Liam
  11. Tm vsr 10 gspec, action army zero trigger and piston , action army spring guide, laylax spring, 430mm 6.02 TBB (passed through into silencer), nikko sterling 3-90x40 scope and a few other mods/accessories to go with it Liam
  12. I Do agree - m14 is best platform for a dmr - but nothing beats a boltie for a sniper IMO ^^ Liam
  13. Tm vsr 10 is probably the single most excellent sniper out there.... Which is why I and do many others have one - and like ours with upgrades there awesome! Liam
  14. Yes! I agree - we have had a million threads on the same question and myself an many others have given u countless answers - its been like 2-3 months do u must have ukara by now! - jut get one!!!!! Lol Liam
  15. Dont bother!!! Hire for 3 games - get ukara - then get a RIF - JOB DONE!!! If you insist in getting a two tone an then spraying it then do so but it will never loos as good (unless you opt for a custom camo paint job) Liam