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  1. Flynn, Scotland, 36 It's Nice to be back I'm finally getting back into Airsoft and I'm doing something about my fat ass I was 24.9 stone, I am now 21.10 and falling My airsoft gear fits me (at least) and I have one of my g36's working. I think I will try out "The Depot"(the new indoor site in Scotland) but with summer coming it'll be nice to play at "Players of War" (WW2) But I have been trying to do a bit of shopping for a mate who is looking for Mark 23 LAM, I know it's a pain to find one but anyone got a secret hookup?
  2. So this is all new... I like it !

  3. word association game

    Death Star
  4. word association game

  5. Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    I play it on the PC and the mods keep it fun Skyrim My Little Pony Mod: (The vid is funny as hell)
  6. GZ Weekender/NAE 2012

    do you mean a AF-UK flag?
  7. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Why is you belt open??? What the hell have you been doing to that poor gun!!!
  8. New member!

    Welcome to AFUK
  9. GZ Weekender/NAE 2012

    Cake car
  10. 5000 users

  11. We're all doomed

    NOPE it's EMP hardened like all morden war ships and it still has a conventional weapons systems
  12. We're all doomed

    It can fire a projectile at mach 7, 500,000 feet in the air with a range of 100 miles that means a ship docked at Liverpool could potentially bomb Birmingham There is one up side the rail guns are made by BAE lol