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  1. Hey guys here is a picture of my UTG Plate carrier. Not the most expensive vest but very comfortable to wear and can fit loads on it. Have Pantac P90 pouches, Templar assault systems pistol and m4 pouches as well as a foldable dump pouch.
  2. Thanks mate. It is very comfy to use with the front grip. Not done anything to it as yet. Only had it about a week. What would you suggest. Bringing the mounts closer together. Not had a sniper before so just getting started
  3. Couldnt fit this one on the previous post sorry. Mauser SR L96 Sniper rifle.
  4. hey guys just thought i would post a few pics of my guns. Firstly Cybergun fully licenced FN P90.Full metal top end with custom front ris, element stubby silencer,G & G Armement front grip, Swiss arms red dot sight and tac light. Single shot pump action shotgun.Only a cheapie but clocked at 333 FPS at bristol urban airsoft and great fun to use. Dan Wesson 4" barrel revolver with speed loaders. Cyber gun Full metal and fully licenced Beretta 92fs pistol. Black with three mags.
  5. Hey guys. Have just picked up a Mauser sr l96 sniper rifle that has had very little use. It only came with one mag though. I don't know much about the whole l96 and clone l96 issue and was wondering which magazines I can buy to fit my Mauser. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also because it is an l96 clone will all of the normal l96 upgrades fit the Mauser version ?
  6. hi there played there a few times. all indoor played over three levels.upstairs several rooms to play around as well as stair cases.Middle level two old court rooms with dock and evrything in tact, as well as several corridors and dark/colour lit rooms.Lastly is the basement which is a warren of old police cells and coridors.Most of tthem with still workng doors and bars etc. Can be a bit dark so will need taclight. i have enjoyed the sessions there. Either go on Thursday evening or daytime sunday as wednesday eve is a bit quiet.hope that helps.think they have reduced walk on price with own kit to £10 for january.
  7. if your rig has metal u shaped rings on the front under each shoulder it is just as easy to make one. i purchased some black webbing and some clips from local harware shop and got the old sewing machine out. Made one dock for my rig and fixing clips for each of my rifles. now all i need to do is to just clip on which ever one i am using and away you go.
  8. you shouldnt wear it unless you have earned it dude.
  9. i wear a tan UTG plate carrier for airsoft and it is very comfy and had no issues with it. i paid about £50 for mine so i would say that is a fair price.
  10. Just bought a Dan Wesson 6" revolver with three speed loaders and 18 shells.Awesome sidearm.Just need to find a holster to fit it lol. O and also bought FN P90 with red dot scope,tac light and red laser sight. Might try to get a stargate load out together ? what does everybody think?
  11. Hey guys. I am using a Gbb black beretta 92fs. I think I read somewhere that you are supposed to leave some gas in the mag between uses to stop the seals drying out and starting to leak. Can anyone give me any advice?
  12. got mine on chest part of plate carrier.really easy to get at and re holster. i had to buy the molle attahment but think they do one now with it included.
  13. Hi guys not sure if I can put a console for sale on here but I have an xbox 360 20gb for sale. In good working order with wireless recharge controller, wireless conection aerial,all leads and 7 games. Also have the box etc. Anyone interested make me an offer
  14. thats the same make as mine they are awesome
  15. I had the same issue. I bought an IMI polycarbonate holster. Similar to the serpa but cheaper. It comes with a belt clip and you can also get them with a molle attachment. Look on g1098 tactical website. Awesome holster.Forgot to mention I use a beretta M9 also.