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  1. I've had this gun for a while never really used it much, it's a classic army M4A1 (M15A4), it has a slight problem, It won't shoot on semi, semi-auto acts as safe. It's shoot good on full-auto, but very rarely it makes a weird whining noise. Also I have lost the spring for the charging handle, it will fall out if you don't push the nub where it locks on o the body of the gun. Also I have angle grinded part of the handle sight off to only the sight is there, haven't gone over it with sandpaper so is a bit rough. This gun it still completely usable, on full-auto. And still accurate. FPS:280, 0.2G The gun does have some upgrades and spares: Upgrades: Guarder High Current wiring Classic Army High torque motor. (Original motor is installed) Full Metal body, upgraded from plastic. (No trades) In the box: What it comes with: DOES NOT COME WITH M16 STOCK Gun 2x 250round~ midcap magazine, They are CA, made of metal. 2x 350round~ hicap magazines, CA, metal. M4 RIS rail RIS grip 8.4v 1600mah battery Multi-use battery charger, can charge any celled batteries up to 12volts. Is NOT a smart charger, work the time out, the charger can suppy anything up to 12vDC @ 300mA. I'm asking for around £70 (I'm unsure if this to too high), because mainly it comes with battery, charger, spares, like the motor that is £40 alone. PM me and I will get up to date photos. or swap for air pistol, air rifle, 4-6ch RC heli, RC plane, BMX parts. Mid-end GeForce GFX card.
  2. Well I have checked over the gun and it seemed to be the spring I replaced it for a what was supposed to be an M110 and now I get 285FPS on a .20g.
  3. The front sight is removable I just don't know what to do with the rail itself, I've taken the sight off and the flash hider. The RAS/RIS rail is 7inches, and has a screw delta ring.
  4. Sorry guys, already swapped. Thanks anyway
  5. Whats the cheapest place I can buy a red dot scope or holo-sight? I've looked on NOVATCOMBAT but the good ones are out of stock.
  6. How could the FPS be only 235 on 0.2g Blasters? Maybe it's the spring, air nozzle? How can I check what's causing the problem. And how would I put the RAS rail on? Please help guys, that be great.
  7. I'm having problems with my gun what was meant to be a G&G CM16, but is actually a CA Sportline M15A4 (M4) it has alot of screws missing, alot of wobble and creaking, fires okay/accurate but has an FPS on 235, I got it from a swap and was used well for 2 years, has a new motor in it (I hope) and a tightbore (doesn't) the hop is still working pretty good, I think it used to be blowback, there are no trades on it, as the body has been replaced with a metal one, how is the FPS on 235 in a .2g, what is wrong? Also how do I put the RAS ( I think it's 6 inches ?) rail on it, it also has a handgrip to go on the rail.
  8. Looking for a cheap AEG, like a gun that is really not needed, maybe even broken, ifnact I'm looking for any gun that is worth swapping for, that could be a fault or anything... If anyone want's pictures/video please PM me, thanks.
  9. Ahh well can I still put the stock on? And there's no way I can put the rail on? Thanks guys.
  10. I have a picture. http://oi48.tinypic.com/2mgnin6.jpg http://oi49.tinypic.com/x58r2h.jpg
  11. The G&G CM16 carbine, the 100 quid one, the rail is a front rail (not sure about it's name) where the handguard is. It's meant to fit on the CM16 carbine.
  12. I have a RIS rail for my m4 (cm16) and I have a stubby stock, like a m16 solid stock, the main problem is the ris rail how can I put it on my gun?
  13. I'm looking for any old beat up rifle you have, I have to swap is a KJWorks, Berreta Non-Blowback M9 which uses propane/ green gas, has 1 magazine, and has adjustable hop-up, FPS is around 360-70 on a .2G, I have only used it once in the back garden, still in box. Thanks.
  14. The CM16 can be bought for 99 pound.
  15. I have only used this in the back garden for ten minutes. Anyway It'll come with 1 1.1L cannister of Green gas, and 2000 BB's It's amazingly accurate and fires around 360-400 FPS on a normal british day (15.oC~) The mag hold 23 rounds and can shoot 3-4mags on a fully charged magazine (gas) The hop is adjustable with a small allen key, it's a RIF, looking for something cheep to swap.