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  1. -Arc'teryx Khyber 50L pack -Magpul Mid-length MOE SL handguards -B5 Systems SOPMOD stock -Aimpoint T-1 (RS) -Salomon XA Pro 3Ds, standard and mid GTX -Husar combats in Pencott Badlands
  2. In that instance until you can invest in a proper left hand holster it's probably configured as good as you'll get. Then again if she's just holding the pistol all the time, probably no real reason to worry about the holster not being ideal.
  3. Unless that rather odd crossdraw setup is done for a specific reason, as mentioned switch the places of the holster and pistol mag pouches. In the current configuration (assuming a right handed shooter) she's drawing across the body in an awkward way then having to pull mags from the side that's already holding the pistol. Doesn't make sense. I've never carried a spare gas can out to games, never felt any need to; unless the pistol is the primary weapon?
  4. I'd advise just buying a metal M9 instead if you want metal. Putting a metal slide on a TM is dumping lead weights in to the boot of a sports car, you buy the TM for the performance and reliability and you hamper both to some extent (maybe not much, maybe a lot) with a metal slide. Also doesn't make a ton of sense from a replica standpoint since the entire firearm is metal.
  5. Right.. well as I said, if you want the most reliability and performance for the money, get the TM. Lowest chance of getting a lemon. KWA do them as well (and WE iirc) if you really need metal and don't mind sacrificing the above to an extent.
  6. Never heard of a B&T L85 rail, what are the differences precisely? The handguard fitted to the gun in the link looks exactly like the ones on the real rifle that have Daniel Defense slapped on them.
  7. You've never seen an M9 for sale? Where did you look? Anyway, TM do the original and the A1 with the rail.
  8. Actual Royal Mail has different rules to Parcel Force, you want to use RM most of the time. PF won't cover more than something like £50 insurance wise if they lose a £300 RIF.
  9. They're making the Fostech shotgun for starters, not a Saiga.
  10. Few recent bits and pieces, waiting on a shipment from the states. Xcortech X3500 Laylax TM Recoil sling plate and reinforced castle nut Crye Gen 1 (early) combat shirt Krytac LVOA-S
  11. I'd be surprised if a shop with WGC which is always buying tons of stuff direct from the manufacturers had fake ones I'll be honest, built/looks the exact same as some others I compared it to as well, no way to be sure though. Every brand has its' blips and lemons, my one slightly iffy unit (measured right about half of the time at a guess) isn't a blight on the 3200 end of the day they've been widely used by a lot of folks. I'd say if you can get a 3200 now for a good price, probably a strong option.
  12. Personally, if you can do the work to a very high standard of quality and consistency then yeah, absolutely. I'm shooting myself in the foot now though; reality is I just do not see a demand amongst airsofters in the UK for high end customisation services like that, 99% slap on some rail accessories and call that 'customised'. It used to be (for example) you'd have to buy a US mil issued style M4 then to make something unique you'd need the tools and knowledge to change to a freefloat rail, change pistol grips, barrel, gas system, muzzle device etc but barely anybody seems to do that now. Admittedly I don't really follow the facebook groups which are much busier than forums these days, but when I'm at sites I don't see people with aftermarket furniture like I did 3+ years ago. Now you can just buy an ICS or G&G with a long KeyMod or Picatinny forend out of the box, so when people are happy with the looks of the gun out of the box they're far less likely to seek out further customisation options. I'd imagine that if you asked this question on like a PTW forum/FB user group you'd get a totally different answer, but how many people like that are even in the UK spending tons of money on their RIFs.. no idea.
  13. Had a real cheap thing from EBA long ago, totally stopped working after a couple of weeks owning it (for literally no reason, nothing happened to it). Next was an X3200 which used to give huge and ridiculous fluctuations in its' readings and made me thing I had gun problems, but I think I was unlucky with that one. Currently got the X3500 and that's worked fine so far, but I'd say a similar thing to the above really; personally if I'm generally playing at sites with a 345 or 350 limit I'll aim for 330 tops, I've seen lots of differences in the chronos at different sites up and down the country.
  14. Grip with base SOLD. Anyone looking for a grip for their HPA or who might have a PTS base plate spare, that one's still available.
  15. Personally I feel debating én masse is the only way to do it. Only fun way anyway.