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  1. Close... Guernsey... our sister island but they are under the same UK Customs guide line as us however just so you know your package is subject to customs check when coming from and too the CI
  2. I would Ban ELITE for having a Huge Sig...
  3. +1 above... Accept from judging them on the state it arrived in why dont you investigate if your that truly bothered As for the sh*t paint and the tech problems everyone has there off day and if you contacted them i am sure they would of helped you out And for the User Manual my JG came with a CA M4 S-System User Manual when it was a JG M4 CQB! Ring them up and allow them to explane
  4. Just rough it up.... Most cars have 10 or 12 layers of paint because of accident repairs and you wouldn't even notice That way you wont cock up your plastic and you can have it any colour you want
  5. I did post a guide.... lol
  6. I keep disserpearing i know.... Whats happened since i was gone? I noticed i am still the second highest post though...
  7. How did ya guess that!
  8. Some of these comments are getting abit personal!
  9. Thanks lol
  10. Well i have ditched that idea for a Promo Video for my MC
  11. PowerDirector.... It dosnt handle HD very good I will consider changeing thanks
  12. That is gonna be very hot in the summer... and them lenses might not be up to scratch
  13. Then it was out to meet the rest pf Jersey!
  14. I took part in the Holidays For Heros Big Rideout today... But first abit of a warm up around the local gokart track!!
  15. £72 for a pair of trousers!! i am alright thanks!