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  1. Tiffany never actually made these guns AFAIK, there's a lot of pictures around online that would suggest it but they're all rigged up. A New York fashion store selling firearms? I think anyone who knows the politics in NYC and amongst the US (or indeed global) fashion industries generally will see the unlikelihood of that: First picture makes it look real right? Except there's no box there that the gun would actually fit in. The cardboard bag and the draw-string bag are just packaging from jewellery or whatever. Though if anyone has a definite link from Tiffany's themselves proving me wrong I'd be honestly interested in seeing that. Either way, paint job looks well done, it's a unique colour and for me personally definitely an improvement on some of these 'Glock' models WE put out.
  2. ..s because they churn stuff out as cheaply as they physically can from whichever factory in china has the manufacturing capacity available and then slap their name on to all sorts of crap with a pretty nice mark up. I'm sure the odd bit is ok but mostly the quality just is not there. But a few of the airsoft celebs get given the stuff for free to review and automatically give it 5 stars, so all the newbies get suckered in. It's a pretty BS system.
  3. A duck is not a duck is not a duck; brands vary substantially across their range. Condor have made some stuff in the US to higher spec, most of it is made in China to a very low spec. Every metric you could feasibly measure about this stuff puts the quality way lower than Warrior (or similar) for the majority of Condors' product line. The MOPC isn't really a 6094 either but we're getting in to the weeds if we go down that route; it'd take me ages to type it all out and most people (rightly) wouldn't care. If something 'claims' to be something, but the price doesn't match the claims... well if it's too good to be true, it usually is. Around the entire globe, the fabric, thread, webbing and velcro costs what it costs; skilled sewing labour hours is what varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Lots of TMC stuff on EBA made of real cordura, but it costs less than Warrior made of the same 500D, which costs less than a Crye JPC made of that same fabric, because Crye spend a ton of money employing highly skilled American workers to take a lot of time on each piece. Warrior's made in China but the sewing is done by decently skilled people and it is quality-checked pretty thoroughly, so it's bumping up there with the big boys. I disagree your wallet will be happier with cheaper gear in the long term and this is coming from well over a decade of using and buying every type of gear out there in pretty stupid quantities, however your money is your money, it's not like you're making the worst decision ever. I just want everyone who comes here and takes the time to read to go in to any purchase with their eyes fully open and with a little bit more information to hand; I still fully stand behind what I said in my first post in this thread. Knowledge is power. As is, to speak generally, patience and saving up. Except exceptions don't prove rules. Every discussion board ever is absolutely chock full of "I/this one guy I know uses an XYZ and it's fine" but a sample size of <5 (to be very generous) is honestly irrelevant in the scheme of things, certainly when discussing products from inconsistent manufacturers. Certainly not denying you've seen what you've seen and the experience is a valid one, as I said above, some of the budget stuff holds up fine. But betting on zero is still long odds on a roulette wheel. Despite the way this all probably reads I'm not here to tell people what to do, but I've learned a few things over the years and I think there's a little bit of misleading stuff floating around here, to some extent. Then again I probably have a really skewed opinion so.. f*ck it, ha.
  4. I've not been on the UK Tac site for a little while, but looking now the RPC is the same price as the DCS (at least in tan). The DCS is a decent piece of gear, but it's an obsolescent design comparatively, the modular panels on the RPC and the clips on the cummerbund (vs the football pitch of velcro) just make far more sense in every way. I've been through a lot of design and I setup all my PCs with the same features as the RPC these days, it's really invaluable.
  5. Updated BCM AEG build, based on an out-of-production Avalon/VFC.
  6. There's some decent CYMA AKs, no doubt, but LCT is a definite step up. That's a definite case where you're going to see the difference for the money, I'm surprised there's such a small gap to be honest. Unless LCT have some new 'sportline' I'm not aware of, pretty clear choice.
  7. There's a reason I left them off the list. £550 for an Ares is not a wise investment.
  8. Manufactured as semi-only is your real limitation, not too many of those around. Apart from that G&G the only thing that springs to mind is the Real Sword SVD that would have decent internals and was actually manufactured in more than double figures, maybe some of the VSS/VAL replicas out there. I've seen people make nice things out the KJW 10/22 but it's trickier with the inconsistency of propane, if you really want the optimum performance you'd actually be well served by an HPA setup. WGC actually have stock of the TM PSG-1, but man the externals on those things ain't so great by modern standards and trying to make the internals handle 450 would be hard hard work.
  9. From what I've seen of Condor (I've owned a couple of bits in the past and I pick up lots of their stuff any time I'm in a shop or at an expo) their material selection, stitch alignment, stitches per inch, rate of bar-tacking, overlapping and overall reinforcement and design was barely any better than the really, really cheap stuff. So I never personally recommend it to people, especially when you can get mil surp webbing and the like that's absolutely bomb proof for far less money; or again just take the time scouring all the classifieds/ebay/FB. It's hardly like UK Tac are the only option either, you can get even better stuff than WAS for less money: If we're talking about not deploying in gear, you don't need hard plates to save your life from BBs so look at chest rigs and belts instead; all the same carrying capability in the real world but far less complocated to produce and hence generally cheaper. Just went through the entire Vests section on Mil1st, wouldn't recommend 95% of it, either very poorly made or over-priced for what it is. Couple of 5.11 bits that would be ok, Flyye is built better than Condor usually and a couple of the items aren't insanely priced, but when you can get Warrior, BULLE or Tac Tailor for the same (or far less) money, none of it really makes any sense. I've no doubt there's a metric sh*t ton of gear from there that's floating around the airsoft world, but you can get higher quality for less money if you just look around more.
  10. Make: Crye Precision Item: G3 Combat Shirt Condition: spankin' Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Cash only thanks Price/Payment: £200 all in Pictures: Below Fresh-out-the-packet, unworn, washed or used. Earlier non-Drifire version, standard 50/50 NYCO sleeves and collar. If you wear a med-reg just roll up the sleeves a couple of times for that hero look and you're ready to rock. Any questions at all you have drop me a line.
  11. In so far as it's a plate carrier with PALS on the outside (traits almost all PCs share), otherwise those are not actually anything alike. Speaking generally here; let me lay down a simple fact based on many years of experience. Almost universally everybody buys a generic chinese brand off ebay or 8fields, Viper, Condor, TMC, you name it. Then they upgrade within a fairly short space of time; for any one multitude of reasons. Either comfort, inferior stitching failing or just wanting that higher level of gear. Again almost universally that initial £40-60 purchase gets binned and the investment is lost entirely because it holds no re-sale value and the people who buy this 'beginner' gear aren't generally looking in the classifieds anyway. They're going straight to retailers because they aren't ware there's another option. Some of the really cheap gear holds up, there's no arguing that, sometimes you do get lucky. But then again, a fair amount doesn't and the stitching pops 1st or 2nd or 3rd game. If you base your opinion of something from these cheaper brands on 1 or 2 people online saying it's good, you entirely fail to take in to account the very low (if any) rate of QA checking employed in the manufacture of said products. It's a gamble, has been since this sort of thing started to proliferate and always will be. Now if you are on a tight budget which is entirely understandable and want to choose to gamble on the real cheap stuff, that's entirely your decision, but my opinion formed on a lot of evidence is that if you're on a budget gambling on cheaper kit makes, if anything, far less sense. If I only had a pound to my name I'm buying tesco value noodles, not a scratch card (to take it to an extreme). I've said this same thing in many many guises over the years, very rarely listened to but almost always proven correct. It is what it is.
  12. Yep, sales and classifieds. Most common new player mistake by far is ending up buying utterly turd gear made of chinese used bubble gum direct from a retailer when they could've had some quality stuff for £2.50 more (or often, actually less) by digging around. This place and zero-in have classifieds chocked with stuff, there's ebay as mentioned and check all the airsoft/militaria/kit sales groups on facbook.
  13. Compared to a standard old-school 1913 railed handguard (which I'm pretty sure is the real question here) a KeyMod handguard with pic rail segments attached will be around the same overall external diameter, but that is taking an average because old style quad rails could vary quite a lot from brand to brand and model to model. However your KeyMod rail will 'look' fat by modern standards and because the areas with the rail attached will be comparatively a lot thicker then the rest of the handguard that's just plain KeyMod. If you want to mount a laser or something along those lines which can only screw on to picatinny 20mm rail then just mount it on the 12 o/clock rail that's already there. Otherwise, as above, get KeyMod specific accessories. I believe Krytac KeyMod is cut to real spec so you'll want accessories from either real companies or PTS ideally. I don't know how well airsoft spec accessories attach to real spec handguards, no personal experience.
  14. Fire enough shots there's always a chance you'll hit the target eventually.
  15. Only the 5.1 is an actual Hi-Capa, which is a sort of copy of the RS 2011, itself a 1911 style gun with a double stack (wider) magazine. So with the 5.1 you get a lot more gas capacity due to the bigger mag but the grip area of the frame is a lot fatter, vice versa for 1911 style guns, so pick your poison. The Night Warrior is basically just a 1911, bit more modern styling. The Desert and Foliage Warriors are slightly shorter barrelled 1911s. Strike Warrior is smaller again. Basically all of them are the exact same gun to break it down to the very simplest raw terms. You lose a bit of muzzle velocity as the barrel gets shorter, that's about it. There is no 'best' of the lot and that term is far too broad and generalised. Pick whichever one you like the look of. Or if you want more choice in holster options get the standard 1911A1 or MEU, not having the rail on there means they'll fit more holsters on the market (or unscrew the rail from the Night if you don't mind 2 small holes being left there).