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  1. My 2 main haunts the past few years have been the Mall and AA's the billet. Though the billet is a really small site and you pretty much play every game the same way (in my experience) so I can only stomach it maybe twice a year absolute max, whereas the mall I keep going back because there's just so many rooms and corridors and all the facilities and everything surrounding it are hard to beat. X-Site's outpost is decent and I've been to Strikeforce a couple of times but that's even smaller than the billet.
  2. Yep, could be a lot worse. In France stuff like gas masks and armour vests (and other gear) come under some similar laws to firearms with various weird restrictions. Germany's FPS limits are suuuuuper low, no full auto, DMRs/BA rifles are pointless, they're not even allowed lasers or lights attached to airsoft guns from what I've heard german players saying. Airsoft came close to basically being banned here when the VCRA was first coming in, if it weren't for some hard fought political rallying the whole scene would've pretty much died in 06.
  3. If you want to spend a bit for maximum comfort in cool and damp weather, replace poly/cotton standard uniforms (shirt and trousers) with softshells made of good quality nylon fabrics. Softshell that actually does what it's supposed to isn't the cheapest though so it can take some searching. You need to avoid fleece-lined shells despite what your first instinct might say, because that lining will likely just over heat you unless it's really freezing and it takes longer to transfer sweat from inside to out. The new layers they issue with PCS are decent and it's all available really cheap on eBay; you get far more value from issued stuff sold as surplus vs anything new commercial, in spite what the fancy product descriptions say (mostly lies). Good thin base layer options, a mid-level fleece/thin puffy layer, softshell, then hardshell/gore-tex in your collection allows you to scale up and down for any situation and bring what you'll need. I also tend to have a large puffy jacket to throw on when sitting stationary waiting etc. Layering up and down with your activity level is absolutely key to temperature regulation, that's why all decent military systems include so many different layer pieces. Unfortunately the British kit doesn't include L5 softshell whereas the American kit does (ECWCS) and you can get good softshells in MC really cheap on the bay if you're american, but obviously shipping it over here rather kills the deal. Be warm enough when sat still - be slightly too cold when you start physical exertion - it'll balance out once you get going and you'll be in the nice happy medium.
  4. In what way is it the fault of the United Kingdom that your brother lives far away from you? The VCRA is a very badly implemented law, that much is obvious to people who really know about it, I've said that since it came in. Also fully in agreement that the different laws for airguns and crossbows etc make zero sense compared to RIFs, but getting annoyed at the fact the sheeple have no common sense achieves only one thing.. annoying yourself. Quicker you learn to ignore the bullshit you can't change, the less stress you'll have in your life. But many of the other problems you face are specific to being a minor, the UK does not 'suck' for airsoft; we can have/have had various things like Glocks, BFGs and TAG rounds that were previously nigh on impossible to obtain in the US for example. We've got a good amount of players, pretty good amount of sites and a fair few solid and reliable retailers. I find myself more than able to enjoy the hobby in a way I'm satisfied with, you will as well in a few years most likely and that time will fly by.
  5. DMR SMG. Obviously.
  6. One person storms off, brand new account shows up with an ironic post about passive aggression. How can we ever solve this case Watson?
  7. Some more review bits from FirstSpear. Tough Hooks (for proper heavy gear, not airsoft kit) and their new adjustable mag pouch.
  8. You don't see russian SOF running around with wooden handguards, they've got more pic rails and lasers these days than your average Navy SEAL airsofter. Because that's the stuff that actually works when you're fighting for real and you want to win.
  9. There's been a 'Recce' version for... years. The 416D came out a good few months ago.
  10. If that armour carrier doesn't adjust substantially such that it actually fits, then based on your build I'd suggest when you replace it (which you'll end up wanting to very soon) you look at a far more modern cut or shape, along the lines of a Warrior DCS or copy of a Crye JPC.
  11. You're saying you have an AEG that shoots 4 MOA in real firearm terms, so in the region of the average military issued carbine. If that's repeatable, that's quite the feat indeed.
  12. How many head shots was it to unlock that?
  13. Getting hard to find...?
  14. Owned my ICS version for many years now, also spent many hours deep in the real thing. Build quality overall on the ICS is really high for a mid-priced AEG, and the ease of getting to the gearbox is the best I've personally seen in any airsoft weapon.
  15. Drop - £165