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  1. First off, is the gearbox rated to take an 11.1V Lipo? If not, then that may be part of your problem. Have you tried running it of a 7.4V Lipo?
  2. It would help if you told us what size you want.
  3. Have you looked at something like this for your scope/doctor sight combo? - https://www.amazon.co.uk/4-12x50-Mil-Dot-Illuminated-Hunting-Tactical/dp/B01NAG76N0/ref=lp_454863031_1_8?s=sports&ie=UTF8&qid=1510001206&sr=1-8 Alternatively just type "air rifle telescopic sights" into Google. There are loads of possibilities.
  4. If that is a new pistol bought in the UK then send or take it back to the shop. If it's second hand, then try lubricating the rails the slide runs in with a "little" light oil. Don't use silicon spray on metal to metal contact.
  5. Totally agree with AshOnSnow on this. The L86 is mostly steel and very heavy to carry all day. The LSW is worse, as it is bigger. As AOS says, get an MP5, an Evo or a Honey Badger for CQB. Light and short is best for CQB. Leave the L86 for Woodland games.
  6. The SD6 does not have any facility for attaching a foregrip, as it is based on a silenced model. You would need to look at something with a railed front end to be able to add a foregrip to an MP5. Something like this: http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/ICS-MX5-P-MS1-Folding-Stock-3-Round-Burst-Black_A17OVZ.aspx?nh=124118#.WaU9KtHkWUk
  7. A lot of the G&G CM16 guns have a moulded flash hider integral with the outer barrel and cannot be removed.
  8. I had a DW revolver when I played and only ever used it as a backup in CQB. For anything over about 10 yards a DW revolver is next to useless for accuracy and is also way heavier that a semi auto pistol (e.g. G17. P226, etc.) as it's mostly metal. They look good and feel nice in the hand, but reloading is a pain and you'll get tired of carrying it after a while.
  9. 330 fps on 0.2s is actually quite normal for something like that out of the box. Have you adjusted the hop properly for the weight of BBs you are using? The battery should have no effect on the compression, just the speed that the gearbox completes each shot cycle.
  10. ParcelForce 48 is fine, you just need to tell them that it is a low power airsoft gun. Go for the "tracked/signed for" option to make sure it gets there and that you update Paypal with the tracking details and when it is received. Idea to download or screen print a copy of the signature on receipt details just in case. So long as you check UKARA membership, age, etc. and any feedback on here you should be fine. I've sold plenty on this and other forums and only ever hit a problem when I tried to send one to the Isle of Man, not realising that they were flown there, not by ferry. Got held up at the outgoing airport until I could get someone to collect it for me.
  11. My old team used Cobra's. Can't remember now which model, but it was 5-6 years ago. There are/were a number of mic/headset combinations that work with them, or get the correct type adapter. They work quite well in woodland, but can be a bit restricted if playing urban in or around buildings. About 300 yards range was usually achievable. On an open hilltop we once got a good contact at about 1 mile.
  12. I'm not sure how the OP put the gearbox together but here is what I have done previously. Take the gearbox apart and remove all components, except the trigger contacts. Take the spur gear and put an 0.015mm (or the thinnest you have) shim on the bottom. Set the gear in the left hand case and refit the top/right case. Try moving the gear side to side in the gearbox case. If large movement, add an 0.1mm shim to the top. Refit the gearbox case and test again. If you still have movement add a small shim (say 0.05mm), refit and test again. You are looking for the very slightest side to side movement, but allowing the gears to spin freely. Once you have that set, remove top case and add the Sector gear. Shim the bottom so that the gear teeth on both spur and sector engage, but so the flat parts of each gear do not touch. Refit the case and try moving the sector gear side to side. If too tight (this can happen) try a thinner shim on the bottom. If still some movement, add a thin shim to the top. Again, try spinning both gears meshed together. You want them to spin freely without more than the slightest side to side movement. When testing like this, make sure you hold the gearbox halves tight together. You could fit a couple of the case screws if you are not sure you are holding it tight enough. Once you are happy that the first two gears spin freely, add the bevel gear. Shim the bottom so that the small gear fits and meshes properly with the large teeth on the spur gear, then refit the top case. Try the side to side test on the bevel gear. Here you do want some movement, to allow the motor pinion to engage fully with the bevel gear when the gearbox is fully back together. Again try the spin test. The gears should spin freely. Once you are happy with the shimming, refit all of the gearbox parts, fit to receiver and test. One thing you mentioned was fitting a spring to give 400fps. If you are UK based and are not intending to lock your AEG to semi, then 400fps will stop you from using the gun on any legitimate UK airsoft site and could get you locked up for using a Section 5 firearm. Full auto AEGs in the UK are limited to 370fps on an 0.2g BB.
  13. The OP is in New Zealand, so our limits do not apply. Still agree with the others that, although the G&G cm16 Raider is a good base model, it's not one that most people would choose to upgrade to a high fps output weapon.
  14. If the gun isn't upgraded then probably yes, 11.1V is too strong. Also 3 Lipo cells will take up much more room than 2. Suggest you measure the space you have where the battery fits and look online to see what is available to fit in the space. Componentshop do various sizes of Lipo airsoft batteries and you should find something to suit on their site. I managed to squeeze a twin pack 2600mAh 7.4V in the handguard on mine, but had to dremel out the inside to make space. A squarer shape might fit in the front of the receiver better and be totally hidden from view.
  15. I've had 3 original AA L85s in the past and, although they are not as good as other makes, they do work and are way cheaper than the others. They are direct clones of G&G L85s, so if you need spares then G&G bits will fit. The receiver is pressed steel, so they are fairly robust and will take some abuse. For the price they are asking new I sold an L85 converted to A2 spec for about the same money and that was about 3-4 years old by then. The one thing that is wrong in the advert is that there is no such thing as an 8.4V Lipo battery. Lipos are either 7.4V or 11.1V, as the mean cell voltage on a Lipo is 3.7V. The space within the L85 receiver will take a small Lipo, but I don't think it will take a 9.6V NihM.