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  1. Having been shot in the face at close range by a GBB at The Mall a few year back I would seriously doubt that they used an airsoft gun. The plastic BB didn't penetrate my skin, but did break the surface causing it to bleed. Given the size of the 4.5mm steel BBs used in CO2 airguns then actual penetration is much more likely, as per the story. Sales of air weapons of any sort are still illegal to under 18s, so I doubt they came by theirs legally.
  2. A couple of years ago I had three of these, one bought 2nd hand whole and the other two made from parts sold by various people. They were very easy to work on and the gearbox splits, so you can change the gears without having to worry about the spring and change the spring without having to split the gearbox. The AA R85 is a clone of the G&G version. All the parts are the same, so spares are easy to come by. As Countryman said, the blow back is a waste of time and only moves the charging handle, so disconnecting it is simple and recommended. They do suffer from burning of the contacts in the trigger unit, so either replace with a G&G unit, or fit a Mosfet. This can also help with the semi auto function, as OE ones can tend to double fire on semi, or not fire at all except in auto. Other than that they are quite heavy, being mostly steel, but if you give them a bit of TLC they can be quite accurate and nice to shoot, especially if you want an authentic Brit look.
  3. I've got to say I agree with you on the weight of the M92. I had one a few years ago and could not get on with either the weight, or the size of the pistol grip. That said, it would shoot quite accurately out to 50+ yards with no problem. It also fitted in my universal drop leg holster, but did make a break for freedom once playing at Dragon Valley. Luckily someone behind me saw it happen and picked it up. I decided to sell mine and bought a TM G17, which I found felt really comfortable in the hand and fitted snugly in a Fobus moulded holster, with no movement whatsoever. Distance was a bit less with the Glock, but for short range it was brilliant.
  4. A couple of years ago I picked up my son-in-law's Osprey with plates included (he's a senior ATO). The weight was enough to make you want to take it off as soon as possible and is way more weight than you would want to lug around in a typical airsoft game. It may be necessary for our guys on operations to stop real bullets, but for airsoft it is a definite no-no. If you want the look of a filed plate carrier, either buy or make up some foam inserts. Much more useable.
  5. You mentioned that you changed the piston head. Did you check the AOE (angle of engagement) of the piston with the sector gear before you put it all back together? It looks like the teeth on the sector gear are not picking up the teeth on the piston correctly, which is why you have wear. It may also be that when it locked up the teeth on both the gear and the piston were jammed together, stopping it from rotating to the point where the piston is released. Have a look here: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/blog/angle-of-engagement/. Also try Googling for other videos and instructions it that isn't clear.
  6. Are you sure the gas block will move. I thought those on the CM16 were moulded in, so cannot be removed.
  7. Have a look here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/search?q=plastic+side+release+buckle&explicit=1&page=3 They seem to do multiple different styles, sixes and colours.
  8. Unless you have spent a lot of money on a high end sniper rifle, or chucked a lot of expensive upgrades on to a cheaper base model, be prepared to spend a lot of time walking back to the safe zone each game. Most AEGs will put down 30-40 rounds at you in the time it takes you to get off one round. Most cheaper sniper rifles have no greater range than an AEG, unless you spend a lot of time and effort getting it to shoot very accurately and use heavier weight ammo. If your one round misses, then it's likely quite a few of the rounds fired from an AEG with find you and take you out of the game. And please don't think that just because you can see the target through your scope that you can ensure you've hit it. BBs can get easily deflected by wind, leaves, etc. Airsoft is not the same as CoD or Sniper Elite.
  9. Using heavier weight BBs is cheating. The gun must be set to fire below the limit using 0.2g BBs. The only way is to buy the Power Down shells which have a smaller hole in the base to restrict the amount of gas used. FPS doesn't really make that much difference,as most DW revolvers do not have a hop installed, so are really only accurate over short distances.
  10. The pin above the trigger needs to be punched out to release the gearbox.
  11. We were going to see a revaluation of £sterling whether we voted in or out, as the UK economy was over-valued as against the EU and USA anyway. The only reason £sterling hasn't increased in value against other currencies is because we are still running at ridiculously low interest rates. If interest rates rise then there will be more investment in the UK and the value of £sterling will rise again. Even just pre the Referendum £sterling was less the 50% of it's best value against the US$. I remember getting nearly $4/£1 at one stage. Whilst everyone thinks that the economy will tank once we leave, they forget that food prices in the EU are held artificially high and that will change once we do not have to bow down to the gauliters of the Fourth Reich in Brussels. Everyone then should be better off. And Guyver1, we will retain way more than £350M a year by not having to pay anything to the thieves running the EU. I think the claim was that the NHS could get £350M a week more once we left the EU. For anyone under 45yo you have no idea what it is like to live in a country where you are in full charge of your own affairs. Since we joined the Common Market everything has been subject to the whim of the other members, most of whom do not like the UK and membership devastated many of the traditional industries in the country. Just ask anyone in a former fishing industry town what they think of the EU. And as for paying to leave, I suspect any MP who votes to allow us to pay the sums being currently quoted can kiss their seat fairwell at the next election.
  12. First off, is the gearbox rated to take an 11.1V Lipo? If not, then that may be part of your problem. Have you tried running it of a 7.4V Lipo?
  13. It would help if you told us what size you want.
  14. Have you looked at something like this for your scope/doctor sight combo? - https://www.amazon.co.uk/4-12x50-Mil-Dot-Illuminated-Hunting-Tactical/dp/B01NAG76N0/ref=lp_454863031_1_8?s=sports&ie=UTF8&qid=1510001206&sr=1-8 Alternatively just type "air rifle telescopic sights" into Google. There are loads of possibilities.
  15. If that is a new pistol bought in the UK then send or take it back to the shop. If it's second hand, then try lubricating the rails the slide runs in with a "little" light oil. Don't use silicon spray on metal to metal contact.