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  1. I am from Norfolk, the best game sites I have found are Combat Airsoft in Thetford and Skirmish Airsoft. I haven't been to either in a since August as I am at Uni, so haven't had a chance to play since but they were my go to's.
  2. Hmm, it does not look like it as I can see it is in what looks like the correct position, I will do a video tomorrow night and hopefully it will shed some light on it
  3. Update - Been testing and it will do one cycle and about a half, then when i pull the trigger the next time it will finish the half rotation but not spring back and then it is stuck like that until I open up the gearbox and release it. Does anyone have any ideas as to why it might do this?
  4. Just took it apart and as soon as i lifted up the half of the gearbox the spring released so Something is catching just not sure what.
  5. Potentially, I wanted to avoid pulling it apart again as I have V2 Gearboxes but i suppose it must be done haha. Cheers for the help guys will take another look inside and see what is up.
  6. Yeah, tried adjusting the motor height and it will either spin as though it is not connected to the gear as it will be too high or it will make a similar noise to before and not do anything. I am not sure why it hasn't pulled the piston back.
  7. Ok, update - Flipped the motor round so I could change over the connections and that worked however now my piston is stuck all the way back but my air nozzle is is not pulled back?
  8. Yeah, the power lines are 100% connected I can hear the motor engaging in the pistol grip. I will try changing them over and see if that makes a difference but i think I have tried that.
  9. Hi, not entirely sure why it is not firing, not sure if it is a gearbox or motor issue. I have had the gearbox open a few times and everything is in order and it reassembled fine. I have just got a new battery in to day (7.4v 1300Mah LiPo) yet it is still not cycling and I am not entirely sure what the issue is. I made a quick video of me attempting to fire it in the hope it will help someone to help me, the sound you hear is the motor not the trigger I believe.
  10. Hi there guys, reposting this from zeroin incase anyone over here can help. Stupidly I opened up the gearbox of my Ares L85 to look for a possible airseal problem however now I can not get it all back together and working. So if there is anyone who is good with gearboxes and has an Ares L85 could they possibly make a video or help me with reconstructing mine? My closest shop if an hour away so I only want to take it there if it is the last thing. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, I recently purchased an Ares L85. The battery it came with was a deans, 7.4v, 2 cell battery. I am having some trouble finding a suitable charger, I am not looking to spend much more than £25 on the charger but obviously will take advice if more is needing to be spent. Thanks!
  12. Now i know that the law states you cannot buy a non two toned without a license although you can be gifted one? Would it be possible that say someone gifted you the airsoft gun and then you payed them money for something else say a pack of pens (albeit an expensive set of pens) or is this considered illegal? Thanks!
  13. Ok thanks! Will definatly take a look at that. That's great as well!
  14. Ok i will take a look thanks! Oh yeah i forgot to mention i would like a woodland camo.
  15. Thanks for that loadout! Really good, if i added another £50 to the budget would you be able to add an acog scope and maybe 1 or 2 mags do you think? Yeah that is a good idea i might do that!