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  1. dream on
  2. come on this could be a bargin for some one make me an offer
  3. bump make me a decent offer need to sell quick cheers
  4. make; g&p model; vltor sentry acc; 4x mid cap's, eotech, 7.4 lipo very good condition fps 340 dont want any swap's or spilts £325 allin no offer's this gun is in perfect working condition with no faults it's had piston, spring and shim upgrade many thanks
  5. i was thinking £2000
  6. would consider anything on the road above 600cc
  7. my team and i will attend any idear of price and what sort of facillity's would be avalable i;e toilet's, food and so on cheers pete
  8. no thanks to both of the above cheers
  9. gone
  10. pm'ed with offer
  11. sold
  12. sold