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  1. TM, VFC and just about everyone use the same metals for AR variants. Marui recoil externals are really weak compared to the likes of an LCT AK (hell, even CYMA). The Specna guns look a LOT like they're built using G&P receivers but it's hard to tell from photos.
  2. Get on a cosplay forum, find out what they use, I'm pretty sure that's a bigger hobby than airsoft these days.
  3. f*ck all has really changed in AEGs since Marui released the first ones in the very early 1990s (maybe late 80s...). Nobody makes a good quality Tavor. The ICS SA80s are well made, the Real Swords as mentioned. Right now I can't really think of anything else that's decent quality in an AEG which isn't an AUG.
  4. Why was one of your 2 initial options not "do what I can to track down the original owner"? As mentioned, get on to the social media outlets of the site you were playing and post up anywhere and everywhere you can, help the person who owns these get them back. That's a lot of money in magazines said person is now having to potentially spend to get replacements.
  5. Anything can be done with the right bits, some talent and a robust sewing machine. If the Flyye 6094 clone is what you've got, it'd be fairly easy. If you struggle to find someone to do the work let me know,
  6. LiFe is slightly more advanced chemistry from what I've read. Either option is good, they're very similar in real world usage.
  7. You won't find a universal nomenclature for that setup with any sort of quick release on the straps, you'll have to hunt that feature down individually unfortunately. My personal recommendation would be the FirstSpear STT because the Tubes on the shoulder straps and cummerbund make getting their rigs on/off an absolute dream compared to conventional setups (if that's your main goal), but I know that's big bucks. The WAS DCS has pretty much always been built with a buckle on one shoulder strap if you want something that's far easier to get hold of.
  8. Yeah Crye made some FROG stuff amongst the early batches from what I've read, it is bit rarer comparatively but still easily found on ebay. No physical differences to other manufacturers, it won't have been made at the Brooklyn Naval Yard or anything, high volume stuff like that would have been contracted out.
  9. You've got LiFe packs already? sh*t just rock those man, don't need anything else.
  10. Krytac then. Also get LiPo batteries because it's not 2008 right now.
  11. You'll see competition shooters in the US with shells hanging off literally everywhere they can attach them. If it works, it works.
  12. You can dremel out some GBBr rear receiver sling mount plates, I've done that on a few of the old PTS ASAPs, opens up more options. But yeah, the Marui buffer tube is wider than everything else out there.
  13. Personally, of those options, I'd cross off the KWA. They're really good guns but better suited to the US, in the UK you'll find much more support in terms of techie types, spare parts and community knowledge with the TM platform. No 'need' for MOSFETs in the TMs at all, all of mine are bone stock and cycle at decent speeds just using a 7.4v lipo. Between Krytac and TM.. do you really want the blowback/bolt lock? Or would you prefer a bit of a simpler gun internally that cycles quicker? Nobody else can answer that for you.
  14. I was meaning more the shirts themselves but yeah, the more contact area the better.
  15. With the 1st gen of PCS with the full velcro patches it would definitely be solid. The newer sh*t with just the outlines.. maybe...