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  1. Pachmayr 1911 American legend grips

    Make: Pachmayr Item: 1911 Grips Desired Condition: Great Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: No stupid prices Need them in great condition in Rosewood.
  2. CO2 pistols.

    Well, when ur at home with nothing else to do, it always best to just invest time into as much little info you can get hold of lol glad it has helped ya mate
  3. CO2 pistols.

    I got told that the m1911 co2 mag's are the same for the Meu and you can get them from JD Airsoft for £35 if that helps?
  4. CO2 pistols.

    No worrys pal, my mate was pissed off as he bought one from Patrol Base at £139.99 and then i showd him that site 2 months later and he was gob smacked as he could hav saved £40.....but thats life good luck, dont forget to let us know what you got pal
  5. CO2 pistols.

    Not sure about the Sig Co2 version as of yet, but i came across this little sitethe other month and i think there very great for the price seen as some of the guns they are selling are about £30-£40 cheaper then alot of the other sites.... they also hav a facebook page aswell hope this helps
  6. CO2 pistols.

    KJ Works are your best bet for a Co2 pistol...they hav about 6 different types out at the moment with more on the way.....i was looking at getting the KJ Works M1911 Co2 one at £119.99 but the mags are £35+ each and i cant afford it all as i was going to get 2 extra mags, a total of about £200 including p&p, but i have only just come across the STI TAC MASTER which is best of both worlds and only cost's £79.99 and the Co2 mags are £29.99, a total of £160 including p&p and i think i will be getting that at the end of the month or next month, either way im gunna go with the STI TAC MASTER
  7. The Walking Dead & Game of Thrones (SPOILERS)

    the us had it aired on sunday as we hav it tonight (friday) just does my head in with mid season for GOT S2 bring it on, im just 6 chaps into book 5 A Dance With Dragons and it keeps getting better with every book
  8. airsoft commandos

    I still wanna try this place out, but i will need to invest in some midcaps anyway just to try it out to see it i like using them me and a mate will prob come down soon to try the site out, seen as its like a 20 min drive away, but its only the fps limit that has put us off, but mine is now shooting between 315-330 but my mates shoots 330-345. if we do come down it will be about april/may time as none of us has the funds for any games at the mo, family comes first thanks for the feedback guys and will hopefully see you down there some time soon
  9. airsoft commandos

    hi mate, ive not been to site as of yet, but i was talking to a few of the lads that go there the other week and they seem like a great bunch of lads... just remember its more of a club rather then an open skirmish site. the only thing that has put me off from going there is the that i asked what there fps limit was and if you had to use certain size mag's........the reply was, 328 fps max and only mid caps or less, i dont hav no mid caps and my gun shoots 340 fps with -5+ but i still wouldnt mind trying there site out
  10. ehobbyasia (just magz)

    thanks for the heads up mate, will hav alook on there as i havnt been on there website yet
  11. ehobbyasia (just magz)

    sounds great, not sure if i would get a pistol tho, knowing my luck, i would get stung by the taxman really bad :/
  12. ehobbyasia (just magz)

    whatever pmsl
  13. ehobbyasia (just magz)

    didnt know it was that easy, cheers lol oh well......MAGS
  14. ehobbyasia (just magz)

    not asking for a price on tax, just what would happen when it arrives over here in customs? mags, magz...dosnt matter which way as ppl still know what ur on about lol
  15. ehobbyasia (just magz)

    cheers mate, but im still open to more info about this...