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  1. Oh the Night Warrior, I read Strike first time for some reason. Most real railed 1911s have a much slimmer rail than the TMs, but look up HW Holsters I think they do something that works for airsoft guns, probably even have options for both light fitted/bare rail. The WAS universal will work pretty much for sure I'd expect. Or if you're not using the rail just take it off - problem solved.
  2. A nice new wardrobe so I can actually have somewhere to put more kit.
  3. Get on ebay, down in the classifieds here and on other facebook airsoft/gear sale groups. You'll pay maybe half of what a retailer charges for the same items, sometimes less. Just takes a small amount of time to look through the ads.
  4. With the rail/strike face on, a WAS universal might well work, if not then it'll have to be totally custom kydex, it's not a gun that commonly exists (if at all) in real firearm form. Take all the junk off and it'll go right in to a detonics/compact 1911 holster.
  5. Performance wise they barely vary, so what do you like the look of? After trying many over the years my go-to is the 226E2, I've done literally nothing to it and it's performed flawlessly for years. But any hi-capa will work great, the Berettas are very good as are the M&Ps and the HK guns. The 1911s are just as reliable and accurate etc as anything else you just don't get as much gas in the thinner mags, that's the only significant consideration I can think of if you're planning on shooting your sidearm a lot at outdoor games in winter. Used to be that holsters were a big consideration, but these days you can buy universal ones that are actually decent and there are custom kydex guys in the UK who can make anything you like for any airsoft sidearm.
  6. If it seems too good to be true. I genuinely can't imagine what the end result will end be for £126, even gen 1 costs a lot more than that new retail and Gen 1 isn't much better than carrots. I'm not saying go spend thousands on NVGs, but have you found any reviews/user footage of whatever this is?
  7. Everyone wants a 40mm until they have to carry it out there on the front of the gun all day (where it effectively weighs the most it can). Tried it, took it off again, as per above and I know loooooads of people who've done the same. I've tried the TAG stuff as well, at a 45 degree launch angle I'm pretty sure I got the timed detonation rounds to go well over 100m. As above though you need to contact the sites you'll be playing at, I've never personally seen them used at a regular skirmish, only milsim/big weekenders and some even then don't allow them. Then if you actually have a place to use them, get a standalone launcher of some kind. Something like an M79, M320 with a stock, EGLM or M203 with their specific standalone adapters.
  8. VCRA defence, UKARA is a retailers' association with a database. It's been over a decade since this law was past, anyone who still doesn't doesn't get it needs to go and do some reading. Don't ask other people who don't know what they're talking about, go find some proper articles and look up the actual act on the government website; it's right there, easy to find and not that complicated to understand the basics. If you don't have a defence from prosecution under the VCRA laws, don't manufacture, import or attempt to purchase a RIF. Being on UKARA's database is not the only defence. I'm not going to start talking about the false economy of 8fields, nuprol and viper vs surplus issue kit or hunting down quality stuff for the same price 2nd hand, because that's a lesson most people have to learn for themselves.
  9. Yep
  10. In my experience, customs only just barely understand UKARA as a defence, anything else (though legally correct) you'll be e-mailing them back and forth/calling up a couple of times to get the import sorted.
  11. Some types of 3D printing definitely don't lend themselves to thin, spindly protrusions on a part like that.
  12. I don't think anyone's ever got that riled up over mixed camo, I've worn mixed camo to almost every game I've ever played and nobody made the slightest comment; I'm sure it happens rarely but not that often give how common it is for people to do. I did get some real sh*tty remarks about "how rich I must be to have real magpul" many years ago when Magpul was 'the' thing (2010-11 ish I think), never an issue with mixed clothing though. I'm more indecisive about my outfits than your average lady before a night out, also I tend to like the look of 2 just totally mismatched colours/patterns, especially if they're a bit more 'unusual'.
  13. Forum classifieds, gear sales groups, ebay. Takes time, but 'second hand' is where all the best deals are.
  14. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yesAny other comments: Paid very quickly, polite, fast replies to comms etc. Appreciate the business.
  15. Drop - £22