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  1. Real-world holsters probably won't work, the Strike Warrior is a weird beast in stock configuration. If you remove the meat tenderiser, the rail and the associated piece on the front of the trigger guard then lots of 1911 holster options start to open up. As stock though with all the 'stuff' attached, you don't have many options at all. The warrior universal is just about the most adaptable to different weird and wonderful shaped guns that I know of: Good price too, especially considering it'll hold almost anything without a light.
  2. Ha, would never have guessed that in a million years.
  3. Price drop - £6 shipped for the grip without the base
  4. Where you at out of curiosity? Interesting safe zone.
  5. As I say, you can still easily take off the barrel and handguard, find someone good with a mill/lathe etc to cut them down. I saw it done with the 556 version of the same gun. Or wait like 2 years for PTS to release a shorter version. If you're willing to go to the expense of getting cerakote and stuff done though, it'd still be a cool project. The stock and pistol grip are standard RS AR compatible I believe, so you can change things up there quite a bit. Tons of options on the firearms market for those. If you really want an AR variant in 762 NATO though there's probably no real viable alternatives. There's the VFC 417, great as a wall hanger, not as good as the PTS/KWA gun if you actually want to shoot, VFC SR-25 which I'd put in same category. Even the SR-25 (VFC Mk11), despite being a more conventional layout, will be uber proprietary and possibly even harder to customise than the MEGA Arms (maybe, not seen any info). WE M14 and SCAR-H.. meh.. underwhelming imho.
  6. Bloody hell.. no you cannot buy receivers or gas parts from the US and fit them to your RIF, do not even consider trying. There's a monstrously complex and expensive process for getting real guns from over there (if they're ones that can be legally owned here) IF you have the right Firearms Certificate already in place. Gas parts, receivers and flash hiders are very much illegal in terms of fitting to airsoft guns, people there have done it with PTWs and the like but they've just chosen to interpret the law in a foolish way to suit their silly ideas. Not that any of the bits would fit the PTS gun anyway. Even if POF exported you the handguard (which they probably won't) it wouldn't go on to the PTS upper without some really super skilled machinist spending a ton of time on said receiver first (and that's still a long shot). The MEGA Arms style upper is shaped nothing like a normal AR-10 or 15, there's a large, integral extrusion of metal sticking out the front that the supplied handguard slides over. The 556 MEGA rifle has been shortened in the past, when only the 14.5" version was available. So it can be done on the 762, but you need the very specific PTS tool to take off the outer barrel, then you need to take said barrel and the handguard to someone extremely talented and well equipped in a machining shop. There's no after-market for this thing airsoft wise that I've seen. You can have the rear part of the trigger milled off maybe to get the desired look, no idea what the threads on the barrel are but those can be custom cut if you find someone who knows what they're doing. Also the stock you've pictured is the MOE, but the one on the RS POF rifle is a Magpul CTR anyway.
  7. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Sound bloke all around basically, no issues what-so-ever.
  8. Whoo.. who's up for a game of mine field where every square but 1 is a mine? I've been at this more than a few years and I've only really just figured out what (generally) works with what *or how to make stuff work) after spending more thousands than I care to add up; and that's just for AR/M4 variants. Once you know what look you want and have some options in mind feel free to post and ask what's compatible, but there's never going to be a full list. Airsoft manufacturers drop products and release new ones all the time, things change as new guns come out and old ones go out of production, fitting real stuff varies hugely between brand, model and electric vs gas gun.
  9. Change your handguard or just live with it. Can't say much more than that without knowing the brand and model and seeing pictures of your setup. There are hundreds of different M4/M16 forends out there in the world.
  10. The funny part is, it's not even just that. The solid colours on mil1st are £250 as you've probably seen, but they charge £150 more for the version that cost about £20 more (if that) to make. That's insanity for Flyye gear, again you can go on tactical-kit and pick up a FirstSpear or Ferro PC for that money (250). The reason people spend that is because they're not aware of the choice that's out there. I know when I started out I had maybe 3-4 bookmarks for airsoft retailers, eventually found a couple that exclusively sold gear, took years before I found the places that sold the quality 'real' stuff. If you're ever only looking at 1 or 2 shops (which I'll bet many new players do) you're going to see the super expensive kit and naturally assume it must be the dogs balls. Why wouldn't it be for that price?
  11. I said osprey and virtus to cover both, but ok... I've done multiple pre-deployment packages myself, but thanks for the reiteration. I know how it works, I just said I find it surprising. Tatty, old, hard used and non-uniform PLCE makes our guys look comparatively unprofessional next to the police, webbing isn't what I'd call ideal urban fighting rig. They've also got bugger all protection against actual firearms in ECBA vs osprey with a full loadout of operational plates. Again I don't know if the army units pictured get personal issue osprey, but if a remf like me has his own set issued I feel like they probably do or could have at least been sorted out. I have no qualm with the blokes pictured, far from it.
  12. I've used a set of electronic Peltor comtacs every game for some years now. Pretty much always play indoors and my hearing is still kinda-somewhat intact, so a BFG going off right by me at the mall in some enclosed space is bloody unpleasant frankly; have hearing tests annually and I don't want to end up getting booted out because of airsoft (unlikely, but still). Wearing ESS goggles with the strap under the standard headband on the Peltors is no problem at all, perfectly comfortable and I've got full seal against BBs and protection against noise; as well as a plastic mask attached to the goggles to look after my teeth. Weighs very little, diminishes my peripheral vision and directional hearing but in a game I really don't give a ****, rather guarantee that I keep my hearing, eyes and teeth.
  13. Obviously anyone rocking MC kit is 99% SF, the blokes in the grey we've seen before, the black and jeans.. not sure, could be a secretive, well equipped police unit, but I don't think I've seen any police in Cryes yet (though I don't go searching). There's other pictures floating around of SF blokes in Black G3 combats with MC load bearing gear. I think the fact we've had to resort to all these army blokes on the streets is just a result of the cuts to police and lack of budget to give more (or all) police firearms training. Since afghan finished, there will be lots of army units sat around doing nothing. Bit surprised they were told to use their ratty training kit instead of Osprey or Virtus. Even I have an osprey mk4 sat in the loft, infantry blokes must have their own personal issued ones. The fact we're still throwing away money buying ECBAs is silly, but then it's probably kevlar from the 80s stuffed in to new MTP covers. I'm surprised it's not been more of a thing in terms of "army on the streets! with guns! I'm offended!". I'm alright with it at this level, they're not stopping anyone living their lives and I know if I had to do the same job how I'd approach it (i.e. I've got no interest in restricting any member of the public in any way, I want to do my shift and come home). But obviously you don't want to start down a slippery slope.
  14. I always recommend this site: Much better made than condor in all aspects, more PALS space, integral pouches, easier on/off with the split front. Couple of quid cheaper. Spend some time in the classifieds here or other forums/facebook groups and/or on ebay, you can get Warrior kit or even better for the same money.
  15. I'm not exactly 100% as to the real thrust of the OP, but I'll do my best. Fact is, 90-something% of players can't tell MC from MTP, that's the reality. Therefore, at brand new UK retail prices, you can spend £400+ on a set of Multicam G3 combats (or even more for rarer cuts and patterns) and those 90% at a skirmish won't know you're in anything different from the £70 set of TMC combats or possibly an even cheaper set of surplus PCS MTP uniform. Personally I give zero fudges, I pick what I fancy out of my wardrobe the night before and wear it. If you go to an extended game with tougher rules maybe where you get a different sort of crowd, then yeah you'll encounter maybe 50% (ballpark) of people who can tell MC from MTP, but then they're all going to be wearing it too so it's nothing special at that point; not that it was special before. It's pretty tricky at this point to find a camo that nobody else has ever posted on Instagram. But if you wear any Russian stuff, Australian, Canadian or any almost European pattern (M90, CCE, M84, wz.93 etc) you're pretty likely to be the only guy at a game in that pattern. My personal goal as far as choosing clothing for a game is just to be comfortable and test out as many different brands as I can so I can report back on that item, either on youtube or my page. I've collected lots of different colours and patterns but collect is the operative word, most of it has never been worn in game. Warrior (and tons of other brands) use the real fabrics and are far better built overall than FLYYE. An airsoft-only chinese brand like that costing £400 retail is pure price gounging BS by someone in the supply chain, there's no reason at all for it to cost that much. The WAS Recon PC is £130 new from UK Tac - there's not £270 worth of superior construction quality in anything from FLYYE; the fact it has plain coyote webbing for starters puts it in the cheaper production category. 1000 and 500D cordura in Multicam only costs slightly more than the same mil-spec fabric in green or coyote. Actually (quick browse later) a yard of 1000D Multicam is about $18, the same fabric in khaki is $14, you're talking maybe 6-7 yards max (and I'm being generous) to make that carrier, meaning a price difference of ~$25 for the manufacturer to get the different materials from the supplier, and those prices came from a small-quantity retailer, commercial suppliers that only sell in large bulk would be much cheaper per quantity. Apologies if this comes across as bashing on your personal kit, I'm not, if it works for you in games it works, but that pricing at Mil1st is just insane. You can get Crye, Ferro, Blue Force and FirstSpear plate carriers for much less than 400.