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  1. It's your selector plate.
  2. Hey guys, my g&p makes a clicking noise when I try to shoot it, I did some research and it was said that it was the anti latch. However I had problems before this, I purchased the gun last year and used it once & this was when the problems started.. The gun would randomly stop shooting when it wants to. I sent it back to where I bought it from and they couldn't see any problems so I thought it was my battery, but then as I opened the gun up, I broke a black thing on the gearbox. I'm not sure what it is.. But I have a good feeling that this may be causing the main problem atm. If anyone could help me with this, that'd be great.
  3. This one?
  4. That's nice.. Any idea where I could get the DD lite 9.5?
  5. So I'm planning to change the look of my G&P EOD into a MK18, I'll be buying a DD 7.0 inch Lite rail, QD silencer , Tango Down foregrip and maybe a spray paint in desert (to look good with my MTP plate carrier) But I've noticed that most of the pics of the MK18's use an Elcan scope... Would an Acog look good? I'll include both a pic & a video of what I want the gun to turn out I'm happy to other opinions, too! YouTube link:
  6. G&P's a fine choice, very good quality, but as a G&P owner, I'd recommend under a LI-PO as my G&P's broke due to possible strain.. So take my advice and purchase either a 7.4 Lipo or a 8.4v
  7. Looks awesome, man! Looking forward to seeing the guns!
  8. Well, if people don't take my hits... I just simply charge up to them with my G&P, spray the heck out of them until they shout "HIT!" Works everytime!
  9. Cheers! I went to a Skirmish on Sunday and I got to shoot someone's ICS and I loved it! Sadly my G&P EOD's broke But thanks again!
  10. And if anyone who owns or has used an ICS L85A2 tell me if it's worth buying, I've been looking at one on Zero One and Fire support and they look nice.. I've heard that the battery space in the L85 hand guard's very limited, so if I was to purchase one, would I need to convert the wiring to a short type, so I could accommodate a 9.6 1600MAh Again many thanks
  11. That's why I'll be going for the Bulldog Assault MK2 MC PC ( Lot of mag space, close enough quality to Warrior... If the Warrior Elite Ops M4 MC was in stock, I'd go for that but sadly, it isn't
  12. Right cheers for the help, guys! I'll be purchasing the Bulldog PC then Many thanks!
  13. It's either the one on EBay (link is in my previous comment) or one of these My only question is would a Tan PC go with a Multicam loadout or would you say full Multicam and the only concern is the cost and the MOLLE spacing..