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  1. Get me ice cream because I'm jelly.
  2. That's going really far. People wear 'offensive' patches alllll the time that say things much worse than the sight of a fake pair of balls.
  3. I remember back when it was called regen. Back in my day...
  4. As above really, I've looked at all the options and this is the best mask option out there. However I only use a mesh mask when running a helmet which is about once every 2-3 years on average heh; so no real feedback from use yet. That said, I swapped the harness on the OT with some short straps that clip in to an Ops-Core taken from an older, similar mask I picked up on EBairsoft years ago. Luckily both have split/removable buckles attaching the straps so I didn't have to cut anything, totally reversible mod.
  5. Just the rare and expensive ones that haven't been made for years then (there's no lol emoji on here).
  6. Sold items removed, 1 item added, all prices dropped further.
  7. If someone makes bios that are at least 95% as good as non, they're commonly/easily available but they cost 10-20% more.. pff.. no f**ks given either way. The amount of BBs I shoot per game/year the difference would be so close to zero it makes absolutely no odds. Personally though I often crack a bottle of 3k and don't finish until about 18 months later, so I'd not want them to expand or degrade in storage. Once that availability is there I'll make the change, genuinely could not be less fussed in either direction.
  8. Measure your head with a tape measure then google mk6 or mk7 sizing guide and the first results will tell you everything you need to know. Done.
  9. Your G5 will break the cheap red dot/'holo' sights every airsoft store stocks; well over a decade of using all sorts of sights and various recoiling airsoft guns has shown me this and everyone I know who's been playing a long time says the same thing. Use iron sights until you can save up enough to buy a base level firearm-suitable optic. Vortex, Holosun, Primary Arms etc otherwise you're just straight pissing money down the drain when the £30-40 sight breaks and it will break.
  10. Just taking folks to flavourtown.
  11. It's a sweet set, I'd buy them rapid if they were only in my size. I found a pair of segments cut from a set of the same trousers in a cardboard box inside a rarely-used ISO in Afghan. Just the parts from around the knee pad pockets and below, so somebody somewhere has a set they've made in to shorts. Random-est thing I've probably ever found in my life. Personally I'd do the same as I do with any rare camo, I'd keep it and use it a couple of times. It'll look no different after a 1 or 2 uses/hand washes.
  12. I've had many pairs of Mechanix come apart after almost no use myself, but then some people find they last ages. I've personally found the fit to be pretty bad, especially on the fastfits and I know I had the sizing right, but finger length, palm size etc etc all varies massively person to person. I get asked this a lot, probably more than anything else and I recommend the PIG FDT Deltas to folks these days after trying all the good and popular options over the years. Most of my gloves are the Alphas and I use those most but that's because I bought them all years ago before the Deltas came around. If you want thin construction and dexterity specifically over protection (which is my preference for sure) the PIG line are popular around the world for good reason.